Chapter 320 Sonic Attack

"What's the matter?" At this moment, both Su Yu and others and other frogmen couldn't help exclaiming and felt an incomparable power blooming overhead.

Boom, boom ...

Such as day thunder exploding in the ear voice into the ears of all, an instant shriek resounded in the palace, is Su Yu are unbearable pain stuffy hum 1.

With a flash of panic in his eyes, Su Yu felt an incomparable force blooming overhead. Compared with this, Su Yu felt his insignificance.


The light awn comparable to the sun bloomed in the training room and rushed into the distance from the windows and other exits. It took a long time before the light slowly dissipated.

The ground of the training room disappeared in half, and a black sphere was floating in the air in the hollow.

The next moment the voice of eggshell cracking sounded, the black ball exploded fiercely, Frogman King's figure reappeared.

"That was close! That was close! !" Frogman King looked at Mr. Lion with a look of terror.

Mr. Lion was livid and shocked. Frogman King was able to bear the attack of Berserk without injury. ? This is impossible!

ShoopShoopShoop…… ... The three men moved again. They did not believe Frogman King was really not injured.

"The mad lion tore his claws!" Mr. Lion thundered, his arms dancing out of the sky, and the cold light was hanging over Frogman King.

Dang dang dang!

The next moment, the sound of the golden iron strike kept ringing, Frogman King's hands were dancing out countless ghosting shadows to smash the cold light all over the sky.

Xuanlong's body twinkled and appeared at Frogman King's side at this time. A dragon's paw was snatched at Frogman King, while Frogman King raised one foot to kick Xuanlong's paw wide.

However, Xuanlong's claw was only Xuanlong's empty move. When Frogman King kicked Xuanlong's palm, a stout dragon tail grew out of Xuanlong's buttocks, pumping out air, and it was heavily and heavily drawn on Frogman King.

Frogman King, with a snort of frustration, immediately rolled and flew out.

At this time, Xuanhu also called out. His body flickered to Frogman King's approach. A white tiger growling bomb hit Frogman King, driving Frogman King far away and drawing a deep ravine on the ground.

"poof!" A big gulp of blood was sprayed from Frogman King's mouth.

At the sight of this, Xuanlong's three people are all happy. Sure enough, Frogman King's joint strike after hard-hitting the three of them Berserk was not without injury but was suppressed. At the moment, some of them could not be suppressed.

While his illness was killing him, the Xuanhu trio was more motivated, growling, and full of extraordinary force. the might of terror seemed to distort midair's oppression.

The three men turned into three lights and rushed to Frogman King with the belief that Frogman King must be killed.

"ha ha ha ha ha!" Frogman King smeared a handful of blood on his mouth, grinned with evil gas, then his eyes flashed with violent gas, and his hands suddenly made three marks on his chest.

The next moment, the roars of tigers, dragons, and lions sounded, and Yi Long, a tiger, and a lion's three dark and evil lights and shadows formed in midair, killing the three Xuanlong who had come from the impact.

"what?" Xuanlong three people are frightened to disgrace, Frogman King even learned this trick?

What is this special learning ability? All three could not help shouting in their hearts. Frogman King's killing heart was even stronger. Frogman King's level of harm rose again in their hearts.

Just then, between the crackles, the three collided with Frogman King's attack.


When the big explosion occurred, the dark light engulfed everything, and then three figures emerged from the light group spitting blood. Xuanhu and Xuanlong were both fine. Mr. Lion's abdominal wound broke open again, and blood fell from the air like rain and dyed the ground red.

"Damn it! Why is a monster so strong? " Xuanhu has some incredible ways.

"Be careful!" Mr. Lion shouted at this moment, a claw swung towards mid-air in front of the black tiger, and a huge claw shadow fell.

Peng, a figure appeared from midair, it was Frogman King, Frogman King hit three strikes, followed up, want to sneak attack on the black tiger, but was destroyed by Mr. Lion!

Although the attack was not successful, Xuanhu could not help but burst out in a cold sweat. Then his anger exploded. He opened his big mouth and shouted, "Let's kill the monster together and use sound waves to attack. Tiger roars, Ow Woo ~"

Mr. Lion shouted: "roar, roar ~"

Xuanlong thundered: "Dragon roar, Hsueh Ang ~"

At the moment, the roars of tigers, dragons, and lions rang again. Terrible sound waves were emitted from the mouths of the three people. At this moment, the sound waves turned into the essence and generally formed ripples in midair, hitting Frogman King.

Where the sound waves pass, the walls on the ground are broken in succession.

When the sound hit Frogman King, Frogman King was immediately a scream, one mouthful blood gushed out again, and his body was also impacted and flew away.

With a roar, Frogman King's body smashed the wall of the palace completely, knocking out a big hole and flying outside the palace.

Seeing this, the three Xuanhu turned into three streamers and chased them out.

"Very good, very good!" Frogman King has already taken a firm stand at the moment, but his appearance is a bit sad. He bled 7 times and looked at the eyes of Xuanlong, who was chasing him out, full of monstrous anger.

Frogman King has already killed the Xuanlong three.

At the sight of this, Xuanlong three people did not retreat back into, also toward Frogman King to kill, four-figure again fierce impact together, blood from time to time from the sky.

At the same time, aware of the movement in midair outside, Su Yu and others, as well as a group of frogmen, also ran out of the palace and looked at the battle in the sky from afar.

Both sides are nervous because they all know that before their battle, to put it bluntly, it was a small fight. What really affected the result this time was the battle above the sky.

"Is that Frogman King? Too strong! "

Su Yu and others were all shocked and puzzled. Looking at Frogman King's victory in World War I and World War III, they were still unbeaten. Even in the relationship between life and death, Su Yu and others had to admit Frogman King's strength and horror.

"Oww roar ~"

"The roar ~"

"Hisang ~"

The roaring dragon roar roars at fellow players rang again, and the Xuanlong three launched another sonic attack.

But this time it didn't work, because after the roaring dragon roar roars at fellow players, a deafening breaststroke sounded!

"Gung ~"

The four sound waves turned into an object, generating ripples in midair, and then violently hitting each other. At that moment, all the people seemed to see that midair was folded up, and there seemed to be a cracking sound.

Boom cut ~midair born out of thin air thunder, after a loud noise, four figures all poured out with blood!

Su Yu and others, as well as many frogmen, could not help exclaiming at the sight of this. Are they both hurt?