Chapter 298 I Have A Beautiful Wish

"Well, Xuan Zhen, pack up your momentum might, and it is not good to attract more powerful enemies. During your cocoon forming period, we met other frogmen general, who is much better than Machete." Hummingbird road.

Hearing these words, Su Yu was shocked and quickly put aside his momentum might and said: "did you meet any other frogman generals?"

"Mmm!" Xuandian nods: "a frogman who can control the sand is definitely more difficult to deal with than what you said about Machete. now that you have just upgraded so many grades, what you need to do is to adapt well.

Only with good control can we exert more power! "

Su Yu nodded gently to stimulate his potential. The First World War made Su Yu realize his great weakness, that is, his control over power was too weak.

Naturally, I understand how important the control of power is to the influence of power.

So even if Xuandian does not say so, Su Yu will also put familiar power and control power in the top priority.

Of course, it is not an overnight thing to improve one's control overpower. After all, Su Yu is not a genius born with high control over power.

Seeing Su Yu nod, Xu Xuandian added: "Now that Xuan Nv has recovered and Xu Xuan Zhen's strength has improved after waking up, let's go to the center of Fergus and have a look!

However, we should be more careful. The closer we get to the center, the more dangerous it may be. After the frogmen can't find our trace, the strong frogmen will gather around the palace with great probability. "

Hearing these words, Su Yu and others all nodded solemnly. no one would be careless about this matter. careless people would have lost their lives long ago.

Of course, it was said to be going to Fergus's center, but it was extremely difficult to do so.

In this huge maze, you can't tell the exact direction at all, you can only follow the feeling.

Moreover, the map is no longer useful because the terrain has already changed. They do not know their specific location at this moment, but they can roughly judge that they are still far from the center of Fergus.

However, it is strange that the Su Yu people here have seen the tall buildings only seen in Fergus.

Not many, only a few scattered.

Further away, a section of broken highway can be seen.

But this is enough to explain the problem, Fergus has been transformed into a maze, the ground has been moving.

It's not just that the wall is moving. The reason why only the wall felt moving before is that the wall moves very fast and frequently.

A simple adjustment, a line of five people is to act according to the feeling.

"Shh, there is someone ahead!" Xu Xuandian whispered.

Half an hour later, a line of people went to a forest, and the action stopped suddenly. A faint voice heard someone singing!

Su Yu several people looked at each other, this time there are people in the mood to sing?

Su Yu several people silently sneak past, hiding behind a big tree, saw the singing ... Frog!

The singer is not a person at all, but a big green frog.

Only heard the big frog sing: "I have a beautiful wish, that is, I can plant forests wherever I go."

While singing and planting trees, the big frog saw a green light falling on the ground as soon as its tongue spat out.

The next moment, a tree seedling broke through the ground, and the seedling rose in the wind. After a few breaths, it grew into a lush tree more than ten meters high.

A short minute passed, and the big frog had just planted a dozen large trees, adding a small area to the mountain forest.

In view of this, Su Yu people all have a feeling of being suddenly enlightened. They understand why there are so many trees in Stone Forest Country, where there are not many trees, and their feelings are all planted by frogs.

Xuan Shui made several gestures to the crowd, and they all knew what that meant. Xuan Shui was asking whether the frogman was killed or sealed. the frog who could speak must be frogman.

Before they could discuss it, Su Yu took action first. his body appeared in front of the tree frog. hit him with a blow.

With a loud croak of a tree frog, Su Yu knocked his eyes out with one leg kick.

In view of this, Xuanshui, Xuandian, and others are all shocked. The strength of the tree frog is not weak. Judging from the momentum might that is not emitted casually, at least it is the Earth level10th rank.

It is also because of this that Xuandian and others did not act immediately when they found each other. They did not have the confidence to take down the tree frog without consulting and without causing any movement.

However, they have forgotten Su Yu and subconsciously regard Su Yu as their strength.

Until now, several people in Xuan Nv have reacted. Su Yu's grade is already D in Earth Level. Under the circumstance of a sneak attack, it is not difficult to win a frogman of the Earth level10th rank.

The four men looked at each other, and all of them could not help but show a weak smile-Su Yu dropped them too far away. They all decided to upgrade quickly after returning this time.

Let Su Yu fall so much, as the station's "experienced man" they feel is really too lose face!

"Boss, come out, I got him. Do we want to kill him?" Su Yu said.

Hearing Su Yu's words, several people in Xuan Nv walked out from behind the big tree.

Xuandian said: "See what you mean. I have a seal pestle here if you want to seal it. If you want to kill it, let Hummingbird give him an injection to ensure that no trace will be left."

Su Yu rubbed his chin and said: "Seal it, I think it will be useful to keep this big toad. If nothing else, we still have so many desert wastelands in Nine Regions. Keeping him at least can let him plant trees and play a role in green construction!"

Hearing Su Yu's words, Xu Xuandian's mouth twitched slightly, feeling that Su Yu's thoughts were always different from theirs. they really hadn't thought of letting monster plant trees in the desert.

But this thought, a few people feel really have some reason, this frogman showed the speed of planting trees, a few days can be in a large forest.

Yes, several people subconsciously felt Su Yu's idea was good.

And several people felt that it would be better if there were more frogmen who could plant trees in this way, and the green environment would definitely have fallen.

The tree frog in the coma seemed to have a sudden twitch after knowing the miserable life in the future.

Of course, it will be a matter of time before this tree frog is arranged to plant trees in the desert.

At the moment, the tree frog has other uses. Su Yu did not directly seal the tree frog.

But to wake it up first, ready to ask for information before anything else.