Chapter 315 Battle Of Wits

"And then? Speak up! " XuanTu was thoroughly excited, and his small eyes burst out in sharp bursts, urging him.

Su Yu paused and then said, "although the relevant departments and the families of the rich all want to rescue the rich.

But in fact, it is very difficult, because the kidnappers are so powerful that it is impossible to storm and save the rich.

Therefore, the relevant personnel began to fight with the kidnappers. After that, one of the relevant personnel came up with a pear flower discriminator and finally rescued the rich.

They led the kidnappers away from the rich one by one.

The strength of the kidnappers is strong, even let the relevant parts feel so, in addition to the kidnappers' individual strength reason, is because of unity, the kidnapper's group together, the strength will be much stronger.

But after being separated, it is easier to deal with.

So with the corresponding tactics, the personnel of the relevant departments began to send personnel to provoke the kidnappers.

Do you want to, who are the kidnappers one by one?

It is all one by one daring not afraid of brutal characters, who are used to arrogance, where can I stand provocation?

Immediately, kidnappers went out to kill those who came to provoke them.

In this way, the powerful kidnapper gang members have led away one by one from the tycoons, and in the end, even the tycoons were left unattended by the kidnappers.

Then the rich were rescued successfully, and the kidnappers were wiped out by the strong support sent by relevant departments. "

"Holy crap, the story of good sand sculpture, the kidnappers of good sand sculpture, the front is quite good, the back is completely sand sculpture.

The kidnappers couldn't see whether it was a pit dug for them by the relevant department personnel.

What a sand sculpture looks like, it will jump into it!

Tut tut, if I were a kidnapper, I would definitely not be taken in by that. "XuanTu heard these words can't help but pie mouth.

"Yes, I also feel quite sand sculpture, but think about it carefully, in fact, this story is quite reasonable, anyway, I think we can give this pear flower discrimination meter a try, is better than doing nothing!

And I also don't think that frogs will be smarter than the kidnappers in the story. Maybe pear flower splitting can really work on frogs.

In addition, don't forget, those frogmen, who wish to kill us all, hate us very much.

We provoked in front of them, I think frogmen have a great chance of not being able to stand the stimulation and come up with us desperately! "Su Yu adds.

The crowd was silent again. after a long time, Xuan Huo said, "then give it a try. unless there is a better way, success is naturally good. if we don't succeed, we will have nothing to lose."!

As for hostages! Now the frogman has not killed, which means that the frogman will not attack the hostage in a short time. "

"That is to give it a try, but discuss the details in detail!" Xuan Nv said.

Xu XuanHuo hesitated for a moment and said, "this pear flower discriminator is not so easy to be used on frogmen. it is impossible to draw all frogmen away from the hostages.

So what we have to do is to lead the seven frog generals away. as long as we can lead the frogmen generals away, our plan will be successful.

We'll divide into eight groups to carry out the operation in a moment. Xuan Kong, you and XuanTu, after we lead the Frog General away, you are responsible for using the space to rescue the hostages!

Xuan Zhen, you are now the highest level and strongest, so there is no problem for you to work alone? "

"no!" Su Yu shrugged his shoulders.

Xuan Huo heard these words and nodded, then looked at other people: "The rest of the people are divided into six groups according to the average battle force. Now it is clear that we are not trying to kill the enemy this time. The main purpose is to bring out the Frog General and give Xuan Kong and Xu XuanTu the opportunity to solve the hostage ..."


While Su Yu and others were discussing the details of the pear flower split plan, seven frogmen generals on the other side also gathered together.

A general, Farr, who was slightly grumpy, squatted in his chair and said impatiently, "ah ... why haven't those humans started to rescue the hostages?  We are getting impatient!

When will this wait be the end?

Otherwise, let this general take some people to kill directly in the past, anyway, those humans are not too strong, kill them all. "

Water General Walter said: "Farr, don't be so impatient. Don't forget what I  said. The king wants to see how human beings will rescue hostages. Let's kill all human beings directly. You just wait to watch."

"trouble!" Hearing these words, Farr muttered, then said, "What if mankind has been so deadlocked?"

"If there is a stalemate, then we will take the initiative to kill them all and not give those human beings the chance to live." The whole body shrouded in darkness. 

"Hey hey!" Hearing these words, Farh said with a smile: "That's good. If you do it, I will be the first to do it and see if the human beings who can kill Sander and them really have that ability!"

"Farr, don't underestimate the human race, be careful it is easy to lose!" Wright, the general of glowing light, whispered.

"Hum!" Farr snorted softly: "Don't worry, I won't underestimate anyone, but then again, why should we let those people easily save those hostages? Can't we kill them all?"

Light General Wright said, "What were you doing when the teacher spoke? Forget it, I will explain it to you again.

The teacher said that there were two reasons for releasing those human beings.

The first point is that it is not yet time for us frogmen to wage an all-out war with mankind.

If we kill all those human beings, we will certainly arouse the anger of all human beings.

Although we are strong, human beings are not weak or even stronger than us. It is not good for our family to arouse the anger of all human beings now.

So, let go some is to ease the human nerve.

Second, the released human beings are all unimportant human beings. It is not very useful to keep them in your hands.

However, the hostages in our hands are all human beings with relatively high status in human society.

There are important military and political officials in Stone Forest Country, as well as people from all over the world. Leaving these people behind is more useful than 10 or 100! "

Hearing these words, Farr scratched his head and cried, "ah ~ I don't understand, I just want to kill people!"

Wright and other frogmen smiled at this remark and all knew that Farr was the last one among them who would not use his brain.

"Generals, there are  some human invaders!" Then a frogman ran in and reported.