Chapter 30 Black Coffin

"Xuan Huo, why does the dragon become a corpse dragon? The corpse dragon is not a good thing!" Su Yu puzzled.

"All dragon species can be transformed into corpse dragons. The transformation of dragon species into corpse dragons is actually a degenerate process.

There are two possibilities to transform a dragon species into a corpse dragon. One is the failure of evolution. Some dragons are not willing to die, so they want to be alive differently, so they will degenerate and transform at the end of life.

However, this kind of dragon species willing to self-degenerate is rare. The dragon species with dragon blood are extremely proud, and would rather die than fall. Second, it had unexpectedly accident, such as infection with corpses! Xuan Huo explained.

"Wow, you know a lot about Xuan Huo!" Su Yu praised, of course, it was kind of making a flatterer.

Xuan Huo grinned and waved, "This is all learned from the boss. Compared with the boss, there are many things I need to learn!"

"Well, two flattery man, if you know something that others don't know, you just show off!" Xuan Nv hummed.

Huh? Xuan Nv's mood was a bit wrong, and she always feels against the Xuan Huo. When they came to the place, Su Yu was aware of it.

Could it be the cause of the conflict between ice and fire? Su Yu thought!

Quietly came to Xuan Dian's side and asked, "Xuan Dian, ask you something."

"What's the matter?" Xuan Dian glanced at Su Yu, a little far from Xuan Nv and Xuan Huo. In case their conversation was heard by them.

"Is it my illusion? How do I feel that Xuan Nv and Xuan Huo seem to be a bit of conflict?" Su Yu whispered.

"There is no discord, but for other reasons, they seem to have discord. I can only say these, do not inquire about the deeper, if you really want to know, you should ask Xuan Nv! You are not afraid of death! "Xuan Dian shook his head slightly.

Hearing this, Su Yu's eyes flashed sharply. He was interested in the story, but after taking a look at Xuan Nv, he decided not to be curious. The more interesting gossip was not important when compared with his life.

When they were speaking, it seems like a long time has passed, but in fact, the time has passed in less than two minutes. At the speed of four people, although they are not moving at full speed, they are also close to the position of the dead dragon.

It has been covered by green mist, and the ground has been corroded into swamp mud by green corpse poison.

It can be seen that a long behemoth like a dragon was rolling in a deep pit. At first sight, Su Yu almost spit out. It was disgusting. The whole body was full of cruel green slime. Many places on the body already decayed, revealed the bones.

"This thing? Is there really a dragon species willing to degenerated into this look?" Su Yu reluctantly said this situation was no better than death.

"Of course there is!" Xuan Dian nodded. "This is not the first corpse dragon we have dealt with."

"Is this corpse dragon willing to degenerated, or is it caused by other reasons?" Su Yu asked.

"It doesn't matter what the reason is. Once transformed, the process is irreversible. Although becoming a corpse dragon is a different kind of survival, it is no longer the original one. Wisdom will be lost a lot, and it will become extremely harmful. The corpse dragon is extremely bloodthirsty and feeds on the flesh and blood of living beings.

There is only one plan for corpse dragons, then obliterate them, and do not let the corpse poison spread! "Xuan Nv said, as they approached, the otherwise calm corpse dragon began to become manic.

Xuan Huo said: "Okay, I'm ready to start. Now that he hasn't completed the transformation, obliterate it now. Xuan Dian prepares the enchantment and pulls it into the enchantment to obliterate it!"

"Okay!" Xuan Dian responded and took out the enchantment ball and said, "Ready to move ... be careful!"

When Xuan Dian said half words, his face suddenly changed, screaming loudly.


Before Xuan Dian's words were finished, a big explosion occurred near the four of them, and the fire was splashing.

Su Yu suddenly felt a huge impact on his body, then blown up, his chest was stuffy, and then he spat blood in the air.

If it weren't for the defense of a combat suit and the timely use of the shock power to offset most of the sonic shock, it would definitely be more than vomiting blood at this moment.

After gliding on the ground for a long distance, Su Yu stood firm and looked at the flames, where a tall figure emerged from the flames, who was responsible for the explosion.

The comer was a middle-aged man with white hair, with a pair of blood-colored gloves in both hands, half of his face stunned, and half of his face covered with scars. The flaming fire couldn't hurt him at all.

"Bao Po in Black Coffin?" Xuan Huo saw the middle-aged man with a shrinking pupil.

"Hehe, Master Xuan Huo of the Monsters Detective Bureau still remembers the villain, the villain is really honored!" Blast grinned, reached out and touched the scar on his face, and looked at Xuan Huo's eyes full of hate.

"Honored? I think you can't wait to kill me? Why are the scars on your face? Forgot the pain I caused to you?" Xuan Huo said.

The cold light flashed in the eyes of Bao Po, and his face became even more haggard.

"Come out, everyone else in the Black Coffin!" Xuan Dian's body around the electric power and all the electric lights shot out in all directions.

Zizi ~ The current was chaotic, and several figures appear one after another. In addition to Bao Po, there were three men and two women.

A man was as handsome as a star, dressed in a robe-like white shirt.

The last man was a tall, muscular man in a tight vest!

Two women, one was a snake woman with a snake tail, and the other was a woman with pink hair and a slender figure.

"Well, Bao Po, Ci Shou, muscles, snake girls, Mi Xin, five members of the Black Coffin appeared all of a sudden, is this a chance for us to arrest you all?" Xuan Dian snorted.

"Giggle, Dian, you still have such a murderous spirit. You scared me, my little heart is jumping very quick, I like your sound that way!" Mi Xin said with a feminine sound.

Ok? Su Su suddenly felt spirit lingering, and almost fell to the ground, but at this moment a cold air suddenly penetrated into his body with his shoulders, and immediately recovered his spirit.

Xuan Nv put a hand on Su Yu's shoulder, and Xuan Nv's voice came: "Don't pay attention to what the woman said. Her ability belongs to the spiritual category, which can deceive the mind and be her puppet!"

Hearing that, Su Yu was shocked by cold sweat, realizing that he was almost attracted by her voice, and hurriedly asked, "Who is they, leader? Are they the enemy?"

Xuan Nv: "Well, it is the enemy. The person our bureau has always wanted to arrest is an organization called a Black Coffin. Be careful. When the black coffin comes, it will add a lot of danger. Be careful!"

Su Yu felt a little warm in his heart, and the cold young lady, Xuan Nv sometimes can also take good care of others!