Chapter 296 Shentu Flees

Shentu's fists danced, blasting Sander's attacks one by one and chasing Sander's body at the same time.

Looking at Shentu's constant impact on his own body, Sander was unhurried with a snort of cold.

His extraordinary ability is sand. He can control sand and turn it into the sand, so he is not afraid of any close combat.

Just because of habit, Sander prefers to attack the enemy remotely.

This is not to say that Sander will not be able to engage in close combat, but Sander will not choose close combat when it is not absolutely necessary.

So watching Shentu rushing towards him, Sander did not panic or hide.

Is to stand in situ and control the sand to constantly attack Shentu.

I saw Sander's hands clasped in vain. The sand in the sand sea was flowing, and they all converged towards Shentu. In a twinkling, she was surrounded by Shentu.

The next moment the yellow sand gathered again, forming a huge sphere of yellow sand with a diameter of tens of meters in a twinkling, trapping Shentu in it.

"Death Sand Ball!" Sander gave a cold drink and his hands quickly closed together. With Sander's action, the huge sand ball suddenly shrank into a sphere less than one meter in diameter.

Shrinkage from large to small is a process of rapid compression, which uses extremely strong pressure to crush the life trapped in the sphere.

Therefore, Sander called his move "Death Sand Ball", which can bring death to other life.

Before that, he had already killed more than 100 people with this move, so he was very confident that Shentu would die under this move.

By compressing Shentu's huge body to its current size, Sander did not believe Shentu could survive.

Sander snorted coldly and turned away. In his view, the battle was his victory.

However, just as Sander came to Mitu and was preparing to take Mitu back to heal, a click was heard in his ear.

Hearing this sound, Sander's body gave a sudden shock. He turned his head in disbelief and exclaimed: "Impossible!"

The sound of the click like eggshell cracking is from the "death sand ball".

When a crack appeared on the sand ball of death, and the crack became bigger and bigger.

Later, with the appearance of this crack, more and more cracks appeared on the "dead ball" with debris falling from it.


The next moment, just as Sander was about to do something, the "dead ball" exploded and Shentu's huge figure reappeared.

Shentu gave a simple movement to her body and made a sound of collapse.

"That was a good move. I was almost hurt!" Tu said after the exercise, with a smile on his face that seemed to be absent as if he were mocking.

Sander's face suddenly darkened.

In Sander's eyes, Shentu at this moment is like a pile of dog poop that he hates.

"Don't be proud of human beings, can ..." Thornton had blackface.

However, before the words were finished, he went back, because the shadow of Shentu appeared in front of him.

Shentu grinned, "What can I do? Is it my turn? You big toad! "

Said Shentu, he gives a punch at Sander.

Sander's face changed wildly, and the extraordinary explosion of sand reached its extreme. At this moment, he felt the threat of death and instantly put his best defense into use.

A suit of khaki gorgeous armor instantly formed on Sander, including Sander's protection.

With a thud, armor just emerged from Sander's body, and Shentu punched Sander with a loud bang.

With the sound, Sander whistled and flew out.

As you can see, Sander's armor showed a clear punch mark, and there were many cracks around the punch mark.

Then kara, the armor of the sand is broken, revealing look stunned sander inside, a pair of eyes is full of incredible.

At the sight of this, Shentu will pursue her victory and prepare to take the other's life with another blow.

But at this moment, he suddenly cold hum 1, at the foot of the earth boom, the figure shot away toward a direction.

Sander's eyes lit up, and when he saw Shentu running away, he shouted, "Human beings, don't run if you can!"

At the same time all over the sky yellow sand swept away towards Shentu.

Shentu sneer at 1, then faster, don't run is a fool.

In the distance, strong and evil breath was coming towards this side quickly. Shentu sensed it in advance and knew that there were several strong people who were no weaker than Sander to save Mitu.

Although Shentu is bellicose, he is not stupid. A Sander makes him feel a bit difficult to deal with, not to mention adding several enemies similar to Sander.

Just at that moment, several frogmen with strong momentum might fly to the crowd and looked at the fleeing Shentu and immediately understood his intention.

Without further ado, Sander and I chased him up.

Soon, several frogmen generals were not far from Shentu. Sander said with a sneer: "You can't run away, human!"

Heard that Shentu pie mouth in front, also don't look back to several frogmen behind him erected a middle finger, run he is very good at, otherwise he would have been caught by the detective agency.

Muscle peristalsis, he saw the spikes on Shentu all transferred to the back.

Then the tiny spikes fuse one by one and become bigger spikes.

No, it is no longer accurate to use sharp spines at this time. It is more accurate to use small chimneys.

There is white smoke curling up from it, which is very similar to the chimneys that emit smoke from some factories.

"What is this human doing? Be careful, don't take his way! " Sander opened his mouth and warned.

The other frogmans nodded, all intent and alert.

Sander and other frogmen some unknown so, don't know why there is such a change in Shentu, just think that is Shentu have any special means of attack.


Just as Sander was waiting for the frogmen to think so, a sudden loud noise startled them.

The noise came from Shentu, and subconsciously Sander and other frogmen were forming defensive lines to block in front of themselves.

However, the next moment, Sander and others knew that it was unnecessary to defend themselves. Shentu was not an attack at all, but a loud noise from a special run.


At the moment, looking at Shentu who has gone away for a moment, Sander and other frogmen can only use this word to express their feelings.

What the hell is that?

Looking at the white smoke billowing from behind Shentu, Sander and other frogmen raised such questions at the same time when spitting dirty words-it was the first time they had met this kind of escape method.

After chasing for a while, Sander and others had to keep chasing, because Shentu had disappeared at the moment, which made Sander and others scold Niang one after another and depressed in their hearts.