Chapter 299 Frogman

He is a tree frog, a frog with dreams and wishes. At the same time, he is also a monster in their frogman's eyes.

Different from other frogs who woke up and evolved into frogmen, he didn't want to retaliate against human beings after awakening. He only wanted to plant trees.

Therefore, after awakening, he left the ethnic group and began to plant trees. He planted trees wherever he went. Planting trees made him happy and made him happy.

But suddenly someone attacked him when he was happily planting trees and knocked him unconscious.

When he woke up, he found himself tied to a big tree in a very shameful posture.

The tree frog was stunned. Who knocked him dizzy, who ambushed him, and who tied him to the tree in such a shameful posture?

"Kung ~ let this frog go!" The tree frog couldn't help shouting.

"Yo, wake up, toad!" The next moment, the tree frog heard a sadistic voice nearby, and something icy and cool was pasted on his belly.

The tree frog turned to look. The first thing that entered his eyes was a long sword flashing cold light, pointing back and forth on his belly.

The tree frog that was planted immediately gave a shiver.

But seeing the man holding the sword, he couldn't help exclaiming, "human beings! ?”

"Shut up!" Su Yu gave a cold drink and said viciously, "If you make any more noise, you'll be ripped open!"

~ the tree frog closed its big mouth severely. its eyes rolled silently, and its eyes passed over Su Yu and his party, flashing panic.

The tree frog felt that it was about to finish. With the current hatred between human beings and the frog race, these people who planted the tree frog felt that they would definitely not let him go.

Although he has been planting trees since awakening, it doesn't mean he doesn't know anything.

In the forest he planted alone, he has seen more than ten human and frogmen fights in the past two days.

Although it may be a little too much to describe the hatred between the human race and the frogmen with blood feuds, the hatred between the two communities will never be resolved so easily.

Especially considering Frogman King and the hatred of the Ten Generals towards the human race, the tree frog immediately felt that it was even more impossible for the two communities to live in peace.

Therefore, the tree frog feels that it will never come to a good end if it falls into the hands of human beings.

But he doesn't want to die, he wants to continue planting trees!

The tree frog thought of here and begged for mercy: "human beings don't kill frogs, this frog hasn't harmed any human beings, what do you want to know, this frog will tell you!"


Hearing the pleading of tree frog, Xuan Nv, Su Yu, and others were all shocked. They immediately felt that the frog was different. They haven't said anything yet. This is about to happen.

Su Yu couldn't help feeling quite stuffy. All his preparations were in vain?

Depend, this is a frog's rape!

Su Yu secretly scolded in his heart.

After two breaths, Su Yu calmed down his asthma and said, "yes, I'll ask you a question. as long as your answer satisfies us, we can't consider letting you live ... don't be happy, I haven't finished yet!"

"Yes, yes, human beings, you said, Ben Frog stopped laughing!" Hearing this, the tree frog quickly folded up its smile-well, it seems that he can continue to plant trees, happy!

What happened to this frogman? Looking at the smiling tree frog on the corner of his mouth, Su Yu was speechless and gasped again. "Do you know where your king is?"

The tree frog said, "Yes, our king is in the palace, among the most beautiful human buildings."

Sure enough, Su Yu and others thought.

"Do you know how to get to the palace?" Su Yu asked.

The tree frog said, "I don't know, the terrain in this maze changes at any time, only we frogmen generals know how to get to the palace, we don't know!

Moreover, even if you find the royal palace, you will not be the king's opponent. I advise you not to die. plant trees with me. planting trees is very happy! "Tree frog.

Hearing these words, the Su Yu five people were in a distress situation. What happened to this tree frog, was it concerned about them? Or is it deliberately paralyzing them?

Su Yu's sword drew a small wound on the white big belly of the tree frog with a slight force. Blood flowed out and he said fiercely: "What you said is true? Why do you want to remind us not to die? "

"Don't kill frogs!" The tree frog hurriedly cried, "what Ben frog said is true. I tell you all this just because I don't want you to die in vain. Ben frog doesn't want to see anyone or some frogmen die."

Su Yu frowned at the remark and said, "Your idea is very good, but do you think it is possible?"

"..." Tree frogs remained silent, and their facial expression instantly dropped.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv looked at each other, put down their swords, and continued, "Do you really know how to get to the palace?"

"I really don't know, but I heard a rumor!" Tree frog said.

Su Yu raised his eyebrows and said, "What rumors?"

"In the maze, in addition to ten generals can find the king, rumors have another way to go to the palace.

In the maze, there are eleven fixed locations, one is the palace, and the rest is the place where the ten generals lived.

Rumor has it that as long as all the places where the ten generals lived are linked up, it will be a road leading to the palace! "Tree frog.

Hearing these words, Su Yu's five people all looked and remained silent for a moment. Su Yu continued to ask, "do you have anything else to say?"

"No, I have said everything I know, don't kill frogs, ok?" The tree frog pitifully begged for mercy, all with a hint of weeping.

Su Yu couldn't help it. This tree frog really refreshes his understanding of frogmen.

Notice, which one of the frogmen we met before is not ferocious?

Strange flower, Su Yu can only describe this tree frog.

Su Yu said: "I won't kill you, but I won't let you go now either. Please stay in the seal for a while."

Su Yu said, turning over his palm, thrust the seal in his other hand on the tree frog, and sealed it.

"Boss, what do you think, is what the tree frog said true or false?" Su Yu handed the seal pestle to Xuanshui and asked.

"I don't know if it's true or not, but the probability is very high that it's false, and it may lead us to take the bait!" Xuanshui took over the seal pestle.

Xuandian gave a wry smile and said: "even if it is fake, we have no other choice? Look at that! "

Xuandian pointed to a place suddenly with a wry smile.

Su Yu saw a piece of yellow sand when he heard these words. He didn't feel any different. He just wondered why there was sand in the forest.

Xuan Nv several people frown.

Hummingbird said, "isn't this the place where we fought Sand General before? Did we walk back here after a day? This forest is the mountain forest we fought in before? "

Xuan Nv's eyes flashed at the sight and said, "Let's try the way the tree frog said. Otherwise, we may not be able to get out of this area. Even if we can get out, it will take a long time!

Of course, there is another way is that we have been staying here for a long time so that the moving earth will automatically bring us to the palace. "