Chapter 318 One VS Three

"Ah ~ you humans are so impatient? Can't we finish the whole thing? " Frogman King looked at the three Xuanlong men rushing towards him with a sigh, and then the water mirror exploded.

As the water mirror exploded, Frogman King rushed out of his body and suddenly appeared in front of Mr. Lion.

"How fast!" Mr. Lion, three people are surprised in my heart.


The next moment, loud noise resounded, Mr lion's magnificent figure flew out like a shell, Bang crashed into the wall, and smoke covered Mr lion's figure everywhere!

“Mr. Lion?” Xuanlong saw this light drink, green light flashing, instantly complete the change, incarnate into dragon form, momentum might soared again.

"Death!" Xuanlong thundered with anger, and his huge paws grabbed Frogman King.

Boom~midair quivered, Frogman King held out his left hand to block Xuanlong's blow.

At the same time Frogman King pushed his foot backward, Bang's muffled sound kicked on Xuanhu's palm.

Xuanlong and Xuanhu went backward, showing their original body shape, a dragon, and a tiger.

Frogman King has the upper hand in this battle. Although they are not serious yet, the result is enough to shock them.

Kara ~ there was a flash of golden light. Mr. Lion walked out of the wall and became a lion.

Next to the black tiger body white light flashing, body expansion, change is also a tiger form.

Three powerful and incomparable momentum mighty strength was toward Frogman King.

Frogman King felt as if he had not felt it. His mouth turned upward, revealing an evil smile and saying, "Come on, mankind, have a good fight with me!"

Shoop~ four people moved at the same time, in a flash is fierce to bump together, boom boom boom is a big bang, the whole palace is the tremor of distance.

If the palace had not been specially reinforced by Frogman King, it would have turned into dust in an instant and could have been destroyed by the strong wave of four people fighting over a dozen kilometers.

With a whoosh, Frogman King's body flew backward and was repelled by a joint strike by the three men.

However, Frogman King's evil smile on his face was even bigger, making three people very uncomfortable.

Mr. Lion thundered, "Frogman King, what are you laughing at?"

At the same time, Mr. Lion kept storming Frogman King, and the shadow of his claws tore midair away from Frogman King.

Frogman King's body flickered away from the dense attacks by Mr. Lion, covering his mouth hurriedly and saying, "sorry, I can't help laughing when I get excited!"

"Damn!" The black tiger growled and opened its mouth. Strong extraordinary force gathered in his mouth. Then it was suddenly spitting out. A white light beam pierced midair and bombarded Frogman King.

White tiger roaring bomb!

"Ha, ha, ha, good coming!" Frogman King laughed at this and did not escape, but leaned out his hands to face the black tiger's white tiger roaring bomb.

Bang! Frogman King's hands and white tiger growl bomb severely hit together, Frogman King's body fiercely backward.

Kaka KaKa ... The solid ground was crushed by Frogman King, leaving deep footprints one by one. Frogman King retreated ten steps before stopping.

At the sight of this, three people had shocked.

Mr. Lion and Xuanlong looked at each other and opened their mouths one after the other, gathering extraordinary force to attack Frogman King.

The three men attacked one another. Frogman King had just stopped his body and was bombarded again. He went back and forth and finally slammed into the wall.


A loud roar resounded through, and the attack of the three people exploded. The harsh light engulfed the entire training room.

When the light dispersed, the three Xuanhu men saw a deep crater blown out of the wall, leaving no trace of Frogman King.

Xuanhu snorted: "Hum, I really don't know the word 'death' when I dare to wind down the attack from you! !”

Both Xuanhu and Xuanlong showed signs of approval. Frogman King was very strong and shocked them greatly. To be honest, none of them had absolute confidence to defeat Frogman King.

However, they did not expect Frogman King to be stupid enough to pick up the attack of the three of them, which in their view would be tantamount to self-destruction.

In the end, there was no residue left!

"is it? I'm not dead yet! " However, at this moment Frogman King's voice rang in their ears again, making three people suddenly surprised, and his body slipped away at a distance.

The three men looked at Frogman King in perfect condition, and their eyes almost popped out. Xuanhu exclaimed, "This is impossible. How can you not be hurt?"

"You are wrong! Humans, you still hurt me! " Frogman King said, raising his hand and letting the three men look at it: "Look, I'm hurt, man. You are really strong."

Hearing these words, the three faces did not have any joy. Frogman King's words seemed to praise them, but they sounded unusually harsh to the three.

The three people's faces are dark down, the powerful extraordinary force on the three people constantly surging, dangerous atmosphere toward the constant spread in all directions.

Frogman King said over there, his face darkened as well. "Although you humans are strong, you shouldn't hurt me. I want you to die!"

Before the sound of the dead word fell, Frogman King's figure had disappeared and appeared in front of the Xuanhu. His fist struck the Xuanhu's chest with terror.


Frogman King's fist hit Xuanhu's arms and Xuanhu flew.

And there is a bone fracture in Xuanhu's body.

Frogman King punched the black tiger in the air. the attack did not stop, but two more punches were thrown out. Mr. Lion and the black dragon and black tiger suffered the same fate and were shot off by Frogman King.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three people hit the wall and then fiercely bounced back. The three people tried to stabilize themselves in the air, then staggered down on the ground, then could not help but spit out one mouthful blood.

The three men looked at Frogman King with a more solemn expression. Frogman King gave them a stronger feeling than before.

"Kill!" The three exchanged eyes instantly and then rushed to Frogman King together. Now the three feel that only three people can win Frogman King with all their strength and cooperation.

"Haha, good human beings, you should show this momentum!" Frogman King laughed and went back and forth. He turned into a ray of light and rushed at the three black tigers.

Four people turned into four lights in the training room crisscross collision, has completely can't see the shape of the four people, can only see, from time to time broke out powerful attacks!

And heard the roar of four people from time to time!

Boom ~ There was another loud noise. The four people collided in midair's dream again, and there was a big explosion. Then the shape of the four people was revealed again.