Chapter 3 Anatomize and Slice

"Aw ~ It hurts, where is this, am I dead? I guess I am the first person in the world who was killed by a worm?"

A whole white into the eyes, and it seemed that he could still feel the pain when he was hit, and Su Yu couldn't help but grind his teeth.

But soon, Su Yu realized that he was still alive, and he saw the whole white is the white light. Su Yu looked away and found herself in a hospital-like room.

Su Yu breathed out, "It looks like I was taken to the hospital by someone. Is those four weirdoes? Who are they?"

Recalling everything he saw before the coma, Su Yu still felt incredible. Such a picture would only appear in fantasy works. He never thought that he would really saw that kind of scene.

Su Yu sat still, and after thinking for a while, he was ready to get up, but the next moment Su Yu was shocked, he found that he couldn't move at all, and his body was firmly tied to the bed.

Su Yu immediately felt that something was wrong. How could a normal hospital securely tie the patient to the bed?

Su Yu's heartbeat speeds up and his breathing was quick. He only thought of one possibility. He was abducted.

Su Yu looked around and found out that this was not a hospital ward at all. Not far from him, there were various similar equipment in the operating room of the hospital, and much strange equipment.


Su Yu has only one idea now, but how to escape from here? He remembered that the big blue bug might be the product of an experiment in this hospital. Su Yu was more worried but didn't want to be treated as laboratory mice.

Just then, Su Yu heard the sound of talking, and he was scared not to move. He closed his eyes and pretended that he hadn't woken up yet.

"Xuan Yi, is that boy waking up now? Did you find anything wrong at him?"

"In theory, he should wake up now. I performed a full body check on him before, but I haven't found any abnormalities for him, which is no different from ordinary people."

"Xuan Kong, you said that you saw the Earthquake Beast penetrate into Su Yu's body? Are you watching it wrong? "

Su Yu heard the words of Xuan Yi, and he became even tenser. The organization was very powerful. They even knew what his name was.

"Excuse me, even if you don't believe what I said, then you should believe what Xuan Nv, Xuan Mu or Xuan Dian's word. They also saw it, and for a moment, the beast hit Su Yu and disappeared.

The Earthquake Beast does not have space power and cannot disappear without reason. If it is not that, I have no idea where the Earthquake Beast has gone. "

"Well, Xuan Kong is right. The Earthquake Beast did penetrate into Su Yu's body. But the Earthquake Beast was so huge, so long,  how did it get into Su Yu's body?"

"Let's not talk about this first, boss, don't you say that ordinary people will not be pulled into the dimension space after the enchantment is expanded? Now, why this situation happened to ordinary people like Su Yu? He is the first one, so what about next time? What will happen? Fortunately, there were no casualties this time. "

"Hmm, Xuan Nv, don't be angry. There is absolutely no problem with the enchantment ball. This time it was just an accident. I also checked the enchantment ball you used. Well, it's not my fault, Xuan Nv, don't stare at me!"

Kaka! The door opened, and Su Yu heard footsteps from six people.

Huh? How can I feel it? Su Yu felt surprised.

But he didn't have much time to think, because he felt that six people's eyes were staring at him tightly.

Su Yu was a little nervous and couldn't help swallowing the drool. He heard a voice, it sounds like an old man, said, "Su Yu, since you wake up, don't pretend to sleep, don't move your eyes, and don't swallow your saliva... "


Su Yu opened his eyes and laughed, "You are so amazing. You know that I was pretending to sleep. Good morning, everyone!"

Su Yu looked at the six people around him and felt like he was a little white rabbit surrounded by six hungry wolves.

Talking to him was an old man who looks like fifty to sixty years old, wearing a white coat with many stains on it, his hair messy and a bit shaggy.

This old man was the 'boss' of the others!

The old man on the left-hand side of the old man was a big boy with a big smile, giving a close feeling, and his hair was too thick.

The second person on the left-hand side of the old man was a handsome guy with eyeglasses, his hair was neatly combed, and he looks like an elite in society. He looked at Su Yu, wearing a half-smile, and his eyes have arcs of current jumping.

The third place on the left of the old man was a middle-aged man who looked like experienced vicissitudes, very manly.

The old man on the right-hand side was a beautiful woman with red lips, wearing a white coat, but the coat was open, revealing her figure, just two words to describe, hot women!

Su Yu looked at the last person, and his breathing was delayed for a while. An appearance that didn't resemble a human face appeared in front of his eyes. She was beautiful, like a fairy.

But she was too cold, even if there was no communication.

"Good morning? It's not on the morning, you've been unconscious for a whole day, and it's night now." Xuan Laogua said, with a smile on his mouth.

"Is it? I've been in a coma for a day?" Su Yu was startled and blinked. "Thank you for saving my life, I will thank you forever, but I want to go home, you see if you can untie me and let me go home? "

"Oh ..." Xuan Laogua shook his head and said in a voice: "No, you saw what you shouldn't see? you are just in bad luck!"

Su Yu heard that, and his heart was cold. Are these people really planning to kill him?

"No, you can't do this. It's illegally imprisoning. Let me go. I don't remember anything. I can't remember what happened before. I have severe amnesia!"

Su Yu said that, and he was struggling, trying to break the shackles, and driving the whole bed to make noise.

Xuan Laogua and others laughed and watched Su Yu's action. Only Xuan Nv had the same expression as a piece of cold ice which has been frozen for thousands of years.

But soon, all six mysterious people changed their faces slightly, because Su Yu's body changed during the struggling. The blue light like lightning flashed on Su Yu's body.

Xuan Laogua exclaimed slightly, "I know where the Earthquake Beast has gone, and it is already integrated with Su Yu !!!"

Xuan Yi licked his red lips and said, "I think I should anatomize and slice his body!"


The blue rays of Su Yu's body exploded violently, and the sound of the broken mirror sounded dense.