Chapter 32 Dragon Flame

After the burst, the smoke rose around, the muscle man looked at Su Yu who was standing against him, his eyes were full of astonishment, and he said, "You own the strengthening super power, and it is a pure strengthening super power?

Very good, really good, let me see if your strength is strong or my muscles are strong, muscle strengthening unlocks 10%! "

Hissing, the hot steam sprayed out of muscle man's pores, and the muscles of the whole body swelled even more, and the muscles of his shoulders were even higher.

With a bang, Su Yu flew again and was bombed by the muscle man's surge in strength.

"Come, fight!" The muscle man yelled, chasing towards Su Yu, with each step a large piece of land collapsed.

Boom boom, the muscle man's double fists kept hitting, and there was a sound boom, and one punch punched toward Su Yu.

Boom, Su Yu stepped on the ground, stabilized his body, looked at the avid muscle man, Su Yu felt a terrible headache, glanced at Xuan Nv and others who were busy fighting, Su Yu knew that he could only rely on himself now.

Exhaling a white mist, Su Yu took the battle seriously for the first time, and his muscles bulged slightly. Although he was inconspicuous compared to a muscle man and even looked slightly thinner, the power of terror was surging in Su Yu's body.


The ground at Su Yu's feet collapsed, and the figure had disappeared. When the muscle man approached, his fists kept blasting out, but it was just pure strength, and the muscle man blasted.

The fists of the two's punching were very fast, forming hundreds of fists shadow, and countless fists collided in the air, making a roaring sound as if numerous bombs were constantly exploding.

Heavy shock waves continued to spread outward, and the surrounding earth was constantly cracking.

"Hahaha, it's fun, it's really fun. I still like to fight from boxing to flesh. Cool, too cool. What's your name, boy? You made me happy, you are entitled to tell your name! "The muscle man laughed, and the whole man seemed crazy.

"You don't have the right to know my name!" Su Yu replied, so he didn't tell his name to this lunatic, even if it was a code name.

The two were extremely fast and attacked fiercely, and the battlefield was constantly moving, and the ground was a mess.

At this time, when the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau such as Su Yu and members of the Black Coffin (organization) such as Bao Po were fighting fierce, Ci Shou of the Black Coffin (organization) and the corpse dragon also fought. After this time, the corpse dragon finally completed the transformation and became a real corpse dragon.

After the transformation is completed, the body of the corpse dragon was smaller, but nobody present dared to underestimate the corpse dragon that has completed the transformation.

The disgusting slime was gone, most of the flesh had disappeared, and large bones were bare.

The fearful and depressing evil breath continued to emanate from the corpse dragon, and the corpse poisonous like green clouds surrounded it.

"Ang ~" The corpse dragon roared, spit out the bitter green corpse dragon flame to burn Ci Shou. A pair of blood-stained dragon eyes were full of desire for flesh and blood.

Countless metals were constantly flying under the control of the Ci Shou's power, condensing into a huge shield blocking the body.

With a short slap, the dragon flame impacted on the shield, making a loud noise, and a huge steel shield quickly melted and corroded under the dragon flame. The dragon flame of the corpse dragon not only carried the high-temperature burning ability but also had a corpse poison with great corrosion capacity.

After the Ci Shou blocked the corpse dragon's attack, he did not choose to continue the confrontation with the corpse dragon but instead shouted: "Bao Po, Core was contaminated by the corpse poison, and it is no longer necessary. We withdraw. Let the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau accompany to play with it! "

"Withdrawal!" The muscle man who fought against Su Yu stopped the fierce attack immediately when he heard Ci Shou's words, and he uttered a safe distance from Su Yu, saying, "Boy, today I did not satisfied still, rest assured, we will see! "

Then the muscle man ran towards Ci Shou, Su Yu chased after him symbolically, not because Su Yu didn't want to chase, but because he felt the danger of muscle man, who never really showed all his power.

Su Yu has a feeling that if he chases too tightly, the muscle man may give him a hard shot. For his own life, Su Yu didn't want to adventure.

The muscle man looked at Su Yu who didn't chase very tightly, and his eyes showed a touch of disappointment. He did not expect that Su Yu was not fooled. Su Yu's power was weak still. He really didn't care much. He was confident that he can beat him to death when he uses all his power, maybe need only an erupt punching?

However, he did not want to do that. The consequences of killing a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau were serious.

However, if Su Yu really chased him closely, it is another matter.

Unfortunately, Su Yu didn't chase him closely, and the muscle man felt disappointing and cursed Su Yu's cunning.

Hearing the words of the Ci Shou, Bao Po and others also try to withdraw and gather together.

Undoubtedly, the other three people would not let this chance go away like Su Yu, let the person in the Black Coffin (organization) leave, and try to catch up with them, attacking towards them.

Xuan Huo released out a pillar of fire, flying towards Bao Po, and the pillar of fire was blown to blast by Bao Po.

Xuan Huo said coldly, "Bao Po, do you want to leave, are you a bit naive? Bao Po, didn't you just say you want to die with me? Why do you want to slip now?"

Bao Po sneer, while resisting the attack of Xuan Huo, said: "Xuan Huo, want to irritate me? Oh, useless, there is always a chance for a fight, there is no interest this time, we will not waste time here! "

Xuan Huo's face was gloomy. The Black Coffin (organization) guys were hateful. Although they were desperate criminals, they didn't work hard at any time. Only when they had enough benefits would they really work hard.

Even if it encountered a mortal enemy, if there were not enough benefits, the Black Coffin members would choose to leave instead of revenge back. The Black Coffin (organization) is an interest-oriented organization, and the Black Coffin (organization) members were always slippery and difficult to arrest.

At this moment, Bao Po and other people have to run away, Core contaminated by corpse poison has no value at all, and Bao Po did not want to waste time.

"Ci Shou, bring the corpse dragon over and let it play with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau!" Bao Po said.

"Despicable!" Xuan Huo scolded, knowing that Bao Po's plan was to use the corpse dragon to obstruct them so that Bao Po and others have time to leave the enchantment. Though knowing that, it is difficult to stop them.

Unless, the corpse dragon can be wiped out in a very short time, before Bao Po and others leave the enchantment.

Uh ~

Hearing Bao Po's order, Ci Shou flew on, stepping on the steel he made, and behind him was the corpse dragon.

At this time, under Bao Po's intention, the two sides members plus a corpse dragon have gathered within a certain range.

The corpse dragon did not care about anything. In its eyes, both sides were food.

The corpse Dragon yelled a large mouthful of dragon flames spewed out, and within a few miles of the ground were burning green flames, covering everyone.