Chapter 31 Fight against muscle men

"Evil organization? Giggle, I didn't expect the famous Xuan Nv to say such a thing! Our Black Coffin (organization) just collected the money of the employer to solve the problem for them, how did it become an evil organization?" Mi Xin said with a giggle.

"Huh, solve the problem? Does it just solve the user's problem?! How many things have black coffin done that hurt others, don't you know it yourself? Yeah, there are a lot of members of black coffin today, so today we will arrest and seal you all! "Xuan Nv's voice was cold.


"Oh, sister Xuan Nv, you are terrible and scared me to death. If your Monsters Detective Bureau really has the ability, then try it out? Hey? Xuan Nv, who is the younger brother behind you? Wouldn't it be a new recruit forced by your Monsters Detective Bureau !? "Mi Xin looked up and down at Su Yu with curiosity.

Su Yu didn't move and didn't say a word, but silently gave her a thumbs-up: Although you are not a good person, you are right, praise one!

"Enough, Mi Xin, don't talk nonsense. Since we met today, we will have a good time with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau. Ci Shou, you will take the matter of capturing the core of the corpse dragon!" Bao Po said, preventing Mi Xin's speaking.

Ci Shou played her hair and smiled enchantingly: "Okay, leave it to me!"

"Hey, I have been looking forward to this fighting, I have long wanted to fight with the members of the Monsters Detective Bureau!" The muscle man opened his mouth and laughed, but his eyes were on Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and others.

The snake girl vomited a Nobuko, exuding a dangerous breath on her body.


At the next moment, the man of the Black Coffin (organization) took the lead, and blasted towards Xuan Huo: "Xuan Huo, let us continue the battle that did not end before!"

"Huh!" Xuan Huo snorted coldly, burning flames around his body, raising his hand and a pillar of fire arose, pointing against Bao Po, saying, "Everyone solves them as soon as possible!"

With a bang, a fierce collision between Xuan Huo and Bao Po, a big explosion, and a small mushroom rising into the sky.

"Giggle, my sister, come here to play with me!" Mi Xin giggled and rushed to Xuan Nv, her body was filled with pink mist, and a pink long whip was drawn from the waist.

Xuan Nv spread the sense of coldness, chopped the land with a sword, and the earth condensed into frost!

"Hey, it's really troublesome, you evil illegitimate organizations can't just disappear? Really!" Xuan Dian said impatiently with a sigh as he watched the snake girl rushing towards him, but his body quickly adjusted to the fighting state.

Xuan Dian bent his palm into the shape of a claw, raised it and fell, and a clap of thunder came out of nowhere and blasted towards the snake girl.

At the same time, Xuan Dian did not panic and took out the enchantment ball to activate, and instantly brought both sides and corpse dragons into the dimension space. So that he fierce fighting won't affect the present world.

"Well, you guys took all the strong ones? Just leave me a weak chicken rookie of the Monsters Detective Bureau?" The muscle man looked at his companion who had been fighting against other members of the Monsters Detective Bureau, said dissatisfied, and then looked at Su Yu: "Boy, hopes you not to be killed so fast by me and makes me play longer! "

Su Yu felt a headache, why was he fighting again? said: "Can you not fight? Let's chat!"

muscle man: "???"

to chat with? Talk about what, how does this kid grow up? And haven't you seen the situation? He has to fight!

"Look at my fist!" The muscle man turned back and sighed angrily, striding towards Su Yu, and his big fist smashed into the air.

With a bang, it punched on the ground, and a big pit appeared on the ground.

Su Yu was unharmed and avoided early. These days of training made Su Yu stronger. His body had been a qualitative improvement in all aspects. Although the muscle man's attack was fierce, Su Yu's speed was also fast.

"Huh? The kid's speed is good. It looks like you can make me play happily!" The muscle man looked at Su Yu, the stronger Su Yu, the happier he was!

Su Yu heard what he said, he felt unhappy, what the hell were you happy for?!

"Are you really not chatting? How tired are the fights? Look at you. Fighting all day, your brain has become abnormal, have IQs been replaced with muscles?" Su Yu tried to convince him again.

For the reason of the muscle, the most annoying thing was that others laughed at him, he has muscles but has no brain. His face turned to red, and said, "Okay, good, boy, you have successfully inspired my anger. No matter what, I must kill you today, liberate one percent of your muscles! "

A heatwave emanated from the muscle man's body. The muscles on the body swelled and the skin became red.

Uh ~

The next moment, the muscle man moved, and his huge body rushed towards Su Yu at a terrifying speed.

Alas, every step of the muscle man, the sound was like a cymbal drum, making a dull sound, each foot leaving a deep pit above the ground.

Su Yu was stunned, what was this situation? He did not understand why the big man in front of him angry suddenly.

Within seconds, the muscle man had arrived in front of Su Yu, and his big fist punched at him again.

Su Yu hurriedly raised his arms to defend, with a bang, Su Yu was blasted out and flew out dozens of meters before stopping. He shook his arms. The muscle man's punch made his arm tingling.

"Hey, you're enough. If you try again, I'll be unpolite to you!" Although Su Yu didn't want to fight, he didn't want to be beaten and not fight back.

"Unpolite? Hahaha, okay, then let's see how you are rude." The muscle man laughed, snorted loudly, a large pit appeared on the ground, and the muscle man rushed towards Su Yu with the reaction force.

Seeing this, Su Yu's expression became serious, and a white mist sprayed from his mouth, splitting, blue electric light appeared on Su Yu's body, swimming over his body.

"Huh? Is the electric super man?" Seeing this scene, the muscle man thought in his mind, but the forward stance did not change in any way, and the muscles on his body swelled again—the muscle unlocked 5 percent.

Su Yu didn't know what the muscle man thought, lunging, swinging his arm back, and then punched him fiercely, banging on the fist of the muscle man who had come near.


Two fists, one big and one small, collided together instantly, and the sound of thunderous thunder sounded every moment.

A shock wave of terror formed between the two, rushing in all directions.

With a bang, the ground under the feet of the two could not bear the strength of the two and began to sink and collapse. In the rumbling, a large pit more than twenty meters in diameter appeared on the ground, densely cracked like spider webs all around.

This time, Su Yu and the muscle man were evenly matched, and both were motionless, but the muscle man's eyes were full of surprise.

Because the muscle man found that Su Yu own electrical super power, but own the strengthening super power!