Chapter 316 Implementing

Hearing the report of the frogmen, Wright and the other seven frogmen generals suddenly brightened their eyes.

Farr even laughed: "Haha, are those humans finally unable to resist?"

Voice has not dropped, fall figure is already disappeared, others hurriedly follow.


In a wide corridor on the fifth floor of the palace, a group of frogmen looked at Su Yu with great fear. At Su Yu's feet were more than a dozen pools of bloody and lifeless frogman bodies.

Su Yu lifted his foot and kicked the corpse of a frogman at the frogman, saying, "big toad, can't any of you play? Is it all junk? Bah, it's fragile, it's all rubbish, you still want revenge on mankind?

Not that I despise you, you have no hope at all, advise you to commit suicide yourself!

It is a waste of air for you to live in this world! "

Su Yu said and put up two middle fingers at a group of frogmen. He was as arrogant as he looked, and anyone who saw him wanted to take two slaps to relieve his hatred.

Su Yu's words and actions immediately angered the frog people across the street.

If Su Yu hadn't shown great strength and shocked them just now, they might have rushed on.

"Human beings, don't insult others. Our general will be here soon, and you will look good then!"

"Human beings, don't be arrogant. You will cry soon!"

"Man, you are dead!"

All the frogs and people were drinking furiously.

"ah? What did you say? I can't hear you! Do you frogmen just have no seed and talk in such a low voice? " Su Yu put his hand on his ear and shouted as if he could not hear the roaring of frogs.

Although it is clearly known that Su Yu intentionally pretended not to hear them, and this hateful human being intentionally angered them, all the frogmen were angry with Su Yu one by one, one by one, their faces turned red and their stomachs bulged out.

"Ah, kill him! I can't bear it! "

"Yes, kill him!"

Some frogmen shouted and the crowd rushed out to kill Su Yu.

Su Yu was sneering at this. His body was flashing and the sound of bam bam bam was heard. Several more bodies were found in the corridor.

Su Yu smiled scornfully at the frogmen. "you are rubbish! you are rubbish. Look, are there more piles of rubbish!"


At the corner of the corridor, Xuandian, a group of people, was hiding their body shape, isolating their breath, and secretly watching Su Yu's performance.

Xuan Shui said with some eagerness: "Oh, why haven't the frogman generals appeared yet? will Xu Xuan Zhen's plan work? killing some ordinary frogman has no effect at all!

However, on the other hand, is there such a cheap side to Xuan Zhen?

Not to mention the frogmen, I've watched them here and I want to take two shots of them! "

Xuan Long: "say more!"

Xuan Mu: "say more!"

Xuan Huo smiled with a wry smile when he heard these words: "When Su Yu successfully led a frogmen general away, everyone can learn from Xuan Zhen. If nothing else, the effect of this hook is definitely a leverage."

When they heard these words, their faces changed. 

Xuanjin even cried, "oh, no, I don't want to learn. it's too .....ah .....!"

"General Frogman, I am here!" Xuandian suddenly said at this moment, everyone heard these words immediately shut up and looked intently.

If Su Yu can successfully lead away a frogmen general.

Then it shows that the plan of pear flower discrimination meter is feasible, and the plan is equivalent to half the success.


Boom ... several bodies fell in front of Su Yu again, and several frogmen want to kill Su Yu.

Su Yu laughed scornfully again: "Garbage is garbage, and no matter how much it comes, it is garbage!"

Before Su Yu's voice dropped, an angry voice rang out from behind all the frogmen: "Hum, what an arrogant human being. Since you are so arrogant, I will teach you how to be a human being!"

When the voice sounded, a flame leaped up from behind the frogmen and pounced on Su Yu.

Su Yu felt a strong anger was around him.

With a loud bang, Su Yu's fist collided with the fire. the powerful shock wave immediately scattered and opened. the frogs kept retreating, but their faces were full of joy. even some frogs began to cheer.

"Man, you are finished. You will die under General Farr."

"General Farr, kill this abominable human and burn him to ashes!"

Su Yu ignored the frogman's clamor but looked at Phare, who was slowly showing his true face and smiled, "ouch, you have been cooked. why is it so red? Tut tut tut, can I eat it with a little seasoning? "

"Man, you deserve to die!" Farr looked at Su Yu's cold voice track, and at the same time, he also confessed. The whole body was burning with flames, and the flames attacked Su Yu continuously.

Su Yu used his fists and fists to smash the attacks against himself one by one, and from time to time he also shot Faer's attacks at the side of the frogs, causing damage to the frogs.

However, it was still useful in the beginning. when other frogmen generals came, it was useless.

"Dirty!" Farr saw Su Yu use his attack to hurt his countrymen, so he could not help but drink and scold: "despicable human beings, dare to go with me to fight in another world?!"

it is the word that Su Yu and others were waiting for, but the inner joy did not show on their faces. instead. they shouted, "what are you afraid of? Big toad, you lead the way. whoever doesn't go will be my son! "

Farr snorted, turned into a flame, and rushed toward the downstairs. Su Yu hurriedly followed, afraid to stay here for a long time, afraid of being beaten by other frogman generals!

Su Yu has noticed that the remaining frogmen generals have laid hands on him.


At the corner of the stairs, seeing Su Yu leading away from a frogmen general, everyone could not help rejoicing.

Xuan Huo said: "well, it seems that the plan is feasible. we will act according to the plan later. don't be rash. do you understand?

It's your turn to save the lives of Xuan kong and XuanTu! "

"Yes!" The crowd responded, then scattered and began to carry out the plan.

The royal palace built by the frog people is not a normal royal palace, but more like a fortress, and the five floors are more like a maze, so the passageway extends in all directions. If it is normal, such a structure will bring no small trouble to Su Yu and others.

However, for Su Yu and others who want to implement pear flower split meter, such a structure is beneficial to Su Yu and others.

Such a structure brings great convenience to the actions of Xuan Huo and others.

Soon, Wright and the rest of the frogmen generals received news of human attacks on their frogmen and provocations from many places.