Chapter 308 Group Fights

If Sander really makes up his mind to play a long-distance battle with him, Su Yu really has no good way to deal with it. In addition to choosing a hard fight, he will withdraw temporarily and wait until the speed is increased.

However, Su Yu was not alone from the beginning!

Don't forget Su Yu and Xuan Nv are watching you!

Su Yu has no plan to fight Sander to the end from the beginning till now. Looking at Sander's plan to fly his kite, Su Yu is also ready to let Xuan Nv and others do it.

Unverifiable glanced at Xuan Nv and others also can feel Xuan Nv and others are ready to sell at any time.

However, Su Yu saw a little worry in the eyes of Xuan Nv and others. After thinking for a moment, Su Yu understood.

The blue halo and the blue arc shot up on Su Yu at the same time, sending out dazzling blue light. Su Yu went on at top speed, pulling out the ghosting shadows and rushing towards Sander.

"Is this human being desperate?" See these Sander's eyebrows slightly wrinkled, then hang a sneer at the corner of his mouth, body burst back does not give Su Yu melee opportunities.

But the next moment, Sander was somewhat shocked, because he saw Su Yu hit the earth with one blow as if he had deliberately missed.

Before Thornton could understand why Su Yu had missed, the sound of cracking the glass continued to ring out, and the cracks around Su Yu spread in all directions.

Cracks appear in the air and the earth!

The air and the earth broke apart when Kara cracked.

Rumble, deafening voice sounded, the sky and the earth shook violently at the same time at this moment, like a magnitude 8 earthquake, the earth cracked countless earth-rock sand foaming up into the sky at this moment.

One of Sander's instabilities was that he almost fell to the ground and could not fly. In the face of this sudden "earthquake" on the earth, even Sander's extraordinary life at D in Earth Level was not timely responded to at that time.

Slightly steadying himself, Thornton roared: "What the hell are you doing, human?"

Just as the voice fell, Sander heard a cold female voice ringing in his ear: "Gravity!"

Xuan Nv seized Sander's distraction by Su Yu's moves and was the first to make moves. Gravity broke out and strong gravity acted on Sander.

At the moment Sander felt his body was as heavy as a mountain, and he felt very difficult to walk.

Sander was somewhat surprised that Xuan Nv would choose to shoot at this time, but he was angrier and growled, "Human woman, do you dare to intervene in the general's battle at will? What a death wish! General Ben will kill you now! "

Sander said, raising his hand to shoot his spear.

However, just then a dragon song resounded and Xuan Mu shouted coldly, "monster, you can't kill anyone today!"

With the sound of Xuan Mu, the dense green light is flying out of the Xuan Mu body, fell to the ground, immediately walls arm thickness like a golden vine is breaking out, into strips of tsing lung will Thornton bound firmly.

"Just vines also want to trap the general? Desertification! " Seeing this, Sander did not panic at all. With a loud shout, the vines withered at an extremely fast speed. At the same time, Sander also tended to turn into yellow sand.

"No way! Have you asked me about desertification? I'll give you a full meal of water! " Xuan Shui shouted, a huge water polo appeared on Sander's head. Poof broke up and soaked Sander.

"Damn!" Sander roars and looks at the Xuan Shui, hoping to swallow the Xuan Shui in one bite. Xu's water has prevented him from fleeing from the rapid desertification. At this moment, Sander finally has a little panic.

However, Sander still underestimated the tacit understanding and cooperation of Xuan Nv and others.

"Absolutely frozen!" Xuan Nv once again resorted to a move. The force of ice broke out and directly froze Sander. Sander's idea of drying up the water was cut off.

"The earth cage!" XuanTu's attack followed, with Sander completely enclosed in a stone cage.

It was not until this time that Su Yu shot again. His body appeared in front of the cage with a flash, and his double ability broke out to the extreme, with a blow on top of the cage.

The surge of shock force, the voice of the broken glass rang again, and with a crunchy, cage is exploded, turned into pieces all over the sky, the figure of a bloody is hit by a powerful force fly, a series of terrorist blood wreak havoc on Thornton.

And Sander's armor had long gone.

However, Sander, a frogman with extremely strong vitality, was stunned by Su Yu and others' attacks, but not only did he not die, but he also did not even pass out.

"Damn human beings, dare to treat this general like this ..." Thornton's eyes howled bitterly and wanted to desert and flee again.

However, Sander's words were not finished, and several cold lights shot from a distance. They were pricked on his body and the place where he was stabbed immediately became black.

Sander's idea of desertification again was interrupted!

At this time, it was Hummingbird who shot, and the shot was the strongest poison.

"Finally hit!" Hummingbird looked at Thornton's poisoned needle, smiled with satisfaction, and fought Thornton twice. This was the first time he had hit Thornton, and finally, he had his place!

Sander's heart was humbled at the moment. He did not have much of a fight with the human monster, nor did he have much of a fight with Su Yu. He even had the upper hand all the time.

Sander once thought that he had mastered the overall situation and victory was already in his pocket.

However, the situation has taken a sharp turn for the worse. A group of human beings whom he didn't care much about before has been forced to take control of the situation. At the moment, his whole body of strength can't play a bit.

Sander's heart was humbled and he wanted to shout, but he could not make a sound. The powerful toxin had paralyzed his muscles. Only his eyes could turn. Looking at another two attacks, Sander was unwilling to close his eyes.

Kill him while he is ill!

At this time, XuanHuo and Xuandian also made moves, using the strongest attack they can use at this time!



The voices of Xu Xuandian and Xu XuanHuo sounded at the same time, and their attacks fell on Sander at the same time!


A huge explosion occurred immediately. Thunder and fire intertwined, and the power of the explosion greatly exceeded the extent that one plus one was greater than two.

When thunder and fire, and smoke dispersed, a huge pit appeared in front of everyone, sander has disappeared, a strong frogman D in Earth Level, under Su Yu eight rounds of fighting turned out to be even no residue left!

Only a Frog Sina was left at the bottom of the big pit.

I also don't know what this Frog Sina is, and it was not damaged in the attack just now!