Chapter 34 Sheyang Village

Xuan Huo was responsible for writing the case report, Xuan Dian was to complete his own work, Xuan Nv and Su Yu have nothing to do. After coming out of the boss's office, they came to the training room to continue training.

To be more precise, Xuan Nv unilaterally asked Su Yu to train.

Xuan Nv said: "Xuan Zhen, your strength is still very weak now, you must strengthen your training. The muscular man of the Black Coffin (organization) has already noticed you, maybe he will come to you some time."

"???" Su Yu said: "Leader, you mean, that muscle man will come to trouble me?"

"Well, 80% of the possibility, the muscle man is famous for fighting, especially for the super man with similar power. His power is muscle strengthening, and you are also strength power. To a certain extent, your power is similar to his, and yours are purer.

This time he hit you without using full effort at all, otherwise, you would have been defeated. He was definitely not very enjoyable for this fighting. He will definitely come to you again. The next time he comes to you, he will not mercy for you.

If your strength grows less than he expected, he will probably kill you next time he meets.

Don't think that I am alarmist. There are already several similar cases that happened with the muscular man, and they were strength super power, and they have met the muscular man more than twice. "

Su Yu suddenly felt a headache. Why did he let the pervert pay attention? He was planning on lazy on the training, but now, it was a matter of life, and Su Yu became extremely serious.

Then, without any urging, Su Yu was sweating and exercising. Xuan Nv watched Su Yu training carefully, the proud smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.


"Dad, I'm so uncomfortable, cough, Am I going to dying!" Under the dim light, the thin little boy with an abnormal flush on his face continued to cough, lying there all over weak.

"No, my little baby boy, Li Cang is the bravest. How can you die? Father and mother will always be by your side. Don't be afraid. Cang baby will get better. Come and catch some water. Hurry up to sleep and you'll be fine tomorrow! "Li Xuan stroked the baby son's forehead in a distressed way, his forehead was very hot.

Li Cang raised his head and gave a soft hum. After being fed a sip of water, he fell asleep and kept flapdoodle.

Seeing Li Cang sleep, a middle-aged beautiful woman just couldn't help tearing her tears, clutching Li Cang's hand, she didn't dare to cry out loud, and choked, "My baby boy, dad, what do you do, why this is happening? He was fine, why did it suddenly become like this? Did the devil do this?

What to do, what the hell can I do? I can't live without my kid! "

"Don't talk nonsense, it is not the evil, it's just a high fever. This disease can be easily cured in big cities. Where do you have so many feudal superstitions?" Li Xuan whispered, emotionally irritable, looking at the burning little flushed son, he was also anxious.

Li Cang's mother was a little afraid of Li Xuan, so after Li Xuan said it, and she immediately stopped crying and hold back her tears.

Li Xuan paced back and forth on the ground, and after walking back and forth for a few laps, he said, "Child's mother, I want to go to the city overnight, buy medicines for the hurries, and even invite a doctor. You stay at home to take care of Li Cang, feed him more water! "

Hearing Li Xuan's words, she suddenly stunned and said, "No, it's too dangerous, it's too dangerous to walking in the mountain overnight!"

The place where the family located was called Sheyang Village, which was a very remote small mountain village. There was only an artificial path cut out of the cliffs connecting the outside of the mountain.


Mountain roads are extremely dangerous! Walking during the day was abnormally dangerous, let alone at night.

There were many people who fall off the cliff and fall to deaths, so when she heard about her husband's words, her first reaction was to stop him.

"I have to, I have to go, rest assured. I'm most familiar with the way up and down the mountain. I can go down even with my eyes closed, rest assured that nothing will happen. There is no time for us to waste, it can't be delayed!" Li Xuan said, packing, ready to leave.

At the same time, he also commanded: "Don't let others know that the child is getting sick, or else those people will do the "Inviting God " to cure the disease. Is that can cure disease? That is harmful! That may kill the patient whose disease can be cured! "

"Okay, I know!" she agreed.

"Let's go, remember what I said!" Lu Xuan said it again before leaving, and while it was night, he walked towards the mountain road away from the village. Li Xuan planed, he could walk down the mountain until the dawn. And he will be back home tomorrow afternoon.

As long as his wife fed Li Cang more water, they can definitely wait that he returns.

However, the plan could not keep up with the changes. When he reached the middle of the mountain, he didn't know that his son, Li Cang, suddenly became seriously ill, vomited and diarrhea, and then completely lose consciousness.

This situation scared Li Cang's mother, Li Xuan was not at home, she completely lost her mind, and she was a superstitious person, so at this moment, superstition was her only life-saving straw.

Immediately holding up his son, she ran towards the three aunts' houses in the village.

Of course, Li Cang's mother also remembered Li Xuan's words, so she was extremely quiet. She didn't want to wake everyone in the village. She resisted the cry and came to the third aunt's house. But Sheyang Village was so small, the tiniest news will soon spread out around the village!

Even news that a mosquito died in the village west, the village chief immediately knew that the mosquito was male or female.

Soon after Li Cang's mother took Li Cang to the third aunt's house, everyone in the village knew that Li Xuan's son Li Cang was sick seriously, and it might be caused by the devil.

People in the village didn't want to sleep anymore and went to the third aunt's house.

"Aunt, are you asleep? Save my son quickly, Aunt, please open the door!" Li Cang's mother slapped the door and shouted.


Soon, the door of the third aunt's room was opened, and a very very old lady with silver hair appeared in front of Li Cang's mother, her waist bend, and its body shape almost became a question mark.

The very very old woman with goose cranes was the third aunt and the so-called 'witcher' in Sheyang Village. It was the only person in the village who can "Inviting God". So everyone in Sheyang Village was in awe of the third aunt!

The third aunt raised her eyes and said hoarsely, "Li Cang's mother? What's wrong, why are you knocking my door even at night?"

Li Cang's mother immediately knelt on the ground, holding Li Cang and prayed, "The third aunt, you must save my son, you must save him!"

The third aunt heard it, a slant glance at her, didn't mean to get her up, but looked for someone behind her, and asked, "Where is Li Xuan, isn't he saying that I am a liar? Why are you asking me for saving your son? Isn't he believers in science? Huh ... "