Chapter 302 Thunderous

Looking at Mitu in the sky, he became angry and said, "Who dares to be presumptuous in my territory? Get out of here! "

"Get out!"

The frogmen behind Mitu followed the thunderous drink, and at that time the momentum was very strong!

Then Mitu looked at one place with a flash of eyes, stretched out his hand and grabbed, and the Metal Mountain of his foot was deformed. A huge metal javelin appeared at his side.

Mitu reached out his hand and flung it. The javelin was fired by electricity. It exploded towards the hiding place of Su Yu and others. Mitu had already detected the hiding place of Su Yu and others.

Looking at the electric javelin, Su Yu and others knew they were exposed.

"Xuan Zhen, give me and Xuan Nv some time to delay!" Xuandian said.

"Ok!" Su Yu replied, his body flash is to break through the air, toward the electric javelin is rushed.

A thud ~

A loud noise resounded through the heavens and the earth. Su Yu hit the metal javelin with a heavy blow.

Accompanied by loud noise, the javelin was deformed at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into a lump of metal bumps and falling to the ground.

"Human, is that what you are doing?" Mitu looked at Su Yu and asked him to drink. At the same time, his heart was awe-inspiring. Su Yu was able to turn his javelin into a knot in one's heart with one punch, and his strength would never be weaker than his.

Mitu heart surprised ah, this time into the human strong is really a lot.

"How, not how?" Su Yu asked back.

After a little wrist movement, Su Yu was able to roughly understand his current strength.

"Yes, this general will kill you, no, this general will kill you, but will give you a good time!" Mitu cold way.

Hearing Mitu's words, Su Yu was slightly stunned and then smiled, "You want to kill me? It depends on whether you have this ability! "

At this point, Su Yu also hooked his finger to Mitu and said defiantly, "Come on, Toad, let me see your skills."

Boom ~Mitu momentum might break out, let out a loud roar.

Mitu cold track: "human, you have successfully angered me!"

Mitu's body was golden at this moment, sending out a strong smell, and the Metal Mountain at his feet was shaking.

"Die, mankind, metal jungle!" Mitu, with his fingers in his paws, volleyed at Su Yu.

The next moment, the earth shook and thick metal spikes emerged from the earth, hitting Su Yu.

Su Yu's body twinkled, flitting around among the metal spikes, dodging the spikes and smashing those that could not escape.

Just as Su Yu was preparing to fight back, Xu Xuandian's voice was ringing in his ear: "Xuan Zhen, getaway, we are ready!"

Hearing these words, Su Yu immediately stopped his plan to fight back, with a smile, and shot away quickly toward the distance, saying: "toad, you can have a good taste of electric shock here!"

After hearing Su Yu's words, Mitu first froze, then reacted and looked up at the sky. He saw dark clouds rolling in the sky and countless thunderstorms flashing, and his head had emerged from the clouds.

At this moment Mitu's anger exploded and he roared: "Man, you are cheating. This thunderous power is not your extraordinary power!"

At the moment Mitu finally realized that he was taken in by Su Yu because the presence of Su Yu made him ignore the threat from the top of his head and even though that the dark cloud above was Su Yu's ability.

"It's too late to understand now!" Su Yu opened his mouth and said, his body flickered out of the range covered by Lei Yun.

"thunderous and thunderous!" The moment Su Yu left Lei Yun, Xuandian's voice was cold.

Boom, boom, boom ...

Rows of buckets of heavy-breathing silvery-white lightning fell from the thundercloud, like rows of Brontosaurus falling from the sky.


The next moment, tens of thousands of thunder and lightning directly fell on the Metal Mountain, broke out in a huge roar, lightly blown up, a discerning, compare the sun in the sky, let a person dare not look straight.

For a long time, the dazzling light dispersed and saw Metal Mountain completely changed into another appearance.

Metal Mountain was directly blown short by the thunder. The electric arcs kept wandering on it. The whole Metal Mountain seemed to be enveloped by a huge power grid.

In addition, the high temperature generated by the thunder bombardment also melted some of the metal in Metal Mountain and turned it into a rolling metal slurry flowing in all directions, with rolling smoke rising up. The whole picture was like the eruption of a volcano in hell.

However, to Su Yu's surprise, no bodies of frogmen or Mitu were seen above Metal Mountain.

Don't be thunder blasted into slag?

Su Yu shook his head at the thought. Xuandian's thunderous power was strong, but he still had a lot to kill Mitu.

Su Yu looked at Metal Mountain and shouted, "Come out, I know you are not dead yet. Attacks like that just now will only hurt you!"

"Man, you deserve to die!" Su Yu's voice dropped and Mitu's angry voice was heard. With the sound of Mitu's voice, the whole Metal Mountain moved.

At this moment, the metal of Metal Mountain flowed like water. Mitu and others emerged slowly from the flowing metal, one by one with red eyes and full of murder on Su Yu and Xuandian who had already appeared.

Seeing Mitu and others appear like this, Su Yu understood how Mitu and others disappeared after a little thinking.

Mitu and other frogmen fled into the Metal Mountain when the thunder fell and met the thunder with the Metal Mountain to prevent hard resistance.

However, although Mitu and other frogmen were not directly bombarded by thunder, Xuandian's attack still brought certain casualties to the frogmen.

More than half of the frogmen emerged following Mitu, and almost all the frogmen below the Earth level have disappeared.

"Man, did you launch that attack just now?" Mitu looked at Xuandian cold track.

"Yes, I started it." Xuandian nods.

"Very well, mankind, I will let you go and bury our compatriots now!" Mitu gnashed his teeth and said that he was going to kill Xuandian. However, his face suddenly changed again. The palpitations lingering in his heart did not disappear but became more intense.

Mitu looked up fiercely and his pupil shrank fiercely. He saw the dark clouds turn to lux at some point. A huge object's burning flames smashed through the clouds and came crashing towards Metal Mountain at top speed.


At this moment, in addition to Xuan Nv, both frogman and Su Yu and others were stunned. Looking at the meteorite that had worn through the clouds, they were stunned. They did not think that Xuan Nv's big move was to summon meteorites.