Chapter 304 Died Suddenly

As time goes on, the two figures in the Stone Forest Country Palace, the top floor and the huge reformed training room are staggering, colliding, and separating at top speed without any fluctuation of extraordinary force. The two figures only rely on the strength of the body to raise their speed to an extreme.

Bang, bang, bang ...

The noise from the collision of the two figures kept ringing.

A few minutes later, the two figures stopped. One of them was Frogman King, and the other was the frogman elder.

Frogman King said: "All right, teacher, let's get the training here first today, hard teacher!"

"The king is kind, this is the old minister should do!" The frogman elder said with a respectful voice that he would retire.

But just two steps back, frogman old man stopped, awkward.

"Teacher, what do you want to say but it doesn't matter!" Frogman King looked faintly at a frogman elder's way.

"That is to forgive the old minister for daring. What the old minister wants to ask is whether General Mitu's ability has really been changed?" Ten thousand frogmen old man said.

"oh? Did the teacher see it? " Frog Wang Wen Yan was somewhat surprised, and then said openly: "yes, Mitu's ability has not changed. once the ability is awakened, it will be fixed. how can it change?

What Ben Wang Neng has done is to let their capabilities evolve again on the original basis. Transformation is absolutely impossible! "

"Then General Mitu ..."

Frogman King opened his mouth and said: "This king has only pushed General Mitu's ability to an impossible extreme. It just seems to be the same as metal's ability, but in essence, it is different, with great side effects.

However, Ben Wang had to do so. As you can see from Mitu's situation yesterday, there is no possibility of recovery. He is already disabled.

But pushing his ability to an impossible extreme, Mitu recovered himself so that he could continue to be used by the king. "

Hearing this, the frogman elder frowned and said, "Can the old minister know what the side effect is?"

Frogman King smiled faintly: "The teacher wants to know that Ben Wang will know everything and say nothing. The side effects are usually invisible. Even Mitu himself will feel that he will become stronger and in excellent condition in the future.

However, once you encounter a big war or suffer a severe physical injury, the defect will immediately come out.

He will become a huge and ugly monster that will never come back again. Then he will slowly lose his intelligence and become a walking human who only knows how to attack until all his vitality is exhausted. "

"This ......" Frogman heard these words, the bottom of my heart quivered, at that time I don't know what to say, from a spiritual intelligence into a monster can't think is really a cruel thing, and this is done without Mitu's knowledge, this is too ruthless.

"Teacher, do you think Ben Wang is too heartless?" Frogman King suddenly asked.

When the frog man's body shook, he bowed hurriedly and said, "I dare not, I fear!"

Frogman King took a deep look at the old Frogman and wanted to say something. A harsh light shone through the window.

In the sky across a bright meteor, even in the daytime can see clearly.

Frog and frogmen elders' attention was immediately attracted to the past.

Looking at the falling direction of the meteor, the frogmen elder's pupil shrank fiercely.

The next moment they saw a huge mushroom cloud rising in the distance, and then the earth shook violently. This was the second strong vibration in recent days.

Frogman King looked at the spreading mushroom cloud with interest and said, "What kind of attack was that? Call meteorites? "

"If the king is interested, the old minister will investigate!" The frogman leaned down and said.

"Well, then please teacher!" Frogman King said with a faint smile on his face.

"The veteran retired!" The frogmen elders bowed down and left.

After the figure of Frogman King disappeared completely, the frogman king looked at the window and said to himself, "if you want to exterminate human beings, this king must be merciless, not only to his own people but also to himself."

As long as we can exterminate human beings, why not sacrifice more? "

The frogman elder walked out of the palace, looked back, and sighed in his heart. to tell the truth, Frogman King was somewhat shocked by his callousness. he did not know whether it was right or wrong to hand over the rise of the frog clan to such Frogman King.

On the steps of the palace, the frogman elder hesitated for a moment before disappearing.


On the other side, Su Yu took Xuandian and Xuan Nv's four men, running all the way, to avoid Mitu's attack.

At the moment, Mitu feels more and more strange to Su Yu, not like an extraordinary life with spiritual wisdom, but like a monster that only knows destruction.

Of course, Su Yu did not consider why Mitu suddenly became like this. He already felt that the life-breath of the four Xuandian people was getting stronger and stronger, and he could "resurrect" them soon.

What I think is that as long as Xuan Nv and others come back to life, he will be able to fight back and be chased by Mitu all the way, Su Yu felt a little upset.

But at this moment Su Yu was suddenly shocked. Mitu, who was chasing him, suddenly stopped and let out a cry of pain and relief. Then, in Su Yu's stunning eyes, it broke into pieces of metal, and the breath of life disappeared instantly.

Dang clatter ~ a metal block fell under Su Yu's feet, and Su Yu suddenly saw Frog Sina.

However, Su Yu did not bend down to pick it up. He was still stunned and did not understand why Mitu suddenly died.

It took Su Yu a while to return to absolute being, picked up Frog Sina and took Xuan Nv and others out of here. Su Yu did not think about the things he did not understand, regardless of how Mitu died, as long as it was good for them.

Just after Su Yu left, the old frogmen figure appeared in front of the metal pieces Mitu had broken into.

"Mitu, Mitu, all I can do is give you a ride at the end, but I don't know if this is the result you want to see," the frogman elder whispered as he stretched out his hand and stroked Mitu's huge tarnished head.

At this point, the old man gently stamped his foot, turning the ground within a kilometer of his body into a swamp, swallowing up the metal pieces Mitu had broken into.

When there was no more metal on the ground, the ground returned to normal.

The frogman elder first took one look at the direction Su Yu and others left, then the figure passed away, leaving only a slight sigh echoing here for a long time!