Chapter 301 Metal Mountain

Hearing Xu Xuandian's words, the crowd also silently sensed it and felt the strong breath of life. the number was extremely large!

All the people look very dignified, there are not only frogmen generals but also many other powerful frogmen.

Su Yu said, "What are we going to do? Is it to enter or to infiltrate? "

"Frog Sina is an important prop to guide the way to Wangdu. The nature of the protection is very tight. Perhaps it is guarded by the frogmen generals here.

I just don't know whether to take it with me or put it in my own residence like Machete.

If it is carried by the frogmen general, then we can only fight in and rob it.

If it is not carried by the frogman general, we can try to divert the tiger away from the mountain. "

Hearing this, Xuan Nv snorted softly: "How do you know if Frog Sina was carried by the Frog General? I can't confirm that what you just said is useless! "

At this, Xuanshui smiled wryly and scratched his head. "What do you say?"

A flash of cold light flashed in Xuan Nv's eyes: "Hit it, Xuan Zhen is now D in Earth Level, with our help. Although there are many frogmen here, it is not impossible to win the fight!"

Hearing these words, Xuandian hesitated for a moment and said: "well, then go in, but we need to discuss how to go in. this Metal Mountain is the enemy's territory, and its appearance should also be related to each other's capabilities. it feels to me that it is somewhat similar to Sand General's sea of sand. fighting in this Metal Mountain may be extremely beneficial to each other."

Speaking of which, Xuandian paused slightly and then said, "if only Xuanjin were here, our chances of winning would be even greater!"

Hearing these words, Xuan Nv's voice said coldly, "In that case, let's break the Metal Mountain first.

Can destroy the best, can't destroy also can cause damage to frogman in the metal mountain!

Xuandian: You and I will attack this Metal Mountain later. You attack first and cover up my attack with your attack. My move was a powerful attack, but there was a lot of noise.

It is easy for the strong at the level of frogman generals to react and escape!

If it is possible, it is best not to let him escape. I am confident that even if the frogmen general does not completely escape, he will not die and will be seriously injured by my blow! "

"By the way, after my attack was successfully launched, stay away from Metal Mountain as far as possible!" Xuan Nv finally added.

"Good! Then give it a try! " Xuan Dian replied that Xuan Nv said so. Xuan Dian naturally believed it. Therefore, Xuan Dian knew that his main role in the next attack was not to kill the enemy but to cover for Xuan Nv.

Next to them, Su Yu, Xuanshui, and Hummingbird were also curious about what kind of attack Xuan Nv was talking about, which could make Xuan Nv so confident.

Xuan Dian's voice down, Xuan Nv will take the lead in action, momentum might faint outbreak, the extraordinary force of gravity agitate, toward the hands of a sword together.

Xuandian also took action. The electric arc leaped over him. The sky darkened. Pieces of dark clouds condensed out over Metal Mountain. Thunderbolts flickered like thunder snakes in the thunder clouds.

The strong electromagnetic field pervaded the countryside for thousands of meters. At the moment, Su Yu felt his hair stand up.

At the same time, Su Yu is also on alert and ready to make moves. Although Xuan Nv and Xuandian are trying to hide the moves.

However, both of them started with great moves. No matter how much they hid, the noise they made was not small and could not be undetected, unless the frogmen of Metal Mountain were all fools.


In the metal mountain, a huge metal cave, filled with various metal color fog, these fog in toward a vortex constantly gathering and then consumed by the vortex.

With the passage of time, the light fog became slightly weaker. In the light fog, huge frogmen figure with legs crossed, and sitting all over like gold could be seen vaguely.

This frogman was none other than General Mitu, who had been beaten and maimed by Shentu. Mitu's body is now as good as before, with no visible scars.

Shoo~ suddenly Mitu opened his mouth and swallowed all the fog in the cave. then Mitu suddenly opened his eyes. at this moment, his eyes flashed across Shentu's face!

Mitu said bitterly, "Damn human beings, I will definitely defeat you next time he meets you!"

Mitu's slight movement makes the sound of a golden iron strike!

He stretched out his hand and patted his body, making a thumping sound. He was more and more satisfied with the body now and realized the strength after the change of ability.

Yesterday Mitu was taken by Sander to see Frogman King, who gave him a chance to change his ability, from a simple body of King Kong to the ability to control metal, which is more powerful than one.

Of course, Mitu is still a little short of its strongest moment because the transformation has just been completed. However, the gap is not too big. As long as Mitu absorbs some more metal fog, MITU is confident that it can recover and then become stronger-the the fog he absorbed just now is the process of enhancing his extraordinary mental power.

This is Mitu's confidence in his new abilities!

"hmm?" All of a sudden Mitu was slightly dazed, his body felt a little paralyzed, and there was a feeling of palpitations lingering in his mind.

"general! outside, outside ..."

At this moment, a frogman with metallic skin ran to Mitu's cave and shouted.

Mitu frowned and shouted, "Why are you so scared? What's going on outside?"

"General, please go outside and have a look. Somehow a large area of Lei Yun has appeared over our heads, completely enveloping our Metal Mountain!" The frog shouted.

Mitu's heart moved when he heard these words. Is this the reason why I felt palpitations?

Without much thought, Mitu waved his hand and said, "Come on, come out with me and see who did this!"

"Yes, General!" The frogman respectfully replied.

Moments later, Mitu walked out of the cave, immediately feel limp and numb feeling more and more obvious.

And behind Mitu, I do not know when has been full of frogmen skin flashing metallic luster.

Mitu looked up and could only see a dark black cloud rolling high in the sky. Silver was swimming in the dark clouds, but the sky outside Metal Mountain was clear.

Seeing this Lei Yun, Mitu knew immediately where the paralysis came from.

Also convinced that this Lei Yun is the ghost of an extraordinary life, otherwise, how can this Lei Yun only cover the scope of Metal Mountain?

However, what makes Mitu even angrier is who dares to attack him and really thinks that he is easy to bully?