Chapter 310 Muscle Unlock 95%

However, Shentu is a madman, a fanatic, and even a madman in arms. In order to become stronger, Shentu can do anything.

For the desire to become stronger, the instinct fear of Frogman King was overcome in a split second.

Shentu licked her lips and looked at Frogman King coming towards her. "Uncle Ben has long wanted to learn your tricks. Come on, let him have a good time."

As she said this, Shentu's muscles began to swell slowly. Hot white gas was spewing out from her nose and mouth, and dangerous momentum burst forth from Shentu.

Frogman King, as if unaware, said: "Come with me. This place is too narrow. Let's fight in another place!"

The words sound just fell and Frogman King's figure had disappeared in front of Shentu's eyes.

Shentu's pupil shrank sharply. He almost missed how Frogman King disappeared. However, with a snort of cold, his body quickly followed him.

Two figures appeared out of thin air in the top-level training room of the palace. Frogman King and Shentu stood facing each other on both sides of the training room.

Frogman King said: "Human beings, is this spacious enough?"

Shentu glanced around and said, "Aren't you afraid that our battle will break this palace? The casting of this palace has taken a lot of your mind, hasn't it? "

"Human beings, although you let go of fighting, I have been reinforced this training room and palace, as long as I am not dead, you can't break it!

You also don't have to worry about the powerful momentum that might break out to hurt those ordinary people.

Come on, human beings, let me see human skills. "

Hearing this, Shentu's pupil shrank again.

Reinforcement, how to reinforce?

Shentu thought of a possibility. If so, he would still hit Jill, even if he could not unlock it 100%.

Seemingly aware of Shentu's thoughts, Frogman King said: "Rest assured, Ben Wang hasn't taken that step yet. Maybe you still have a chance. Human beings, don't waste my time. Now that I have discovered it, do you still think you have a chance to leave? What you can do now is to fight with me. "

"Hey hey!" Shentu grinned grimly at the remark and said with a smile: "That's right, I am not at all welcome. The muscles are unlocked 90% and open!"

Shentu, aware of Frogman King's horror, unlocked the chicken to 90% without much probing.

This is also the first time Shentu unlocked the chicken to 90% after entering the terrace.

Even when fighting the black coffin, he did not unlock it to this extent!


Accompanied by a loud roar, Shentu's body was ablaze with terrifying momentum might. His body soared to more than 10 meters high. In a split second, he became a real monster, full of pointed cones with holes, from which blazing white gas spurted out.

Frogman King was slightly surprised at this and said, "Is this your extraordinary ability, human? Interesting! "

"Haha, interesting? You will soon know what is interesting! " Shentu sneered.

When the voice rang, Shentu was already in front of Frogman King, and the fist the size of a millstone hit Frogman King.

There was a loud bang and Frogman King's body immediately flew off, hitting the opposite wall and bouncing back.

The next moment, Shentu appeared in front of Frogman King again, another blow!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang bang resounded continuously.

Shentu's fist kept pounding on Frogman King, while Frogman King was like a rubber ball that Shentu kept hitting and flying, then hit the wall or the ground and bounced up, as if it were crushed by Shentu.

But if you look carefully, Shentu's face is not a trace of joy, on the contrary, only infinite dignified look.

With a muffled thud, Frogman King was kicked off by Shentu, hit the wall and bounced back to hit the ground, lying motionless.

Shentu gasped, did not continue to attack, just tightly staring at Frogman King, don't know how Frogman King was hit by him.

The next moment Frogman King rose slowly and stood on the ground, saying, "Human, is this the only power you have? This power can't arouse my desire to shoot! "

Shentu's pupil suddenly narrowed to the size of the eye of a needle. Although she had a presentiment that Frogman King was very strong, he did not expect Frogman King to suffer from this many blows and even had no scars on his body.

If nothing else, the defense alone made him feel powerless.

Shentu's fanatical fighting spirit is much weaker at this moment.

The enemy that cannot be defeated in any way is even fanatics like Shentu who can't afford to fight because Shentu doesn't see any hope of victory at this moment.

"hmm?" Frogman King was immediately aware of the changes in Shentu's body, which made him very unhappy. His voice was icy cold and said, "Hum, are you backing down human beings?

Let it be since you can't afford to fight, I will help you!

Human beings, bring forth your strongest strength and fiercest fighting spirit to fight against me.

As long as you can hurt me, I promised you can go, otherwise, you will go ... Die! "

Shentu suddenly fell into great fear and stopped breathing.


Shentu realized at this moment that his death was so close to himself. He realized Frogman King was not joking, but merely stating a fact.

Shentu is not afraid of death but does not want to die.

Depressed fighting spirit, instantly burning up again, found the desire to continue fighting-alive!

Fight! Fight! Fight!

At this moment, Shentu had only such belief in his heart, that is, fighting, fighting on and on, getting stronger and stronger again and again.

"My muscle was unlocked ninety-five percent! Shout ~ "Shentu a loud growl, more terrible momentum bloomed from the body, body shape and expansion of a circle, looks more ferocious terror.

Spray out is not white gas, but hot red fog like a flame.

Lines of red light appeared on the body, like blood flowing like lava.

"Yes!" At this point, Frogman King's mouth slightly tilted and pointed his finger at Shentu. "Come on, human beings, let me see how strong you are now!"

Frogman King sat on the ground with his chin in one hand and said, "I am sitting here to play with you!"

"How arrogant!" Shentu was furious at the words and felt Frogman King's contempt.

Having not finished speaking, a huge figure has appeared in the sky of Frogman King, one foot fell hard, the foot out of the air seemed to have been deformed, stepping on the air and making a buzz.


The next deafening sound resounded through the training room, and the whole palace seemed to tremble at this foot!