Chapter 300 Frog Sina

Hearing Xuan Nv's words, the crowd was silent and found that no matter whether what the tree frog said was a trap or not, they wanted to get out of here and go to the palace quickly, and only according to the clues provided by the tree frog, they had a try.

If Su Yu did not wake up and his level of strength did not increase significantly, they might hesitate for a long time.

But now, the people did not hesitate for long before they decided to try.

However, new problems have arisen.

Xuan Waterway: "Then how do we link the ten sites together?"

After hearing this, everyone was silent. after a while, Su Yu said, "Machete is in charge of guarding this area. we have defeated it before. if the information given by the tree frog is true.

Then there must be something or some clue that can guide us to find the place where another frogmen general lives.

Now we can only hope that the clue will not blow itself up with Machete! "

Hearing this, Xuan Nv nodded and looked at Hummingbird. "Hummingbird, can you find the village where the frogs of Machete live now?

If the clue didn't blow itself up and disappear together with Machete, then there is the greatest possibility in that village! "

"This is no problem, it is not difficult to find the village now!" Hummingbird road.

"It's not too late, let's go now, Hummingbird bother you!" Xu Xuandian said.

"Haha, one's own kind!" Hummingbird laughed and then looked around carefully. His body showed that he was heading for the distance and said, "This way!"

Su Yu several people looked at each other, hurriedly follow.

An hour later, Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and others appeared just before the dilapidated village, where most of the buildings collapsed.

There are reasons for Su Yu and Machete's self-explosion.

A few people later discovered that although the village was dilapidated and Machete was dead, there were still frogmen living there.

Su Yu came here for the second time. Although Machete died and avenged Zhang Pengchao, Su Yu couldn't help but murder. After all, there are other accomplices still alive.

Feeling Su Yu's murder, Xuan Nv, Xuandian, and others just couldn't help frowning. This is the first time they have seen Su Yu full of hostility. This is not a good phenomenon!

Then, under the explanation of Hummingbird, the three people in Xuan Nv learned about Zhang Pengchao and what the frogmen here had done to human beings.

Xuan Nv cold track: "In this case, the frogmen here there is no need to seal, all kill!"

Xuandian, Xuanshui, and others all nodded without objection.

The next moment, the five men just spread out and rushed towards the village.

The frogmen here are still on very strict alert, so the moment Su Yu five people took action, they attracted the attention of frogmen.

"Man, damn it!" Frogs When people found Su Yu and others, they killed them with red eyes.

Of course, only a part of them, and some frogmen fled in fear when they saw Su Yu, Hummingbird, and Xuan Nv.

The former has not seen Su Yu and others before. It is not known that Su Yu and others are the human beings who defeated Machete and the frogmen who are new to this village.

The latter were all people who had seen Su Yu and others. Knowing that Machete's death was related to Su Yu and others, they naturally feared Su Yu and others.

"Kill!" Su Yu gulped angrily in his mouth, his body was full of murderous look, and he showed no mercy to these frogmen who destroyed human beings.

With a bang, a frogman from the Earth level10th rank was shot to death, and then a mass killing was started.

Half an hour later, the battle was over, and the five killed over 100 ferocious and bloodthirsty frogmen.

I also found the house where Machete lived before. This house is the best-preserved one. There is still a strong smell of Machete. Only long-term residence can leave such a strong smell.

After some searching, they found a strange thing in a bedroom, and only this thing could be the clue.

This is a Sina thing, but the thing on the azimuth plate is not a spoon, but a brass frog.

The brass frog is only the size of a thumb. It is obviously a living creature, but it is still on the compass, just like a dead thing. Even touching it with your hand has no response.

If Su Yu and others hadn't sensed the life-breath and extraordinary fluctuation in it, Su Yu and others would have been very tolerant to ignore it.

"How to use this thing? Can it guide us to the next step? " Su Yu asked after fiddling with Frog Sina for a while.

"Try to instill some extraordinary force!" Hummingbird said: "How to say, although it is not very strong, it gives me a feeling of eviler than the breath of Machete."

"Then try!"Xuandian nods and takes Frog Sina and puts it on the table, then carefully instills extraordinary force into it.

"Gung ~"

When extraordinary force was instilled into Frog Sina, a frog's voice rang out, and the little brass frog also moved. Finally, it seemed like a living creature, moving its body awkwardly on the azimuth plate, turning in place for a while before stopping. Then it croaked and pointed its tongue out in one direction.

Looking at this scene, Su Yu and others all felt a long story ... using their tongues to guide the direction?

After a while, Xuandian said, "let's go, it should refer to the place where the next frogmen general lives."

Then they took this Frog Sina and went quickly according to the direction of Frog Sina.

Two hours later, the Su Yu five arrived at the foot of a mountain about several hundred meters high.

This mountain is not high, but its area is not small, and at first glance, it cannot see the specific size.

Moreover, this mountain is very special, bare, and without any vegetation, presenting a unique color mixed with various metal colors such as iron-gray, bright silver, and brass.

There are also holes of different sizes, like honeycombs.

People are not surprised to wonder what mountain this is. They do not remember the existence of mountains in Stone Forest Country!

Su Yu looked at Hummingbird and said, "Elder Hummingbird, is there such a mountain here in Stone Forest Country?"

Hummingbird shook his head and said: "No, Stone Forest Country is in fact very short of natural resources. There are not even mountains, let alone such a metal mountain, which did not exist at least a few days ago."

Xu Xuandian said: "It seems that this metal mountain was formed due to extraordinary ability. Well, I have sensed that there are many reactions to the life magnetic field in this mountain. It seems that this is the territory of another frogman general. It seems that the other party's ability should be related to the metal!"