Chapter 303 Metal Assimilation

The dark thunder cloud turned to lux, and the flaming meteorite smashed through the clouds, revealing a ferocious corner.

Xuandian returned to his senses and sneered, "monster, can you carry this blow?"

Xuandian was calm on the surface, but his heart was shocked. He knew that the big move prepared by Xuan Nv would be very powerful, but he didn't expect Xuan Nv to summon a meteorite. This was really beyond Xuandian's imagination.

Su Yu was stunned by the blow from Xuan Nv. He couldn't help crying out in his heart that this force had committed a foul!

At the same time, Su Yu also felt the deadly threat in this meteorite.

The next moment, Su Yu came back to absolute being. Without saying anything, he pulled the shocked Xuandian towards the distance quickly. Su Yu felt that the distance was not safe enough.

At this point, Su Yu and Xuandian both understood why Xuan Nv specifically told them to stay away from Metal Mountain.

As for the three of Xuan Nv, they had retreated rapidly as early as the moment when they successfully summoned the meteorite. Xuan Nv knew how powerful the meteorite summons was than anyone else.


It's too late to say.

Just as Su Yu pulled Xuandian out of a long-distance again, the meteorite crashed onto the metal mountain.

This moment is like a slow-motion, the moment the meteorite hits the Metal Mountain, it can be seen that the Metal Mountain sags at an extremely fast speed, and the huge Metal Mountain falls apart in a flash of attack.

We can also see the panic and despair on the faces of frogmen such as Mitu when the meteorite fell.


Then a loud roar rang out from nine days. A huge pillar of fire with a diameter of thousands of meters rose into the sky and turned into a huge mushroom cloud.

The shock wave of terror scattered, and in a few seconds, it hit on Su Yu, who was running at top speed.

With a bang, Su Yu felt as if his body had been hit by a heavy hammer and flew out like a shell.

Su Yu was fine except that she felt a little chest tightness and shortness of breath.

However, Xuandian did not get well. The moment the shock wave hit him, he died and spewed out a big blood mist. His face instantly turned into gold paper.

Boom, boom ...

The roar was heard all the time, and the earth within a radius of more than ten kilometers shook like a big earthquake.

At this moment, the impact of meteorite impact is no less than that of Machete's self-explosion. At the same time, countless people's eyes turned to Stone Forest Country, a small tiny country.

The same question arises in countless people's minds-what exactly happened to ——Stone Forest Country?


Thick smoke billowed and lasted for a long time. Countless flames sprang out of huge pits. The surrounding air was extremely hot. The air contained a strong smell of burning.

A huge crater with a diameter of nearly 1,000 meters appeared on the ground, and Metal Mountain was destroyed by less than half.


Su Yu and Xuandian appeared on the edge of the crater hit by the meteorite. Looking at the crater in front of them, they all grinned uncontrollably.

Su Yu said: "My Boss is a bit of a foul. Are all the frogmen dead?"

"Well, it is indeed a little foul, not to mention Mitu, is to come to a king face to face the blow is enough! I feel bad, then Frog Sina will not be gone? " Xuandian nodded with deep disapproval and some worry.

They came for Frog Sina. If Frog Sina was beaten, they would be a little self-defeating.

At this time, the figure of three Xuan Nv also appeared on the edge of the big pit. Xuan Nv asked, "Have you found Frog Sina?"

"Xuandian is looking for it, Boss, are you all right?" Su Yu looked at Xuan Nv and asked, Xuan Nv's face was pale at the moment.

"It's okay, it's just that the consumption is a little too high!" Xuan Nv shook his head.

"Found it!" At this moment, Xu Xuandian's voice sounded, with a hint of excitement, conjured up a big thunder hand, toward the hole to seize.

However, the next moment Xuandian's voice turned into panic, and the thunder hand that he leaned into the crater crashed and broke!

Xuandian shouted: "Get out of here. The Frog General is still ..."

"Want to go? Late! The general will be hurt like this! After killing so many of General Ben's compatriots, do you still want to leave?

Metal assimilation, become a part of this general! "

Xuandian's words haven't finished, Mitu's voice is ringing, the momentum of terror might is rising from the meteorite crater, the momentum might faint and raise a level!

At the same time when Mitu's momentum might reappear and become stronger, the metal at the feet of all the people began to flow and quickly climbed up along the soles of all the people's feet. Su Yu and others were covered with a thick layer of metal in the blink of an eye.

Su Yu's five people turned into five metal statues in a twinkling, and all of them kept the posture of retreating just after starting.

Rumble, earth-shaking, a huge ugly head braving the rolling smoke and fire slowly emerged from the crater of a meteorite impact, hot molten iron for eyes, looking at Su Yu five people is cruel smile.

Then he opened his mouth and devoured the five.


However, at this moment, Su Yu's statue was covered with facial radiance and an electric arc, and cracks appeared.

The next moment the statue broke apart and Su Yu's figure reappeared.

Su Yu's figure flashed, and the statue of the four of Xuan Nv passed away.

With a thud, Mitu's big bite made a loud noise!

"hmm?" Mitu froze, he didn't feel what he bit!

After looking around, Mitu saw Su Yu, who was taking Xuan Nv's four people away quickly, and could not help exclaiming, "How is that possible? Why didn't you turn into metal? "

After the surprise, there was anger. Mitu roared, "Damn human beings, don't run away. I will kill all of you damn human beings!"


The sky shook and the whole Metal Mountain moved. a very ugly monster emerged from the crater of the meteorite.

I can vaguely see something of Mitu.

"Shout ~" MITU let out a strange roar, took his big step is toward Su Yu four people chase, along the way will all rolled into dust!

Su Yu's eyes were cold and flashing, but he did not stop.

Su Yu has just checked that Xuan Nv, Xuandian, Xuanshui, and Hummingbird have not completely turned into metal, and there is life-breath, and they are all trying to use extraordinary force to resist the power to turn them into metal!

However, it will take some time to convert the metal back into flesh and blood.

However, before Xuan Nv and others are fully "resurrected," Su Yu wants to ensure that the four of Xuan Nv will have such time.

The battle with Mitu also needs to be fought back.

At the same time, Su Yu also has some doubts. How did Mitu become like this? Its breath is completely different from before. If he did not call himself a frogman general, Su Yu would have doubted whether the other party was Mitu.