Chapter 312 Fortress

The time moved forward slightly when Shentu followed the frogs into the palace.

Su Yu and others are following the guidance of the sixth Sina toward the place where the seventh frogman is stationed.

However, there was a sudden change before the crowd arrived.


The earth jerked and the sky hummed.

"What's the matter?" All of them are unable to help but surprise, some unknown so.

And at this moment a golden light came crashing down in front of the crowd, and the crowd was immediately ready to fight.

When the golden light dispersed, the crowd could not help but exclaim, "Mr. Lion?"

At this time, it was Mr. Lion, who had once met Su Yu, who appeared in public.

Mr. Lion laughed when he heard these words: "haha, little guys, why are you here?"

Xuan Nv and others will immediately make a brief statement about Frog Sina. After hearing this, Mr. Lion just nodded and said, "I see. I don't have to bother. I'll take you directly to the palace."

Before Su Yu and others could reflect it, they felt that their bodies were lighter and they flew directly into the sky. They stepped on a piece of golden light and flew towards the palace.

"Mr. Lion, how can you fly? Isn't it forbidden here? " Su Yu couldn't help asking.

"Haha, frog people can ban the sky, we can break it, the ban air and psychedelic here have been broken!" Mr. Lion explained with a smile.

Hearing these words, Su Yu and others were slightly shocked.

Xuan Nv blinked and suddenly said: "The vision just now was caused by breaking the forbidden space and hallucination of the maze?"

"Mmm!" Mr. Lion nodded gently.

Su Yu heard these words and tried them secretly. indeed, everything returned to normal, even without Mr. Lion. now they have the ability to fly and he can run in the air.

Then Su Yu looked beyond the golden light.

At the foot of the scenery at a very fast speed toward the rear recede, before see what is, has been far away.

I can only see a huge white palace approaching rapidly in the distance.

"That is the palace of Stone Forest Country!" Mr. Lion pointed to the huge palace and said, "boys, stand firm, I'm going to speed up!"

Accelerating? Su Yu was surprised to hear this. isn't this the fastest speed for Mr. Lion? Can it accelerate?

Just after thinking for a lifetime, Su Yu felt his body toppled back violently. fortunately, he did not fall down in time, but in his heart, he could not help exclaiming:' what a horrible acceleration!'

Su Yu found that his speed was not comparable to the speed shown by Mr. Lion at the moment. the difference was not a fraction of a second.

Mr. Lion's speed was too fast, almost in a blink of an eye. the palace that was still far away just now appeared in front of him.

Of course, it is at present, but the actual distance is at least a few kilometers away.

Mr. Lion did not bring them too close!

However, although it is several kilometers away, Su Yu and others were shocked by the huge palace.

This is not so much a palace as a huge and strong fortress.

Su Yu swallowed and said, "Was the former Stone Forest Country palace this big?"

"How is it possible!" Hummingbird shook his head and said: "Although the former Stone Forest Country Palace was not small, it was not as good as the present one percent. Frogs should have expanded it to include a large part of the city.

But what do these frogmen do to make the palace so big? Do you really plan to make this your home? "

After hearing these words, Su Yu couldn't help smoking at the corners of his mouth. where is the expansion so simple? it's completely recast!

"Haha, big lion, you are a little slow!" At this moment, a loud laugh came and saw a strong man with the breath of Wang Ba walking in midair. Although it might be hidden but did not send, he still exerted great pressure on Su Yu.

This big fellow is a strong man whose strength is not inferior to that of Mr. Lion!

Su Yu had a judgment in an instant.

But who is this strong man?

Is he also from the detective agency?

The other party was wearing only clothes, Su Yu could not tell whether the other party was from the detective agency.

"Master Xuanhu!" As Su Yu wondered, Xuan Nv and others bowed respectfully to the strong man.

Hearing these words, Su Yu thought was indeed a detective agency, named Xuanhu, which shows that the other party's ability should be beast-tiger!

"Tiger, you did come early! Why didn't you go in and have a look? " Mr. Lion smiled.

"Well, hello!" Xuanhu nodded gently to the crowd before saying to Mr. Lion with a dignified voice: "no, this is not waiting for you!"

Hearing this, Mr. Lion was slightly shocked and said, "is it dangerous inside?"

Before Xuanhu could reply, a handsome man with long hair came up from the other side of the air and said, "Well, there is an enemy inside. I thought the Boss sent us three to make a mountain out of a molehill. Now it really seems reasonable. Frogman King is very strong!"

"Master Xuanlong!" Xuan Nv and others bowed respectfully once again. Xuandian and others watched Xuanlong, Xuanhu, and Mr. Lion's eyes begin to shine. These are three powerful kings. They did not expect to see three powerful kings in this mission.

Mr. Lion did not pay attention to the eyes of Xuandian and others. instead, he frowned tightly and said, "even the dragon said so. it seems that Frogman King is definitely strong!"

Then Mr. Lion smiled and said, "haha, that's good. it's too weak to be interesting. I'll meet him now, Frogman King!"

Speaking of which, Mr. Lion just dispersed the golden light at his feet and prepared to fight Frogman King.

"Mr. Lion, don't be impulsive. what we need to do now is not to fight Frogman King, but to rescue the hostages!" Xuanlong held out a hand to stop Mr. Lion.

"hmm?" Mr. Lion was shocked at first, then became extremely angry, "damn, these frogmen have tied up so many hostages. no wonder I didn't find many people along the way. they were all gathered here!

Are these frogmen trying to threaten us with these hostages? "

Hearing these words, Su Yu and others also sensed carefully, and then their faces became extremely ugly.

The huge palace is not only full of frogmen's breath but also full of human breath. It is densely packed and cannot be counted at all. It feels that at least dozens of hundreds of people are being held in each room, and there are only a few thousands of such rooms in this huge palace.

Now that I think about it, most of the population of Stone Forest Country is concentrated here.

Xuanlong looked at Su Yu and others and said, "Xuandian, XuanHuo, Xuan Nv ... I'm going to give you a task now. Can you finish it?"

The crowd looked at each other and said, "Master Xuanlong, please give us the assignment!"

Xuanlong smiled, "well, your task is to free the hostages held in the palace as much as possible. your other companions have already entered the palace to free the hostages one step ahead of you. go now!

Be careful, there are many frogmen in the palace, there are also many strong ones, and the frogmen generals are also in the palace! "