Chapter 33 Perfect Cooperation

The flames were approaching, and everyone didn't care about others. They released their powers and forced the flames away to prevent burns and infections.

An icy breath flashed by, the flames extinguished quickly, and Xuan Huo roared immediately: "Damn!"

Bao Po escaped his attack range while taking advantage of the gap that the corpse dragon struck, so were the snake girl, Mi Xin and so on.

A few kilometers away, Bao Po and others stood on a huge black coffin (space door) and blasted with a laugh: "All the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau, let's leave first, I hope you have a good time!"

Anyway, the five people jumped into the huge black coffin (space door), and then the Black Coffin (space door) exploded, then turned into blacklight disappeared. The five people disappeared!

"Black Coffin (name) is also here! No wonder they are so bold!" Xuan Dian said, looking at the direction in which the black coffin (space door) was dissipating, with a bit of fear.

"The black coffin (name)?" Su Yu raised an eyebrow.

"Well, he is the founder of the Black Coffin Organization, a special space super power man. With him, it is very difficult for us to kill them. No wonder Bao Po and others are not panic when they are drawn into the enchantment because Black Coffin should have thought of it long ago.

The ordinary enchantment can't stop the Black Coffin (name) from entering and exiting at all! "Xuan Dian scratched his head.

"It's useless to say more, now we should think about how to deal with this corpse dragon!" Xuan Nv said, looking at the huge corpse dragon with a serious look.

The transforming corpse dragon and the transformed corpse dragon were completely two levels in combat power. The reason why the Black Coffin (name) and other people fled immediately was that the core of the corpse dragon could not be used. The other reason was that they did not want to involved in the fighting with the transformed corpse dragon.

All looked at the increasingly violent corpse dragon, and just after the transformation, it was the time when the corpse dragon was most eager for flesh and blood.

At this moment, the corpse dragon has completely taken them as food!

"Ang ~" The corpse dragon roared, the sound waves rippled out in a circle, the body meandered, the violent power surged out, and the earth began to collapse under this violent power.

Sa ~ Xuan Nv's long sword came out of the sheath, a sword cut across, and the arc-shaped gravity cut screamed out. A blast on the corpse dragon pushed its huge body back several meters away, but it did not cause any damage to the corpse dragon.

The corpse dragon suffered a blow, its eyes became more blood red, it was screaming again and again, and the mouth opened wide again.

However, just before the flame eruption, a huge thunder column with a diameter of several meters descended from the sky, and a bang blasted on the skull of the corpse dragon. The cloud of corpse poison was instantly evaporated, and the powerful force knocked the corpse dragon from the sky above the ground.

Countless thunder and lightning constantly jumped on the body of the corpse dragon, and the body of the corpse dragon stiffly stood in the big pit.

Xuan Huo then proceeded to move, a huge fireball with a diameter of 100 meters appeared on the sky, just like another sun rising, Xuan Huo threw his hands down, and the fireball fell down.

With a loud bang, a huge explosion occurred, a pillar of fire rose into the sky, and the screams of the corpse dragon continued to scream.

When the flames dissipated, the burning flesh was blackened, and the corpse dragon with redbones appeared in front, and the fierce breath burst out. Looking at them, its eyes were endless resentment which made Su Yu sweated.

"Xuan Nv!" Xuan Huo roared.

Xuan Nv didn't answer but went straight to the corpse dragon, and the endless coldness burst from the woman, turning into an ice storm and blowing on the corpse dragon.

Visible to the naked eye, the corpse dragon was frozen into an ice sculpture, and its huge body was frozen in the ice, but that's it.

The process of breaking through the ice was fast and easy for the corpse dragon!

"It's you, Xuan Zhen, use your shock power to break this ice!" Xuan Nv shouted.

Su Yu froze and then use his shock power. The blue halo appeared on Su Yu's body, especially the fist blue halo was more intense.

Although Su Yu didn't know why Xuan Nv asked him to break the ice, he just obeyed the order.

Uh ~ um ~

Su Yu hit a punch on the frozen ice of the frozen corpse dragon, first making a muffled sound, and then the force of shock broke out.

Clicking ~ Sounds like glass shattering continuously, and numerous cracks were centered around Su Yu's fist, spreading without interruption.

Then a bang, the huge ice broke up, and the frozen corpse dragon also came out of the trap and issued an angry roar.

The corpse dragon was still that corpse dragon, but its appearance was also very tragic. The dense cracks cover the skeleton of the corpse dragon as if it was broken porcelain. It can be crushed with a little force.

Seeing this astonishment, Su Yu then understood. Quickly cooling hot metal can make the metal extremely brittle. Similarly, the rapid cooling of the bone was the same.

The successive attacks of Xuan Dian and Xuan Huo have already made the body of the corpse dragon very hot, while the attack of the Xuan Nv has quickly cooled the corpse dragon, making the originally hard bones extremely vulnerable.

And his attack, in the end, played a decisive effect, the shock power directly cracked the corpse dragon.

This was very clever attack cooperation. If they were not very familiar and experienced, they can't make such a beautiful attack at all.

Of course, this did not include Su Yu. Su Yu has only followed the order, and his fighting skills were far behind compared to Xuan Huo and others.

"Very good, continue to attack. Before the corpse dragon recovers, smash the corpse dragon, seal, and obliterate it!" Xuan Huo shouted, and the flame attack continued to blast the corpse dragon.

Because the three were attacking in a long-range, Su Yu couldn't get in at all, but could only watch while waiting for Xuan Nv's order.

While the corpse dragon was weak, the three blasted it violently. After ten minutes, the powerful corpse dragon was finally broken into pieces.

"Su Yu, go and seal the dead dragon, remember not to drop even a piece!" Xuan Nv gasped.

"Yes, leader!" After Su Yu answered, he took out the Seal Stick, then ran to the corpse dragon to start the Seal. Though the corpse dragon being broken into pieces, the corpse dragon did not die. It's still alive!

The idea of Xuan Nv and others was to bring the corpse dragon back to the bureau for research and find some available clues, such as whether the transformation of the corpse dragon was voluntary or caused by other reasons.

The body of the corpse dragon was fragmented into 121 pieces. It took Su Yu half an hour to seal all the body fragments of the corpse dragon.

Subsequently, Xuan Dian revoked the enchantment, and the four returned to the present world, but the work was not finished. Until two days later, after collecting and purifying all the corpses, the four returned to the investigative bureau and report the case and the corpse dragon. The corpse dragon was handed to Xuan Laogua and Xuan Yi for testing and research.

The result was that the corpse dragon was not degenerated by its wish but caused by other reasons. This news was shocking because this was not good news!