Chapter 305 The Power Of One Blow


The sound of the four metal impacts sounded, Su Yu put the four Xuan Nv men on the ground and arranged them one by one, then waited for the four men to "recover" from the mental state.

After Mitu's sudden death, the four "recovered" a little faster.

Some parts of the four men's bodies have recovered from their mental state.

The speed of the "recovery" of the four people is not the same. The "recovery" of Xuan Nv is the fastest, followed by Xuandian, and the slowest is Hummingbird.

Of course, the difference in speed between the four is not too great. If you don't watch carefully, you can't see it.

Hu ~ might break out on the four men, setting off a strong wind, and the four men recovered from the metallization.

At this time, the memory and thinking of the four people were still kept at the moment when they were metalized. The first time they recovered, their body was shot out-avoiding Mitu's attack.

Xu Xuandian even shouted out what he did not finish when he was metalized: "... not dead!"

See this Su Yu corners of the mouth can't help but smoke.

Xuan Nv's four people reacted very quickly. Soon they found that the situation around them was not right. They did not feel any danger. The surrounding environment was also greatly changed. Like the Metal Mountain of Hell Volcano, it was gone!

Xuanshui said in surprise, "what about the frogmen general? Where are we now? Didn't I become a metal statue? "

"You don't panic, the thing is ..." Su Yu spoke in time, attracted the attention of four people in Xuan Nv.

Su Yu then repeated what had happened after the metallization of the four men. Only then did the four men know what had happened.

"Dead?" Xuandian was somewhat dazed. After hearing Su Yu's words, he still couldn't believe that Mitu was so dead. At the moment before metallization, he felt the threat from Mitu, which was beyond the level of D in Earth Level. Otherwise, he wouldn't have cried out in horror at that time!

However, according to Su Yu's words, Mitu, who may have taken that step, died without any "achievement", and it is not too much to say that some of those who died were "silent".

Several people in Xuandian felt that Mitu's death was somewhat odd.

However, a few people did not struggle too long over Mitu's death, so they activated the second Frog Sina, and under Frog Sina's guidance, the five quickly moved on to the next place, leaving Mitu's death behind.


"Ha, ha, ha, human beings come out and have fun with me. Didn't you just say you were going to kill me?" A loud laugh reverberated in midair. A 100-meter-high giant of sand stood in the yellow sand, its eyes made of sand whirled.

Later, Sander blew out with a single blow and struck a sand dune with terror.

With a roar, hundreds of tons of yellow sand suddenly rose up into the sky, and a deep hole appeared on the ground.

With the flying of yellow sand, there is also a stone ball with a diameter of 10 meters.

The stone ball exploded in mid-air, and three figures shot out like three shells, hitting the sand and making a loud noise.

"Xuan Tu, can you do it or not? You are soil and he is sand. You should be better than him. How could he find you so easily?" Xuan Mu shouted, wiping a handful of corners of the mouth of the blood.

Xuan Tu heard these words, the fat on his face quivered and said: "XuanTu, you just stand and talk without pain. You don't look at how many grades I've fallen behind this toad. You can do it!"

"Shut up!" Xuan Huo shouted and the whole body was ablaze. The extraordinary force of the fire had exploded to the extreme, but it was helpless not to see the big toad.

The other side is too strong. Although there is a saying that there is great power, it is useless to use power when the grades are too different.

Water can put out a fire, but it also depends on the amount of water and the size of the fire.

Just as Sander's extraordinary ability of sand is now a branch of the earth system, XuanTu can control Sander's sand in theory.

But in fact, XuanTu could not help sander at all, because the gap between the two sides is a little bit.

Xu's voice dropped, Sander's attack came again, and the palms and fists formed by sand condensation came towards them.

The three men immediately concentrated and began to seriously fight the enemy. At the same time, they were thinking about how to retreat.

However, we have to retreat.

However, looking at the huge sand prison covering a thousand meters, Xuan Huo has a headache. It is very difficult for them to open the sand prison with their current strength.

Just when Xuan Huo had a headache, Xuan Huo heard the sound of broken glass.

"What is that?" When the three of them heard the noise and looked up, they saw that cracks appeared on the sand prison.

Kara ~ with a crunchy sound, the sand prison crumbled to pieces, revealing the outside sky again.

At the same time, five figures came down from the sky, and a big laugh rang out: "haha, Xuan Huo, Xuan Tu, Xuan Mu, do you miss me?"

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

Five figure banging down on the sand made a huge rumbling sound.

“Xuan Zhen?”

Seeing the figure of Su Yu, the three of them were all shocked. I didn't expect Su Yu and others to appear at this time!

After that, all three were happy. If the three of them had no confidence to defeat Sander after a fight with Sander, then now, together with Su Yu and others, they have the confidence to fight Sander.

Sander is strong, but Sander is not the king yet. As long as there are many people, Xuan Shui and others are confident that they can defeat each other.

Sander could not help but get angry when he saw his prison broken. This was the second time in recent days that his sand prison had been broken, especially when he saw someone who broke his sand prison or someone he knew.

"Is it you again?" Sander looked at Xuandian and Xuanshui and said angrily: "well, very well, you really have a way to go in heaven. hell has no way to throw. this general is killing you all today ... the sea of sand is turning over!"

As soon as Sander's palm was turned over, the sand sea surged up, just like the sea in a storm. Yellow sand also lifted a huge wave to cover Su Yu and others.


Su Yu moved at this moment, and the double power burst out at this moment. The sand burst open at Su Yu's feet, and his body was like a flash of blue lightning burst out.

With a loud bang, Su Yu knocked out a huge hole in the huge wave of sand that fell on everyone.

Then, in a flash of kung fu Su Yu's body appeared on the sand giant's face.


Su Yu blew out with one blow, blasting the air and hitting the sand giant in the face. In an instant, he saw that the sand giant's face had sunk down, and then the huge head crashed with a bang, turning into yellow sand all over the sky.

Only a huge body of yellow sand without a head remained standing in the sand sea.