Chapter 319 Berserk

Xuanlong's chest heaved violently, breathing like a bellows, looking at Frogman King's eyes were shocked.

"Damn, why is the monster so strong?" Mr. Lion muttered.

"Mmm!" Xuanlong gave a gentle grunt. Frogman King did make him feel very strong, but what made Xuanlong pay more attention to was Frogman King's progress speed.

Frogman King was just as strong when he first met, but he felt that he had the strength but did not know how to use it.

However, with the continuous fighting, Xuanlong found Frogman King is making continuous progress, and his control and application of power are rapidly increasing. It makes Xuanlong feel that he has become a grindstone, which is extremely uncomfortable.

Frogman King gasped violently, but his facial expression became more and more excited. Why can't he hide his evil smile on his face? He said with an evil smile: "What's wrong with you, mankind? Are you tired? Ha, ha, ha, if so, I will end the battle! "

"monster, don't be arrogant! Do you think you are invincible when you have a slight upper hand? " Mr. Lion shouted coldly at the words.

Peng ~ Mr lion stepped forward, his sole heavily stepped on the ground, and the whole training room trembled slightly. hair like gold automatically swelled without wind, his eyes became red, and an extremely ferocious breath bloomed from Mr lion!

Mr. Lion said sonorously: "die!"

No sooner had the voice of the dead word sounded than Mr lion appeared beside Frogman King. there was a loud bang. before Frogman King could react, Mr lion's huge lion's paw was printed on Frogman King's chest!

"Wow ~" Frogman King immediately spit out a big mouthful of blood, the body was immediately arched fly out.

How fast!

Frogman King's eyes flashed a trace of shock. he did not expect Mr. Lion to burst into such speed and such terrorist attacks at this moment.

Frogman King wanted to stabilize himself after he was shocked, but when this idea first appeared, Frogman King sent Mr. Lion to his side again, and another heavy blow hit him!

"haha ~ the lion is finally getting serious. this time we don't need to do anything. just watch the scene of bustle!" Xuanhu laughed when he saw Mr. Lion using this form.

Xuanlong gave a slight grunt when he heard these words, but his eyebrows slightly wrinkled. "Don't underestimate the enemy until the results come out. Frogman King is not simple. It gives me a feeling different from other monsters!"

Hearing Xuanlong's words, Xuanhu's brow wrinkled. "Do you feel this way? It seems that he really cannot be looked down upon. "

Say, two people's eyes are tightly staring at the battlefield.

Bam bam, bam, the sound of boxing to meat is still ringing. Frogman King is like a ball that is constantly being struck by Mr. Lion.

Xuanlong's feeling is getting worse and worse. Clearly, Mr. Lion has the absolute upper hand.

"Be careful!" Suddenly XuanLong screamed.

Boom ~ when XuanLong's loud noise sounded, a loud noise was also resounded. Mr lion's huge palm cover fell on Frogman King, who had just climbed from the ground. the ground burst between the loud noise and the smoke covered the figures of Mr lion and Frogman King.

"What's wrong with Xuanlong?" Xuanhu could not help but ask.

Xuanlong didn't speak, just staring at the smoke, smoke dispersed, of course, Xuanlong pupil is fiercely a shrink.

Xuanhu couldn't help but let out a cry of consternation: "How is it possible?"

Frogman King half kneeling on the ground, the ground beneath has completely cracked, overhead is a huge lion's paw, only two punches away from Frogman King's head, was Frogman King raised an arm block down!

"Damn!" Mr. Lion roared and pressed down with all his strength, but Frogman King's arm did not move.

"Very strange power, I like it very much!" At this moment, the voice of Frogman King sounded, Frogman King raised his head and looked at Mr. Lion with a pair of bloodied eyes like blood. At the same time, an extremely fierce breath also bloomed on Frogman King.

"what? Are you out of your mind? ! ?” Feel the fierce and complete extreme breath, Xuanlong three people heart is thumped, crazy ability but they beast extraordinary unique ability, at the moment but saw on a frogman, how can they not surprised! ?

Xuanlong responded quickly and immediately shouted, "Mr. Lion, retreat quickly!"

However, it was late. Frogman King started his work and blew it out with one blow, which seemed to hit Mr. Lion in the abdomen slowly and surely.

With a bang, Mr. Lion's majestic figure had already flown out, spilling blood all over the floor.

Boom, Mr lion crashed on the wall, almost collapsing one wall, rubble and smoke covered Mr lion's body!

Only then did Frogman King wiggle his neck and slowly stand up from the ground, saying, "Very strong strength, which has increased my strength by at least 50%. Man, you hit me just now, now it's my turn! "

"Damn it!" All this happened so fast that the black tiger and the black tiger were able to react. a flash of their body appeared beside Mr lion, lifting Mr lion from the rocks, and they saw a blood hole in Mr lion's abdomen. the internal organs were clearly visible and blood gurgled down.

"Big lion, are you all right?" Xuanhu asked.

"Of course, this injury won't kill you!" Mr lion bared his teeth and saw Mr lion's abdominal muscles wriggle, blocking the wound in an instant. although he did not recover, he managed to control the injury.

Frogman King whispered, "Is there any other way to treat the injury? I learned! "

Xuanlong heard these words and his pupil shrank fiercely. "Did you learn Berserk?"

“Berserk? Is that power called Berserk? A very appropriate name, no wonder I have a desire to go mad! Interesting power! " Frog king smell speech light says with a smile.

Frogman King said that although the clouds were light and the wind was light, there was a great stir in Xuanlong's three hearts. Although there was some speculation, it was still impossible to help but be shocked after it was confirmed.

After making eye contact with each other, the three immediately understood their respective thoughts: Frogman King cannot stay under any circumstances!

The next moment three people moved, Xuanlong and Xuanhu instantly entered Berserk's state, and the fighting force surged.

Mr. Lion launched the attack. his hands were covered with crazy lion marks and he blew out fiercely. a luminous and transparent golden lion roared at Frogman King.

Then came the sound of tigers roaring and dragons singing. A luminous and transparent dragon and a luminous and transparent white tiger followed the lion and rushed to Frogman King.

Mr. Lion: "lion!"

Xuanhu: "Tiger!"

Xuanlong: "Dragon!"

Three people shouted: "Kill him!"

Mr. Lion three people including murderous look shouting resounded in the training room, where light and shadow passed, the ground cracked inch by inch, and the whole palace was shaking.