Chapter 313 Rescue Hostages

"Yes!" Su Yu and others replied.

"Mmm." Xuanlong nodded and then said: "discuss with yourselves how to rescue the hostages. everything is for the purpose of rescuing the hostages. Go, be careful, don't force the enemy, the enemy's strength is still above us! "

"I understand!" Su Yu and others answered once again, then flew towards the palace.

"Well, the little guys have a task too, and then we have to do something!" Looking at Su Yu and others' retreating figure, Mr. Lion said.

"Mmm!" Xuanhu nodded gently. Su Yu and others appeared near the palace in a flash. Mr. Lion and Xuanlong also appeared beside Xuanhu, and then flew in directly from the top window of the palace.

The three men felt that the most turbid smell in the palace was at the top of the palace.

On the other side, Su Yu and others came to the palace and watched the three Xuanhu flyings directly into the palace. Su Yu said: "Boss, how do we save the hostages? I'm afraid too many hostages can't be rescued! "

Su Yu and others' tasks are very clear, but it is not easy to accomplish them.

The number of hostages is too large. It can't be done just by talking.

Xuan Nv hesitated for a moment, then looked at Xuandian and said, "Xuandian, can you sense the number of hostages in the palace? And how many frogmen are guarding the hostages in the palace? At least a rough number is needed! "

"Well, let me try!" Xuandian heard these words and nodded, saying Xu UANDIAN is a thin induction.

Almost a minute later, Xuandian said again: "the number of hostages is between 250,000 and 300,000. the number is too large to be clearly sensed. the number of frogmen is also quite large. nearly 6,000 people are distributed throughout the palace to guard the hostages!"

Although many people felt that there were many hostages in the palace before, Su Yu and others could not help grinning when they heard the approximate number. there were too many.

And the number of frogmen is also many, at that time all some headaches.

All people don't understand, frogman catch so many people hostage to do!

Xuandian added: "I also sensed the flavor of Xu Xuan Kong and others in the palace. They have caused riots in many parts of the palace. It seems that they have already started their actions!"

Xu XuanHuo touched his chin when he heard these words and said: "there are too many hostages. it is impossible for us to protect them one by one. we are not enough. we need the hostages to save themselves.

As long as we are responsible for killing or leading away the frogman guarding them!

In addition, try to contact Xuan Kong and see if he can open more space doors in the palace to let people leave through the space doors! "

Xuan wood road: "Well, I've already been in touch, but there is still signal interference and the phone cannot be answered!"

Xu Xuandian smacked his lips and said: "Let's forget it, let's discuss it here and do as we said before. We don't want to kill many enemies. It's only good to be able to distract or kill the frogmen who are holding the hostages, and then guide the hostages to flee properly. Now the operation starts!"

"Mmm!" The crowd nodded in order, then turned into a series of lights and shadows and rushed into the palace from every place where they could enter the palace.


"Human beings? Sneakers? " Su Yu did not hide his body at all, so when entering the palace, he was found by two frogmen guarding the door of a room.

"Hi, how are you, Toad!" Su Yu grinned once and said hello, and then his body flashed in front of the two frogmen. Peng Peng's voice boomed twice. The two frogmen who did not pass A in Black Level were easily killed by Su Yu.

Then Su Yu kicked the locked door open with a thud.

At once, a loud scream came from the room. Su Yu stepped in and a sharp wind was blowing on his face.

Su Yu leans slightly to avoid a long gun flashing cold light, then reaches out to find out and grabs the long gun in his hand.

With a slight tug on his arm, a frogman was dragged to the front by Su Yu. Su Yu's mouth tilted and his other hand leaned out. between the crackles, he grabbed the frogman's head.

Bang's muffled sound caused Su Yu to hit the floor with the frogmen's head. The frogmen were killed by Su Yu without even making any shrieks. On the surface, it seemed to be in good condition, but the inside had been smashed into a paste by Su Yu's strength.

Ignoring the incredulity of the door in the room, she looked at another frogman and said, "hey, toad, are you going to do it yourself, or am I coming?"

"Man! I'll kill you! " Although the frogman shivered and sensed Su Yu's strength, he did not give in, let out a loud cry, and pointed a gun at Su Yu.

Su Yu's shadow flashed, and the hostages saw the frogman that frightened them fly out directly, banging on the wall and hanging there without any sound.

Su Yu slowly closed his feet, frowned, and said softly: "Is there a total of four frogmen in a room to take care of the hostages?"

"That comrade, are you here to save us?" A voice broke Su Yu's thoughts.

"ah? Yes, yes, I have come to rescue you! " Su Yu came to himself and looked at the person he was talking to, a middle-aged uncle in a suit.

As soon as this was said, the hostages immediately gave out a burst of cheers.

"Who are you, comrade?"

Su Yu ignored the cheers of the hostages, but looked at the middle-aged man and asked, the temperament of the middle-aged man-made Su Yu feel like an ordinary person.

"I am an official of Stone Forest Country!" The middle-aged man answered, then hurriedly asked: "comrade, how do you want to save us out?"

The room was very large, holding about 200 hostages. As soon as the middle-aged man spoke, the cheers stopped and the eyes focused on Su Yu.

One by one face is full of doubts.

Su Yu's strength has been demonstrated just now, but they do not think it is enough because there are too many frogmen.

The hostages feel that they need more and stronger forces to protect them.

Su Yu said: "We are not many people here this time. Compared with the number of these monsters, we are too small, so we simply cannot assign people to escort you out!"

"How can this happen, you are irresponsible ..." Su Yu's words haven't finished, the room is there was a noise.

Su Yu eyebrows a pick, some uncomfortable in the heart, shout at top of voice: "shut up, now to ability? How come you dare not even fart when facing monsters? Don't I have these monsters to be afraid of? "