Chapter 297 Cocoon Breaking

Xuan Nv and others don't know what happened between Shentu and Sander and other frogs. If they did, they would surely give Shentu a nice card.

If Shentu had not attracted the fire of Sander and other frogmen, it would have been extremely difficult for them to escape from Sander.

And even if you can leave, it will also pay a lot of prices.

All the way stealth don't know how far out, feel temporarily safe to stop.

It was not until then that Xuan Nv and Hummingbird had the chance to have a good talk with Xuan Dian and Xuan Shui.

"Xuan Dian, how many people have come to our bureau this time? Who's here? " Xuan Nv asked.

"I, Xuanshui, Xuanhuo, and Xuantu have all come. The Boss has sent a total of 30 people this time, and then there are three kings coming!" Xuandian said.

"Thirty?" Hearing these words, Xuan Nv hesitated slightly. Thirty people are not few. However, the number of frogmen is not enough. However, the arrival of three kings has greatly relieved Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv then said, "Do the Boss have any plans or orders?"

Xu Xuanshui said: "Boss has no specific arrangement. after all, what is going on here is unknown to the outside world, but Boss has temporarily set the damage level of this Stone Forest Country incident at four stars.

So before we set off, we were told to enter Stone Forest Country and act cheaply. "

"Well, that's it. After we broke through the ambush ring of frogs, we dispersed. Before we dispersed, we temporarily drew up two guidelines.

The first is to find you, the second is to avoid frogman encirclement and suppression while also killing frogman!

However, it seems that the Stone Forest Country incident is much more complicated and dangerous than we thought.

What do you think of Xuan Nv's next move? "Xuandian nods.

After looking at Su Yu's cocoons, Xuan Nv whispered, "I think we should go to the palace in Fergus Center. I think the core of the whole incident is there.

Sander, whom we met before, is only one of the ten generals. There must be more advanced frogmen on top of them. The key to solving this incident is not to kill off many frogmen, but to knock off the top points of frogmen! "

Xu Xuandian hesitated for a moment when he heard these words and said, "hmm! What you said is reasonable, we will try to walk to the center, but before that, you will restore your strength and then we will be on the road no later than when you have recovered. "

"Mmm!" Xuan Nv gave a slight grunt and then sat cross-legged on the ground to recover. Xuandian and Xuanshui were responsible for the defense.

Hummingbird, on the other hand, is once again exerting the intelligence personnel's ability to collect useful information everywhere.

Xuan Nv's recovery took more than ten hours, and it was not until the morning of the next day that Xuan Nv fully recovered its strength.

It was at this time that Su Yu's cocoon broke.

Heard the sound of the fracture, Xuan Nv and others were surprised.

Xu Xuanshui said in surprise: "Xuan Zhen is coming out? This is not only for two days? "

Xuandian and Xuan Nv did not speak, but they were also surprised. They had already experienced two cocoons of Su Yu, and it took seven days for the two cocoons to come out.

So they subconsciously thought it would take Su Yu seven days to emerge from the cocoon.

the cocoon cracked with a big crack. Su Yu's baked upper body was clearly visible.

That is, at this moment, Su Yu opened his eyes with a brush, which was very cold and heartless. Two blue lightning flashes out of Su Yu's eyes, and the eyes without feelings also gradually become more active.

This time the cocoon was different from the previous ones. Su Yu kept some sense of the outside world, but this time Su Yu had no idea what was happening outside.

Even at some point, Su Yu forgot who he was.

After a while, all kinds of memories poured in. Su Yu remembered who he was, turned his stiff neck, and grinned at Xuan Nv and Xuandian. "Boss, do you have any clothes for me to wear?"

Hearing these words, Xuan Nv spat darkly in her heart, and a faint blush passed on her face. However, her heart was relieved. Su Yu's eyes without any emotion just now made her unable to help palpitations.

Xuandian and Xuanshui also breathed a sigh of relief. Xuanshui laughed and said, "I have already prepared it for you. I know you are naked every time you come out."

At this point, Xuanshui threw the prepared underwear to Su Yu. Su Yu took it with a red face and began to tidy up in the cocoon.

Xuan Nv turned her back and waited until Su Yu got dressed and walked out of the cocoon.

Su Yu said, "Boss, how many days have I been cocooning this time? How do I feel it is a matter of a moment? "

"Two days!" Xuan Nv said so.

"Two days?" Su Yu eyebrows a pick, this time some surprise him, also don't understand why this time only took two days, is it because of the injury is lighter? Su Yu couldn't help thinking!

However, after feeling his current level, Su Yu felt wrong. his cocoon formation-level has been greatly improved this time. in theory, it will take longer.

But it happened that it takes little time!

Su Yu really couldn't figure out what the principle was.

When Su Yu was thinking about this, Xuanshui grabbed Su Yu by the shoulder and said, "Come on, Xuan Zhen, tell me how you feel now, has your grade improved and how much?"

Su Yu shook his fist and then the momentum might boom was fully opened. A powerful air billow burst out from Su Yu's body, directly reversing the impact of unguarded Xuan Nv and others.

At this moment, Xuan Nv, Xuanshui, and others were shocked. Although they knew that Su Yu's rank would be improved after he emerged from the cocoon, they did not expect the increased so much.

Xuanshui stammered: "D.....D......D in Earth level?"

Then Xuanshui jumped up and said, "Holy crap, am I dreaming? Two days have passed five levels. This is the Earth level. Is there any justice? I, I, I ... "

Xuanshui didn't say the following words for a long time. at that time, he really didn't know how to express it.

Hummingbird, Xuandian, and Xuan Nv are also shocked at the moment. Su Yu's speed of promotion is too fast. Two days have passed the level that others can only upgrade for several years or more!

After the shock, Xuandian, Xuanshui, and Xuan Nv all had hidden worries in their eyes, but they soon disappeared.

Xuan Nv said, "Xuan Zhen, how are you feeling now?"


Su Yu shook his fist and smiled, "I feel extremely good. If I meet Machete again, I am confident that I can kill him on the spot!"