Chapter 35 Inviting God

"Aunt Aunt, I will apologize for his father, please forgive him. His father becomes silly after going out for working. Aunt, please save Li Cang, I will give you kowtow!" she begged and did not say Li Xuan has gone to the city to buy medicine for Li Cang and wanna find a doctor treatment.

The third aunt's somber face looked a little better and said, "Li Cang's mother, you know my rules ..."

"Yes, yes, the third aunt, I know the rules. This is the bracelet that I dowry. This is made of gold!" Li Cang's mother said, took a jade bracelet from her hand, and took out a stack of a handkerchief from the waist where the paper money was handed respectfully to the third aunt.

The third aunt did not hesitate to reach out to take over, and her facial expression was a little better. She said, "You know, these are not giving for me. Remember, this is for "Inviting God".

Alright, stand up, let me have a look at Li Cang! "

The third aunts moved, came to look at Li Cang, stretched out a skeleton-like hand and touched Li Cang's forehead, then retracted like lightning: "His, it's hot, Li Cang's mother, this is the evil spirit's power! "

Immediately scared and panicked, Li Cang's mother knelt down again and begged, "The third aunt, you can rescue Li Cang. I can't live without Li Cang. As long as you save Xia Cang, I am willing to do anything."

"Get up, not so exaggerated. Although evil is powerful, and its spirit occupied Li Cang's body, it has less power than the Gods. As long as I invite the Gods down, I can easily cure Li Cang, hurry up and help me to make preparation for "Inviting God"!

Others, don't only watch, all come to help! "said the third aunt.

At this time, more and more villagers came to the outside of the third aunt's house.

Soon, a strange altar was placed in the courtyard of the third aunt.

Li Cao was placed in the middle of the altar. The third aunt wore a robe sewn by countless colorful cloth strips and stood at a table covered by a yellow cloth with incense burners, rice, buns, rice, and other offerings.

In addition, there were bells and other weird things, alas, and a peach sword!

"When I cast a spell to "Inviting God", don't all of you approach the altar, nor do you approach me, so does you, Li Cang's mother, don't disturb "Inviting God". Understood?” The third aunts said after all preparation was placed as her command.

Hearing the words of the third aunt, the people in Sheyang Village immediately quit the third aunt's courtyard and not dared to look outside the courtyard.

Even if Li Cang's mother was very worried about Li Cang, she obediently retreated at this moment.

Seeing this, the third aunt nodded in satisfaction: "Very good, Li Cang's mom, in order to make Li Cang get cured as soon as possible, I will give you something good, inviting a powerful god to drive the evil spirits away."

"Thank you, aunt, thank you!" After hearing the words, Li Cang's mother moved to tears, and kneed to thank her, and said, "Aunt, don't worry, I will definitely provide lots of tribute to the God in the future."

"It's good if you have this intention!" the third aunt nodded, her voice was serious, but she was very happy in her heart, and she succeeded in deception with only a few lies. As for the good thing she said, it was just one of the things she picked up in the mountain. It was a huge tooth, and in her judgment, it was a tooth of a wild boar.

Aunt trembled and took out a palm-sized, dagger-like tooth from her arms and placed it on the tribute table.

"Aunt, what is that? A big tooth!" a villager asked.

Aunt said with a smile: "This is not an ordinary tooth, but a tooth of a god. This is the tooth of a powerful god. Through this tooth, I can invite the master of the tooth. The great god please come down. . "

After hearing the words of Aunt, the villagers came to excited, there was a flash of fiery in their eyes. It was the teeth of the god!

But even though, no one dares to snatch.

The third aunt sneered at this: What a fool, they really believed what I said!

The third aunt coughed slightly, abandoning her mixed feelings, and she was about to start her performance.

"Inviting god"? That is of course impossible. Let me not mention whether there is a so-called god or not.

But that's not important, and the result was also not important. What's important was the process. As long as the momentum was big, the more exaggerated, the easier it will be to convince them.

She can be said to be familiar with this routine. She immediately flipped her eyelids and exposed large white eyes. She grabbed a handful of rice and dangled into the air, then grabbed a handful of paper money and threw it into the air.

"Ah ~" The third aunt suddenly yelled, and the cast began formally, shaking with a bell in one hand and a wooden sword in the other.

No one can understand.

Because of the distance, the people of Sheyang Village could not hear what the third aunt was saying, so the third aunt felt that she was speaking the incantation, and they were more awed the third aunt. However, the third aunt only murmured what would eat tomorrow!

"Ahhhhh ~ What I will eat tomorrow? I have made so much today, and I will have a nice meal tomorrow!"

"The people of Sheyang Village are so deceiving, they are really stupid!"

"Oh, it's so tired to "Inviting God" !"


About ten minutes later, the third aunt yelled, everything stopped, and it was the last part of the final stage—The God is coming!

Suddenly the third aunt yelled, shocking everyone, and then they saw that the third aunt stood upright, and the whole person changed instantly. When the third aunt spoke, everyone found her sounds have changed, and the cymbals have become much younger.

The villagers looked at each other with a look of terror in their eyes. What else need to say? Immediately crackling, all fell down to kneed.

The third aunts (pretend to be gods): "Human, as your request, God already know and read your prayers sincerely, and God will help you once to drive out evil spirits."

Then the third aunt (pretend to be gods) came to the donation table, picked up the teeth, and then said, "I will use this tooth of mine as a medium to drive out evil spirits!"

She took a step, came to Li Cang who was unconscious. She took the teeth and stroked them over Li Cang's body. Then she accidentally cut her skin with the teeth, blood leaked out, and dripped on the teeth.

It's painful, so the terrified third aunt screamed, and thrown aside the teeth. This scream frightened everyone on the scene again. It can be said that the scam has been revealed.