Chapter 309 Fear

After a short trim, the crowd continued to move forward according to the third Frog Sina.

Soon they came to the place where the fourth frogman general was stationed, but no frogman general was found here. even frogman was very few, only two or three big cats and kittens.

After an easy solution, everyone got a fourth Frog Sina.

This caused some doubts in the hearts of all the people, but they did not pay too much attention to it. They just thought that they came just in time to catch up with the frogmen general when he went out and let them pick up a leak.

Then they went to the fifth place where frogmen were stationed.

However, the same thing happened and there was also a feeling that people were going to empty the building.

If people are not aware of the mistake at this time, the heads of Su Yu and others are really useless.

Xuandian frowned and said: "I was surprised before. Why do the frogmen seem to have become fewer and all of them have left? Where have they gone?"

Xuan Huo touched his chin and said: "Interestingly, Frog Sina was not taken away by the Frogsina after the Frogsina general left. It gives me the feeling that they are afraid that we will not find the palace. It seems that there is probably a big trap waiting for us!"

Xuan Nv opened his mouth and said, "What if there are traps waiting for us? We have no other choice but to move on. We don't have to think so much. Now go to the next place. "

Hearing these words, Su Yu nodded lightly and smiled lightly: "I hope so. if they can leave Frog Sina behind, it will save us some strength! As to whether there is a trap waiting for us, we should be careful when we get to the palace. "

Say, they continue to the next frogman general stationed.

As Su Yu and others continued to move forward, what Su Yu and others did not know was that the remaining Frogman generals brought their subordinates to the palace to meet Frogman King.

In the palace hall, seven frogman generals knelt respectfully in front of Frogman King.

Frogman King looked at the seven frogman generals kneeling on the ground and said lightly: "Are Machete, Sander, and Mitu dead? Three were killed by humans? "

As soon as Frogman King said this, the bodies of the seven frogman generals were all jerked and their bodies dropped to their knees.

Although they did not hear any emotional changes in Frogman King's tone.

But it is because of this that they are even more frightened. They deeply know Frogman King's horror.

But Frogman King did not mean to embarrass the frogman general.

"Just," he continued, "they are dead because their strength is weak. It is Ben Wang who has given you a new task to call you back."

"Please order my king!" Seven frogman generals ready and soundtrack.

"Mmm!" Frogman King, sitting on the throne, nodded in an unobservable way: "Your new task is very simple. It is to guard the palace, guard the palace, and guard the hostages in the palace.

Ben Wang has sensed that there is a real strong man coming and the maze will soon be broken.

At that time, human beings will be able to march straight in and come here.

Ben Wang wants to play a game with mankind. Ben Wang would like to have a look at how mankind will rescue these hostages!

While you are guarding the hostages, you are also responsible for killing human beings entering the palace. "

"Yes, I will follow the orders of the king!" The frogmen generals replied in unison.

"Er?" At this moment Frogman King gave a slight cry and his mouth slightly tilted and said, "Human beings have arrived quite quickly. Are there strong human beings entering the palace now? Interesting! "

"Wang Shang, let Chen Fale kill that human!" A red-skinned frogmen general pleaded at the words.

"no!" Frogman King raised his hand gently and said, "This human king has to deal with it himself, so he should warm-up for this king!"

"Yes, your majesty!" Farr and other frogmen generals respectfully said.

"Well, go! Go and finish your task! " Frogman King said, the voice is still here, but the figure on the throne has disappeared.

Farr and the other seven people dare to breathe a sigh of relief. In front of Frogman King, their pressure is great.

After that, they left the palace hall without stopping too much and began to guard the hostages with frogs and to hunt and kill the human beings who came to rescue the hostages.


"Terrible ah, this evil breath makes uncle Ben's hair stand on end!" In the palace, a strong body emerged from the shadows in a corner, feeling the evil atmosphere in the air and could not help muttering.

He hesitated at the moment whether to go further. The evil smell made Shentu feel a little hairy.

Shentu originally wanted to challenge several frogmen generals, before coming to the palace.

However, after searching for half a day, we could not find the frogmen general.

On the contrary, a casual glance saw a group of frogmen scurrying away.

At that time, Shentu didn't think so much, and his heart moved to follow him. He followed him to the royal palace-Shentu came to the royal palace that Su Yu and others had not found for several days.

There is no place to argue.

Shentu decided to leave after thinking for a while. He felt very bad here. He may have arrived early!

However, just as Shentu was about to turn away, a voice sounded behind him.

"Do you want to leave as soon as you come?"

"Who?" Shentu is a tingle, and his body appears in the distance, far away from the position where he was standing just now.

The moment she saw Frogman King, she felt that everything around her disappeared, leaving only one Frogman King, just like Frogman King is the center of the whole world.

It took a while for Shentu to return to normal, leaving behind a cold sweat all over her body.




This is Frogman King's first feeling to Shentu. He had never seen such an evil monster before. Frogman King gave him the feeling that he was the embodiment of evil.

Frogman King is perfectly long, both in face and body proportions.

But she didn't even see it, and in a split second, she saw the essence of Frogman King-evil.

Shentu licked her dry mouth and said in a hoarse voice, "Are you the Frogman King?"

Shentu had already guessed Frogman King's identity, with a wry smile in his heart.

Although when entering the maze, he had a plan to take on Frogman King.

But when she met Frogman King, Shentu finally realized how naive she was at that time.

"That's me!" Frogman King said lightly, stepping towards Shentu.

Shentu refrained from thinking of retrogression and said in a dry voice: "That's good. It's you that I am looking for!"

Is Shentu afraid?

To be honest, facing Frogman KingShentu is a kind of liver tremor. It is not about courage, but an instinct of the weak to face the strong.