Chapter 311 Flee


The next deafening sound resounded through the training room, and the whole palace seemed to tremble at this foot!

"what?" Shentu's eyeballs were about to pop out at this moment.

He has five a foot on him which 95% of his muscles were unlocked but Frogman King easily blocked him!

With a finger!?

Frogman King put one finger on the sole of Shentu's foot, but the feeling to Shentu was like stepping on a Dinghai magic needle, which could not be shaken at all.

"Human beings, no way, want to hurt me, this strength is not enough!" Frogman King said lightly, and then with a single shot, Shentu's huge body flew out like a shell and landed heavily on the wall.

The relaxed appearance was like a fly flying off a finger.

Shentu stood up again, his eyes blazing with fire. Frogman King's strength seemed to have no bottom line at all, which made him lose heart while he was angrier. Shentu had not been looked down upon for a long time.

I haven't experienced such a weak feeling for a long time.

The last time he experienced such weakness, it was before he woke up as a waif.

At that time, Shentu was very thin and could fall when the wind blew.

Often bullied by older children and various gangsters, he wanted to resist at that time, but he was too weak to resist. every time he resisted, he was beaten severely and was unable to fight back.

However, there is no way out. When Shentu felt that he would die like this, he woke up to extraordinary power in extreme unwillingness.

On the day of awakening, Shentu took all the people who had bullied him to the hospital with broken bones.

It was also on that day that he realized the benefits and beauty of being strong.

On that day, Shentu vowed that she must become stronger than anyone else.

It was also from that time on that Shentu's obsession was to become stronger and stronger.

And Shentu has also embarked on the road of continuous strengthening. In order to become stronger, Shentu has done almost anything, even turning into a villain he hates.

At this moment, she once again realized the powerlessness she felt when she was a child. He hated this powerlessness, but it also aroused her determination to become stronger.

"Damn it!" Shentu grinned and recalled his unhappy childhood.

Then Shentu's look became ferocious, looking at Frogman King with unusual horror and firmness.

The way to become stronger and stronger is just around the corner. Aren't the bad children and hooligans who bullied him when he was a child the same mountain that he couldn't resist and surmount?

But the final result was not turned over by him, and then he became stronger?

Now he doesn't want anything else, only to fight Frogman King. It doesn't matter whether she wins or loses.

As long as he can fight Frogman King, regardless of winning or losing, Shentu believes he can become much stronger again.

"Muscle unlock 98%, open!" Shentu growled, there is no big change in body size, but the reddish-red veins like lava are clearer and much clearer.

The words just fell and Shentu had appeared in front of Frogman King, like a demon flowing with lava, hitting Frogman King with one blow.

"Die for me!" Shentu roared.


Another loud noise resounded through!

Shentu's fist, which could destroy a mountain, stopped violently with a loud noise and was held against by Frogman King's palm.

Frogman King's eyes brightened slightly. "Yes, that's right, human beings! However, there are still some not enough! "

With Frogman King's fierce swing of his arm, he flung Shentu out.

Shentu rolled continuously in the air and landed on the ground to stabilize herself. Then he turned into a reddish-red light and shuttled between different positions in the training room. Then he stormed Frogman King, who was sitting on the ground.

Frogman King, on the other hand, waved his hand unhurriedly and took over all attacks from all directions. His body still remained motionless.

"Muscle unlock 99%, open!" Shentu's cheers exploded in midair. Shentu's terrible power rose several levels in an instant, and the speed became faster!

There was a loud bang and Shentu collided with Frogman King again.

Frogman King, who was sitting on the ground, finally left the spot under the blow of Shentu and was shot up.

The moment Frogman King was shot into the air, a smile appeared on his lips and he smiled gently: "That's it, human. You are worth my shot now!"

Snapping, Frogman King firmly stood on the ground, eyes flashed a trace of excitement, and then leaned out a palm, in midair a grasp, the reddish light is fiercely stopped.

The figure of Shentu reappeared and was firmly grasped by Frogman King with one hand.

Shentu's eyes flashed a trace of consternation and confusion, and then he felt a dizzy spell and came into close contact with the ground.


Shentu was severely whipped above the ground by Frogman King.

Snow ~ A gulp of scalding blood was spewed from Shentu's mouth and sprayed all over Frogman King.

Frogman King was dyed red with blood all over his body, but the smile on the corners of his mouth was even bigger, and his eyes were flashing with eyes called excitement.

Frogman King stuck out his tongue to fill in the hot blood on his mouth. A burst of red light burst into his eyes and he laughed loudly: "Ah, ha, ha, ha, is this the blood of a strong human being? Indeed as expected contains the mighty energy!

Human beings, I am more interested in you now!

Do you want to live? Haha, it was the same decision before. As long as you can hurt me, I will let you go.

If it doesn't hurt me, I will kill and eat you! "


Frogman King said, slashing Shentu to the ground again, and the excitement in his eyes was even greater.

Snow ~Shentu spewed a big gulp of hot blood again, and then Shentu's extraordinary force broke out in waves to break Frogman King's palm.

However, no matter how hard she tried, she could not break free from Frogman King's palm.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Frogman King's eyes gleamed with excitement. He whipped Shentu to the ground and the scalding blood had already flowed all over the floor.

Shentu was stunned at the moment and his eyes became extremely dim.

Shentu has an intuition that if he continues like this, he will die in Frogman King's hands.

Shentu didn't want to die, his eyes flashed with sharp color, and he made up his mind. Then his body swelled fiercely, and in a split second, he turned into a huge meatball.

Then in Frogman King's consternation in the eyes of a loud burst open, flesh and blood broken bones immediately spatter in all directions, toward Frogman King's face cover.

Frogman King with a cold hum, fly to the flesh and blood directly into the fly ash in front of him.

At the same time, the sound of broken glass sounded in his ears. Frogman King caught a glimpse of it from the corner of his eye. A mass of fuzzy flesh and blood broke the window of the training room and escaped.