Chapter 295 Shentu VS Sander

Om ~ In order to ensure that this blow can kill Mitu, Shentu especially increased his strength, and the air was immediately blown off and buzzed!

But just when the fist was about to fall on Mitu, a cold, angry shout was heard: "dare you! The Guardian of Sand! "

With the sound of the voice, a stream of sand suddenly appeared on Mitu's body, instantly forming a huge shield of sand in front of Shentu's fist.

There was a loud bang, and Shentu's fist hit the shield heavily. The shield of sand only lasted for one second and burst, turning into a pile of yellow sand. As for Mitu behind the shield, it had disappeared.

Shentu slowly straightened up, looked to one side, grinned, "another big toad? Interesting! "

There, Sander was standing on the yellow sand. On Sander's side was Mitu, who was seriously injured and held up by the yellow sand.

Looking at Mitu's injuries, Sander was furious and whispered to Shentu, "Is it you who hurt Mitu like this?"

"Do you see anyone else here?" Shentu ha ha a smile.

"Very well, since you admit it, General Ben will give you a beating and then give it to Mitu!" Sander said, with Sander's words, sands began to fly around Sander.

"Sander, watch out for this guy, this human being is not as powerful as a human being!" Mitu then opened his mouth and warned.

"Don't worry, I will be careful!" Sander nods.

Sander is not a fool. Shentu can hurt Mitu like this. Will he look down upon it?

"The tide of sand!" Say, Sander a low drink, a tide of sand is hit to Shentu.

Bang ~

Looking at the sand storm that hit him, Shentu's eyebrows picked up slightly and shot him directly.

A loud noise was heard when the palm of your hand was slapped on the sand storm. Sander's sand storm was scattered by the slap of Shentu Tu.

At the sight of this Sander's pupil shrinks slightly.

Shentu said with a pie mouth, "Don't fool me with this little trick, okay?"

When Shentu said this, Sander's eyebrows shook, a trick? When did his sand storm become a trick?

Not long ago, he almost abused several human beings into dogs.

"How Arrogant!” Sander thundered, waved his hand lightly, and sent Mitu far away. "Very well, you arrogant human being, I will play with you today."

Shentu glanced at Mitu who was sent away, then nodded carelessly and said: "I just haven't had enough fun. Hit you again should make me have enough fun. Come on, Toad, use your best!"

Shentu didn't care about Mitu's life or death, so it doesn't matter if Mitu is rescued, as long as the strong fight is enough.


Sander's powerful and evil momentum might break out in an all-round way, and countless yellow sands rose up into the sky!

In a flash, within a radius of 1,000 meters, there was yellow sand all over the sky.

"Er?" Feeling Sander's imposing manner and majesty, Shentu's eyes were bright and he felt that Sandeby Mitu was even stronger. Shentu's fighting spirit, which had not yet subsided, boiled up again.

Shentu couldn't help laughing: "Good good, the stronger you are, the better, Toad. Are you ready? I am coming! "


The ground under Shentu's feet exploded to form a huge pit.

And at the instant of the ground blast, the huge body has appeared in sander's crowd, a huge fist bomb to Sander.

"How fast!"

Sander felt only the flowers at the moment, he was shadowed, and then felt a force so huge that it could not be described.

Sou ~ Sander's small body flew out like a shell, piercing the air and making a sharp noise.

Boom ~ after flying out of the gradual kilometer, Sander's boom burst into a piece of yellow sand.

After that, Sander's figure appeared not far from Shentu, and his eyes looked at Shentu with great dignity.

A moment ago, he realized the horror of Shentu. If he had not replaced the body with body double of sand, he would have been caught red-handed.

However, although his body was double-sized, it was still a bit of a scare because she was still slightly injured by Shentu's punch.

"hmm? Did you escape at the last minute? Haha, big toad, you make me want to beat more! " Shentu ha ha laughs.

Thornton took a deep breath and said, "Human beings, I will soon make you realize how foolish it is to be against me ... Sand Sea!"

Sander's hands pressed on the ground, the earth within a kilometer radius surged up, the earth dried up, flowers and trees soon turned to fly ash, and the sand sea within a kilometer radius reappeared.

Looking at his sagging body, Shentu looked slightly dignified. He knew that Sander was more difficult to deal with than Mitu just now.

However, Shentu was not surprised but rejoiced, and his fighting spirit became more and more boiling.

"The tide of the sea is rising!" Sander did not stop. After the sea of sand appeared, he went on to do his next move. Sandstorms were born out of thin air within the sea of sand. They grew in strength instantly and attacked Shentu from all directions.

These yellow sand storms are much more violent and powerful than before when dealing with Su Yu and others.

And these yellow sand storms have a tendency to merge and grow.

-in the face of Shentu Thornton did not dare to have any reservations!

Shentu's eyes were slightly bright, and hot steam spurted from spikes all over Shentu's body, making a sniff.

Then, she moved, her huge body pulled out a series of ghosting shadows, rampaging through the place with a constant roar. The big and strong sand storm was smashed by the impact of Shentu one by one, and her huge body pounded Sander.

At the same time, Shentu's fists were continuously volleyed out, and the terrible blows were hurled at Sander like missiles.

Boom ... Boxing strength burst will sand sea bombardment out of a deep hole.

Sander's body twinkled, avoiding the punch from Shentu, and his face was pale.

Angry, Sander launched another attack, surging sand waves, forming a wall of high sand waves hitting Shentu.

However, the effect is very little. Shentu can break the yellow sand with one leg lift and one punch.

"Damn!" After a hundred times, when she saw that she was still helpless, Sander growled and waved his hands repeatedly. Yellow sand formed big hands, or his hands or fists were constantly attacking Su Yu.

At the same time, Sander kept changing his body position to avoid Shentu's attack. Sander knew that if he was to be hit by Sander, the battle would be almost over.


There was a constant roar, and Shentu blew his fist at his own sand fist. At the same time, he went towards Sander. Shentu was not of unlimited strength. Although Shentu wanted to fight and longed to fight, it would only be done on the premise of saving his life.

After fighting Sander for a while, Shentu has already seen that to win, one must attack Sander's body, otherwise, all the chances of attack will be in vain and will consume power for no reason.

Although Sander is also consuming, he is consuming more relatively, so it is not good for him to fight on, and defeating Sander as soon as possible is the best choice.