Chapter 306 One-on-one Hit (1)

A punch?

The giant of sand, which made them suffer, was blown to the head by Su Yu?

Xuan Huo, Xuan Tu, and Xuan Mu were all stunned. Their mouths were wide and their eyeballs almost popped out.

At the moment, the three feel as if they are dreaming now, and have an unreal feeling.

Since when has Xuan Zhen been such a great writer?

"How is that possible?" Xuan Tu could not help but exclaim aloud.

Xuan Huo was the calmest one, silently closing his mouth and withdrawing his eyeballs as if he were innocent.

However, his heart was shocked. At this moment, he felt Su Yu's current level and murmured, "D in Earth Level! ?”


Xuandian nodded at the remark and said with a little bitterness: "Xuan Zhen's grade has reached D in Earth Level, which quickly surpassed us!"

Hearing Xuandian's words, Xu XuanTu turned his neck with difficulty, and his eyes glazed over. "haha, Xuandian, you told me that I was dreaming, right? I haven't seen you for a few days. how did Xuan Zhen get to be D in Earth Level? Why is this pinched? "

Xuandian shrugged his shoulders and he also wanted to know.

At that time Xuandian and others were silent, and the idea of going back to work hard to improve the level sounded in the hearts of all.

"All right, let's not talk about the level of Xuan Zhen. Let's watch how Xuan Zhen and Sander fight. We are also ready to make moves at any time!" Xuan Nv said at this time, Xuan Nv felt that all the people were entangled with Su Yu's grade again, and there was a high probability that they would become autistic.

Even if Xuan Nv thinks about the level gap between herself and Su Yu now, she is also unable to help feeling chest tightness.

On the other side, Su Yu didn't know what Xuan Nv and others were thinking. One punch blew Sander's head off into a giant of sand and landed on the giant's shoulder. "Toad, come out, I know you're all right. That punch just now didn't hurt you at all!"

"Who are you? Why hasn't General Ben seen you? " Sander's figure emerged not far from Su Yu and looked at Su Yu with a dignified expression. Although Su Yu's blow did not hurt him just now, it really startled him.

"Haha, you haven't seen me? But I know you, and now I want to thank you for taking care of me. listen to my companion, you didn't leave any hands in my coma! " Su Yu said with his fist in his hand.

"It's you! Are you the one in the cocoon? " Hearing this, Sander had a flash of light and felt the same breath as a cocoon in Su Yu: "You are not a human being?"

"You are not human!" Hearing these words, Su Yu's face was blackened, and the toad cursed him!?

Su Yu blew up. There was nothing else to say. Beat him. Su Yu had already appeared in front of Sander. He hit him with one blow and hit the giant sand with a bang.

At once, the huge body of the sand giant was breaking apart at the roar. Without Sander's control, the sand giant was really fragile and broke at the touch.

However, Su Yu's blow was quick and powerful, but it failed and did not hurt Sander.

Sander's shadow reappeared not far from Su Yu, laughing, "It's no use. As long as you put it on the sand ground, this general will not die. As long as this general is willing, you can't even touch this general!

And I want to kill you, it is much simpler! "

At this point, Sander grabbed Su Yu in the air, and all the yellow sand immediately gathered to form a huge sphere to surround Su Yu in the middle.

Sander gave a firm handshake and said, "The ball of death!"

In a flash, the yellow sand sphere shrinks instantly, but before it shrinks to the extreme, the yellow sand sphere bursts with a bang.

Su Yu rushed out of the burst sphere and turned into a bolt of blue lightning to Thornton.

Sander looked slightly surprised at this, but he soon returned to normal and said, "You are strong, but you still have some way to go to defeat this general. This general has already said that as long as this general wants, you will never find this general, let alone attack this general."

Sander's figure turned into yellow sand and disappeared.

"is it? Then I will try it! " Su Yu opened his mouth.

Footsteps kept on rushing towards the place where Thornton had just disappeared. When he got there, Su Yu punched him and clapped him on the air, setting off a ripple in the air.

Om ~ then the power of shock surging.

The clacking sound of the broken glass kept ringing, and the cracks spread in all directions around Su Yu's fist.

Kara gave a crunchy sound, and the air in Su Yu's whole body, which covered tens of meters, broke apart at this moment.

"Poof ~" A figure emerged in midair at this moment, spitting blood. Who else would it be but Sander? A pair of frog eyes rolled around and looked at Su Yu with incredible color.

Sander stood firm and said, "Impossible, impossible, how can you hurt me?"

"Nothing is impossible. You can turn into yellow sand and be immune to most attacks. This is indeed very severe, but you cannot be immune to all attacks.

And even if you turn into sand, it doesn't mean you really turn into sand, it doesn't mean your body disappears.

You are still you or are fundamentally different from Huang Sha.

As long as you can hit your body, you will still be injured and you will still die! "

Su Yu said, stepping forward and walking towards Sander, then said: "The reason why my partner can't hit is not that your ability is invincible, but because your strength is not strong enough. As long as your strength is strong enough, and strength can hurt you, big toad. Are you right?"

Sander's face even changed, because what Su Yu said is true, as long as he has enough strength, he can be hurt, even if he melts sand.

While Thornton looked shaken, Su Yu moved and shot again. His fist was wrapped in a strong shock force. He volleyed out with a blow, and the air in front of him was smashed by Su Yu.

Sander's body flew out again, spitting blood.

In the process of Peng ~ inverted flight, Sander's body exploded, turned into yellow sand, and flew to the distance. then he condensed his body again and looked at Su Yu and said bitterly, "despicable, did you deliberately reduce this general's attention to sneak attack this general?"

Hearing these words, Su Yu laughed scornfully. What is despicable or not to fight for life and death?

Su Yu discovered at this moment that although these frogmen are ferocious and clever, they are not cunning, and most of them will confront the enemy head-on.

Thinking about it, Su Yu appeared beside Sander again with a flash of body shape, and then punched him.

With a loud noise, Su Yu's fist hit the shield made of sand.

Immediately, the shield made of sand was the yellow sand that broke into pieces.

Sander pulled away from Su Yu with Su Yu's fist strength.