Chapter 321 Retreat

The crowd held their breath and looked at the four figures flying upside down in the sky, hoping that their own side would win.

But looking at the four figures of their vomiting blood, they felt that this kind of situation now is more like a wound on both sides.

The next moment the four figures in the high air moved again, and Atrix rose again above the high altitude, rolling up boundless clouds. The roaring tiger roar roars at lion and frogs croaking incessantly above the high altitude.

But in the most fierce battle, suddenly a figure broke away from the regiment and rushed to the surface.

The figure suddenly separated from the war group was Frogman King!

Just at that moment, before Su Yu and others could react, Frogman King fell into the crowd with great power.


The shock wave exploded in the crowd, rolling up all over the sky smoke, Su Yu and others immediately felt that they were hit by a powerful force and flew out.

At this time, all the people were extremely shocked and did not understand why Frogman King suddenly broke away from the war group and rushed at them.

Is it because they are defeated and want to take them as hostages? The people in the heart can't help but think so.

At the same time, all the people were alert!

"Damn!" Mr. Lion thundered at the sight of this, and the glint of Mr. Lion's body also fell into the crowd.

When the smoke dissipates, Frogman King is standing face to face with Su Yu, and the distance between them is not more than one meter, which is almost equal to no distance for strong people such as Frogman King.

Su Yu's cold sweat is starting to coming now. He doesn't know why Frogman King suddenly appeared in front of him.

Su Yu wanted to stay away from Frogman King, only to find that he could not move for some reason.

In addition, Su Yu has a feeling that Frogman King rushed down specially to meet him, which is so sexual!

Xuan Nv and others were extremely nervous when they saw this. They did not dare to move at all, for fear that Frogman King would attack Su Yu!

At that distance, if Frogman King wanted to attack, Su Yu had no chance to escape.

"Frogman King, what are you doing? Stay away from the younger generation in our bureau! " Xuanhu asked him to drink and quickly surrounded Frogman King in cooperation with Xuanlong and Mr. Lion. However, because of Su Yu, all three did not dare to make moves.

Frogman King ignored the meaning of Xuanhu and others as if he had not heard Xuanhu's words. He slowly reached out his hand to Su Yu and said, "Come with me. I feel the same breath in you. You should not belong to human beings."

Su Yu:“???”

Su Yu was directly overwhelmed. What does this mean? I am a human being! why do I not belong to human beings?

Not only Su Yu was stunned, but Wright and other frogs were also stunned. They didn't expect their king to rush down suddenly just to invite a hateful human race!

On the other side, Xuan Nv and others are suddenly thought of what, his face even changed, but quickly hide down, has not been found.

"Get out of here, stay away from Xuan Zhen, you damned monster! Don't be a scaremonger here!" Xuan Nv immediately denounced, sword drawn a sword light cut to Frogman King.

"Noisy, I speak, just human also dare to interrupt? Die! Hum ~ "Frogman King drink away, Frogman King hummed and formed a powerful sonic impact, cut to Frogman King's sword light crashing broken, the aftermath of the impact to Xuan Nv, blowing Xuan Nv out. Xuan Nv inverted fly out very far to stop.

"Do it!Now!" Xuanhu, Xuanlong, and Mr. Lion looked at each other and shouted at the same time. They also chose to shoot at the moment when Xuan Nv started the operation.

Frogman King cannot be allowed to continue. although I do not know what Frogman King saw in Su Yu, I absolutely cannot let Frogman King continue to have contact with Frogman King. they did not expect that Frogman King would see something in Su Yu!

The feeling Frogman King gives them is more and more complicated!

"Xuan Zhen, get out of the way!" Xuanlong shouted loudly, grabbing Frogman King with his terrifying claws.

Su Yu heard Xuanlong's loud voice and came back to his mind. Then he felt that he could move without hesitation. Su Yu's body was suddenly backward, pulling away from the distance from Frogman King!

Seeing Su Yu acting like this, Frogman King withdrew his palm and said softly, "Is it not time yet?"

Frogman King's eyes were fixed on Su Yu, and he continued with the voice only Su Yu could hear: "human you will become the same as me after all!"

Hearing these words, Su Yu's eyebrows were wrinkled and his brain was like a paste. he really couldn't understand what Frogman King meant!

"What exactly do you mean?" Su Yu couldn't help drinking and ask.

However, Frogman King did not answer, only his mouth slightly tilted and his figure disappeared in front of Su Yu.


Frogman King appeared among the frogmen in a flash. When Frogman King waved his hand, Frogman King took the rest of the frogman and flew to the roof of the palace.

Xuanlong's attack also fell through and hit the air.

Frogman King's voice rang out in the ears of all: "Human beings, let's call it a day. My goal has been achieved and I am tired. Let's fight another day. Human beings will surely perish!"

Frogs, people are running?

Hearing Frogman King's words, the crowd understood in an instant!

"How can it be so easy to want to leave?" Mr. Lion thundered, his body turned into streamers and rushed towards Frogman King. Xuanlong Xuanhu and Xuanhu followed suit-they could not let Frogman King run away, especially after Frogman King and Su Yu had made contact, they felt even more unable to let Frogman King run away!

"Hum!" Seeing this, Frogman King snorted with cold, "I think you can't keep me, teacher, are you still there? ?”

"The old minister is here!" An old voice sounded, and a frogman old man suddenly appeared between frogman and black tiger.

The moment the frogmen elders appeared, a strong momentum might be blooming from the frogmen elders.

The frogman elder turned out to be a powerful frogman no less than Frogman King!

Su Yu and others were shocked and puzzled at this moment. How could there be such a strong existence among frogmen?

The crowd was all nervous at this moment. The appearance of the frogmen elders was definitely not a good thing for them.

Xuanhu three people also stopped at this moment forward, did not continue forward, but was alert.

The frogman elder now has a smile on his face. He has been watching Frogman King's actions.

Gradually, Frogman King became more and more satisfied with Frogman King in his heart. in the end, the frogman king did not choose to continue to fight with human beings. to be honest, it was somewhat beyond the expectation of frogman elders, but this was what he wanted to see and even fulfilled his expectation.

Frogman King looked at the frogman elder and said, "teacher, it's up to you next!"

"Ok!" The frogman elder smiled faintly, then Banged his crutch on the ground with a bang!

The sound seemed to resound through the hearts of all the people. All of them feel trance.