Chapter 314 Stratagem

Su Yu said that the murderous look on his body bloomed. Although it passed away, it was enough to deter these ordinary people. The hostages were honest and came to their senses. Su Yu was not an ordinary person, but someone who could easily kill monsters!

Su Yu looked at the honesty of the crowd before continuing: "We have few people, so we cannot assign any people to escort you away, so you have to leave the palace by yourself, and we will be responsible for cleaning up the monster!

Don't say you can't run away, we have already wrapped up the monster. If you can't run away like this or dare not run away, just think we didn't come to save you. That's all, I'll say so much, how to do it depends on you! "

After saying this, Su Yu turned and left. He had already disposed of all the frogmen here and there would be no more danger. Su Yu could safely leave. Su Yu did not think about whether the hostages would choose to escape by themselves.

In Su Yu's opinion, as long as it is not an idiot, it will not miss this opportunity.

Watching Su Yu turn around and leave without any hesitation, the hostages were clamoring again, saying everything and scolding Su Yu.

Su Yu assumed he did not hear it and had no time to talk to them.

However, these people were just scolding and scolding themselves. As Su Yu thought, they were not idiots and understood the opportunity. Then, organized by officials in Stone Forest Country, the hostages began to evacuate themselves.

However, this is only a fragment of this hostage rescue operation, and the same or similar scenes are staged in many locations in the palace-Suyu, and others are responsible for killing and leading away from the frogmen, and the hostages save themselves and flee!

In this way, more than an hour later, most of the hostages have been rescued.

However, things have not been smooth sailing. It should be noted that there are a large number of frogs and there is no shortage of strong people. On Su Yu's side, there are few people as strong as Su Yu.

So, in the end, there were still more than a dozen rooms of hostages that were not rescued successfully.

Most of the frogmen also gathered near the dozen rooms, and seven frogmen generals also gathered here, waiting for the arrival of Su Yu and others.

Su Yu had a feeling that the hostages before were like those who had been especially rescued by them.

Of course, this is not to say that when Su Yu and others rescued the hostages before, it was easy. When they met in the palace, Su Yu found that many people were injured and obviously had gone through some bitter fighting.

Xu Xuandian opened his mouth and said: "there are still about 20,000 hostages who have not been rescued. they are now concentrated on the fifth floor of the palace, under the joint supervision of seven frogmen generals and many frogmen.

How to save the remaining hostages we need to discuss well, no matter in terms of quantity or force, we are all in the bottom, as before, it is not enough to go through the hard struggle!

In addition, the fifth floor of the palace is extremely complex, as a small maze, with corridors extending in all directions.

When the time comes to rescue the hostages, everyone should be careful not to get lost in it! "

As soon as Xuandian's voice fell, XuanTu said, "I didn't mean to kill our morale in advance.

I'm just saying the fact that the remaining 20,000-odd hostages are really not easy to rescue, and we can't fight hard!

As for outwitting? Those frogmen are not fools either.

Everyone should have found out that the frogmen didn't care much about whether the hostages would be rescued by us from the very beginning.

The remaining 20,000-odd hostages are the ones that the frogmen value. From the beginning, they put most of their strength on guarding the hostages. "

Hearing these words, Su Yu eyebrows a pick, indeed as expected before his feeling, others also feel ah!

"Well, that's true, seven frogmen generals and thousands of frogmen are almost all concentrated on the fifth floor, which shows their importance! And I also suspect that the frogmen let us free the hostages, in fact, with the purpose of consuming our strength. " Xuanshui nods.

As he spoke, Xuanshui looked around and said, "if I'm not mistaken, our extraordinary power is almost half spent!"

Hearing these words, everyone frowned. Although the enemy they met before was not strong, the number was not very large. For the safety of the hostages, every time they fought against the frogmen, they all tried their best to kill the enemy without any loss and with the fastest speed.

So everyone's consumption is very big, not just half as simple.

Some even used up 89% of their extraordinary power.

Xu XuanHuo rubbed his eyebrows with a headache and said: "it seems that we have been taken in by frogmen?"

Hearing these words, Xuan Nv said coldly, "Well, I still have to be fooled! Even if we start over again, we will choose the same. "

"It seems that the frogman did not study us less, or did not study our detective agency less. Yes, there should be a frogman who knows our detective agency's style very well."

Xuandian knocked on the table and said, "Let's not talk about that. Now let's get back to the point. How do we save the remaining hostages?"

Hearing these words, everyone was silent, and at that time there was no good way. The remaining hostages were many times more difficult to rescue than the previous ones.

After a long silence, Su Yu said, "I think we can try the pear flower split meter!"

"hmm?" The crowd heard these.

Xuanshui asked, "Is there a pear flower split meter in the thirty-six meter?"

"It seems not! ?” Su Yu scratched his head and said, "I also forgot where and which book I read. anyway, the description is similar to our current situation."

When the crowd showed interest, XuanHuo said, "Tell me about Xuan Zhen, maybe it can really be useful!"

Seeing that everyone was interested, Su Yu organized a speech and said, "the story goes like this: a rich man was kidnapped by a group of powerful kidnappers and wanted a high ransom.

This group of kidnappers has done many such kidnappings before.

Therefore, it is very notorious and its crime style is almost well known, that is, it will kill the woman regardless of whether she gets the ransom.

Therefore, when the rich know who tied themselves up, they know that they are basically dead.

Not only the rich know but also the families of the rich and the personnel of relevant departments.

Therefore, it is natural that the ransom will not be handed over to the kidnappers, which will lead to an end of empty property.

Of course, the rich are also needed to be saved.

Therefore, the kidnappers were not allowed to lose sight of their hope, so the relevant department personnel came up with a way to pretend to raise money and delay the time while thinking about how to save the rich! "