Chapter 36 Mom

However, the third aunt had extensive experience in cheating and deceiving, so she immediately reacted from the accident and pretended to be lying down on the ground by a powerful force. After a while, she pretended to just wake up and said, "Oh, my head hurts. This time, the gods are so powerful that I can't bear and fell in a coma?"

The third aunt stood up, dangled her waists again, came to Li Cang's side, reached out and touched, and said loudly, "Yes, the temperature has come down, the evil spirits have been expelled!"

Hearing this, Li Cang's mother immediately showed a relief smile, and hurried over to pick up Li Cang, touched his forehead, and the fever had receded, and said, "Thank God, his forehead is not so hot, thank you, the third aunt. Thank you! "

"Cang's mother, take Li Cang to go home and rest. He will be fine tomorrow!" The third aunt waved, sneering in her heart. After blowing in the mountain wind for so long, that's strange if Li Cang's forehead was still hot.

If his forehead heat again, she only needs to say that Li Cang was possessed by the new evil spirits. She was very experienced in this area.

"Thank you, aunt, Thank you!" Li Cang's mother had thanked aunt again and again, and everyone in the village praised the third aunt's power, after seeing this. At the same time, they helped the third aunt to move various altar items back to the house.

However, no one noticed that, not far from them, the teeth that had fallen on the ground, and the bloodstains on them were disappearing quickly, sinking into the teeth.

Slivers of black smoke continued to emerge from the teeth, like little snakes, constantly swimming on the teeth and a sensing wave that ordinary people could not feel continued to spread out from the teeth.

In the mountain less than ten miles away from Sheyang Village, almost at the same moment when the sensing wave appeared, countless black smoke emerged from the ground, gradually condensing into a huge black snake with nearly ten meters length.

"His ~"

The snake hissed, its sharp teeth like a dagger made people feel cold, and after the hissing sound was over, a pair of twinkling eyes with wisdom scarlet looked in the direction of Sheyang Village.

Its tongue fluttering and the tail was swung, and the huge body had already flowed out. Within a few seconds, the giant snake had swum a hundred meters, and the speed was getting faster and faster. The naked eye could only see a shadow as the wind passed.

Ten miles away was not a very close distance for ordinary people, but it was very close for the black giant snake.

Just a few minutes, the villagers just put the third aunt 's props back into the house, and the black giant snake has already arrived in Sheyang Village, and according to the induction fluctuations returned from its teeth, he accurately found the third aunt 's home.

This was a millennium snake demon, sealed under the ground. Almost a thousand years later, its seal had long been loosened slightly.

Basically, this seal was able to the death of the millennium snake demon till death, but just now, the preparation it left many years ago finally took effect. Before being killed by the seal, the snake demon took the lead to break the seal after getting the nutrition of the third aunt's blood.

However, it has spent all its energy to break through the seal and needs to eat a lot of flesh and blood to replenish energy.

When it broke the seal, the snake felt through its teeth that a large amount of flesh and blood appeared near the teeth.

It came to the house, and the dark night became its protective color. It entangled in a big tree in the third aunt's courtyard, watching the third aunt and other people filled with joy, and made a woman-like sound: "A lot of flesh and blood, I am too happy! "

Hiss ~ The black giant snake catch the third aunt within only seconds, and then swallowed the third aunt with a grunt. This happened so quickly, that the third aunt had no time to scream before she died.

Just the moment before, the third aunt was still thinking about what she would eat tomorrow, but suddenly she became the dinner of the snake.

After swallowing the third aunt, the shape of the black giant snake did not change significantly, but its scales that were grayed became black and bright.

A lot of villagers had seen this scene, but they were stunned, so they didn't make any noise. After a while, when the black snake was about to devour the second person, the villagers finally reacted and screamed. Runaway!

"Runaway, the monster is eating people!"

"Ah, the third aunt was eaten, it's over ..."

Looking at the villagers scattered ran away, Black Snake Yemenga not only was not angry but looked at all this with interest, which reminded the life before being sealed. At that time, it was hunting like this, although in the past It's been thousands of years, the prey hunted by it still escapes the same.

Yemenga somewhat recalled its past life, how carefree it was at that time, relaxing and hunting.

However, the arrival of several people has ruined its life. Thought about this, Yemenga had raised the boundless anger, growling, "People of the Xuan School, I,  Yemenga swear, I must eat you all!"

After roaring, Yemenga moved again, swimming quickly in Sheyang Village, one bite a person, then swallowed, and became the energy to supplement its origin.

The villagers ran in a panic and screamed, and more and more people in the village were heard, and then screaming run away.

Li Cang's mother hugged Li Cang and ran desperately, watching someone in the back and being swallowed by the snake, and she felt terrified.

It's impossible to run away, the speed of the giant snake was too fast, no one can run past it, Li Cang's recognized the facts, but Li Cang's didn't want to give up, because Li Cang was still in her arms.

"Son, mama will protect you, I won't let you die, absolutely not!" Li Cang's mother looked at Li Cang, her voice firmly.

Li Cang's mother looked around and saw a mouthful of a water tank filled with water. Her eyes lightened, she ran to the water tank a few steps and put Li Cang into the water tank under the chaos scene.

The water level rose, and the water surface rose to the chest position of Li Cang, which drowned most of Li Cang's body and could cover most of the breath.

"Son, goodbye!" she kissed Li Cang's forehead, tears kept flowing down, dripping into the water tank, and then she covered the water tank cap and press it with stones.

It was just that Li Cang's mother didn't hear it. The moment she closed the water tank lid, Li Cang opened his eyes slightly and called softly: Mom!

After doing all this, she looked at the snake Yemenga, which was getting closer and closer, and looked at the water tank in which her son was hiding. She picked up a stone and vigorously hit Yemenga.


The stone was smashed accurately and hit Yemenga's head, and Yemenga was extremely shocked, looking at the small human who dared to attack it.

With a grunt, Yemenga swallowed the food in his mouth and said, "Small human, how dare you attack me?"

"Fuck you, monster, I'm not afraid of you. Wanna eat me? Impossible!" she shouted and then ran away using all her energy, she could only think of pulling the snake demon's attention away as far as possible, away from her son.