Chapter 307 One-on-one Hit(2)

Sander regained his footing and said, "Human beings, you can't hurt General Ben anymore. Ben won't give you another chance. Now it's Ben's turn to take the initiative. The tide of sand!"

Sander threw his hand at Su Yu as a flood of sand. The flood of sand rose in the wind, forming a huge storm of yellow sand that swept toward Su Yu.

Su Yu saw this and went forward without retreating. His blue arc wound around him. Dong ran directly into the eye of the wind in the yellow sand storm and punched the air in the eye of the wind.

Kara a loud air immediately burst, the sand storm also crashing out.

The sand was falling from the sky, blocking Su Yu's view.

At that moment, Su Yu felt a chill rising up on his back. Su Yu thought there was no mistake at his feet and his body tilted to one side.

With a sound, a khaki spear came in surprise.

Sander's hand was now holding a long spear of yellow sand, which fiercely stabbed Su Yu's side in the air.

With a thud, Su Yu elbowed his way onto the spear and the spear broke.

And then the palm of his hand into a knife toward the side. With a bang, a loud sound from under the ground, and Su Yu gave a punch.

Then, Su Yu's extraordinary power broke out, and a powerful force of the impact broke out centering on Su Yu.

With a bang, Sander's small figure was dashed out.

All this seemed slow, but in fact, it was only a few seconds. Sander made a series of attacks on Su Yu.

The distance between the two men was drawn back, Su Yu gasped slightly. Thornton felt great pressure due to this stormy attack. This Thornton was indeed much more difficult to deal with than Machete.

Machete's attacks are generally straight, while Sander's attacks are much more varied.

Sander grasped with both hands, and the yellow sand gathered toward Sander, forming a yellow salon roll to wrap it. Then the yellow salon roll became taller and taller. When the yellow sand dispersed, Sander became another form.

Sander was now much bigger, wrapped in a coat of khaki armor, a shield, and a spear, like a soldier walking out of myth.

"Kill!" Sander growled, and with a push at his feet, he rushed at Su Yu. His body sprang up and his spear pierced Su Yu's throat.

Su Yu dodged Sander's blow with an adamantine iron slab bridge. At the same time, he propped himself up on one foot with both hands and kicked out the other foot fiercely, kicking Sander across his body.

There was a loud thud, Su Yu just couldn't help but shout out a loud, hard cry. he trod on the armor condensed with yellow sand, making a sound of steel impact, just like treading on a mountain of steel.

Sander's body flew at the sound of the call, tumbling several times in the air before landing on the ground.

Su Yu's pupil was miniature, and he found that his foot did not leave any marks on Sander's armor.

This defense is slightly stronger!

Of course, Su Yu was not discouraged because of this. Just now, due to the posture, the foot was not able to exert its power, and a large part of the power was not released.

The two men confronted each other for a moment, then they moved towards each other at the same time and started a new round of confrontation.


"When shall we start beating the grandson?" At the edge of the field, watching Su Yu and Sander fight, XuanTu rubbed his hands and was eager to try.

Before, he was taken care of by Sander for a good meal and was eager to find the venue.

"Not as good as that. Wait till Xuan Zhen and Sander play again. Xuan Zhen seems to be honing himself with Sander!" Xu XuanHuo opened his mouth.

"You said, if we don't fight, who will win between them?" Xu Xuandian asked.

Xuan Mu thought for a moment and said: "This is not good judgment. Now it seems that both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Su Yu's strength is strong, but there are not many changes. Sander has many changes and strong defense, but he has lost strength.

Judging from the current situation, the two are at best tied! "

Xuandian and others nodded gently and were ready to make moves at any time. I have the same concerns in my heart.

Of course, it is not easy for people to intervene in the battle between Su Yu and Sander. The level is almost a bit far away. If they do not find the right time to intervene rashly, they may not be helping Su Yu but dragging their feet.

The thought of dragging these three words, including Xuan Nv, his face is not very good-looking.

Once upon a time, Xuan Zhen still let people take out the task of the younger brother, but in a twinkling of an eye, they left behind, this change is too fast like a tornado, let Xuan Nv and others abnormal does not adapt.


Dang ~

There was a sound of metal impact. Su Yu and Sander collided again. Su Yu's fist and Sander's spear collided severely.

The ground at the foot of the two men immediately exploded to form a big pit.

Su Yu's body quivered slightly and returned to normal, while Sander flew hundreds of meters backward before stopping.

Tick tock!

A drop of blood dripped from Su Yu's fist. Although Su Yu blew Sander away, Sander also breached Su Yu's defense.

However, Su Yu did not feel like he was asleep. When Sander had just landed, Su Yu had already jumped out. The distance of 100 meters was fast approaching. His thigh was kicked out fiercely. A total sweep was swept towards Sander's head.

Dong's voice was loud and Thornton's figure flew out again. Su Yu's leg was blocked by Thornton's shield.

Soo ~

Moreover, Sander is not a vegetarian. The moment Su Yu kicked him off, he launched a counterattack. When his body was flying sideways, his spear was thrown out toward Su Yu.

Su Yu punched the side of the spear with one punch, directly flicked the spear, and then flashed his body close to Sandra.

Sander, on the other hand, went back and forth with the help of Su Yu's attack force, keeping a constant distance from Su Yu and not giving Su Yu any chance to get close. Sander had already understood that he could not defeat Su Yu in close combat several times.

Thoughts flashed like crackles. Sander had a brand-new battle plan for Su Yu. The preparation was to use long-range attacks to continuously consume Su Yu.

"Spear of Sand!" Sander shouted and pointed at Su Yu. Yellow sand flowed and gathered in front of Sander's eyes and condensed into a spear of rod sand, which was continuously shooting at Su Yu.

Su Yu's shadow flickered, dodging the attack of the spear of sand. In a split second, he also understood Sander's plan.

However, Su Yu sneer at in his heart. If he is alone, Sander's plan can really work for him. Although Su Yu's level has reached D in Earth Level, the speed Su Yu has not improved too much, and chasing Sander is really a bit laborious.