Chapter 294 Leave

"Want to go? It's not that easy! " Sander opened his mouth with a thunderous voice and raised one of his big feet to trample the crowd. Before he could fall down, the huge wind pressure caused wrinkles in the crowd's skin.

"Break up!" With a cold rebuke from Xuan Nv, the four men scattered into ghosting shadows to escape Sander's blow.

Boom, the roar of heaven and earth, the earth tremor, a diameter of hundreds of meters hole was sander trampled out.

However, Sander's blow fell through. The four Xuan Nv men with Su Yu scattered out in four directions, dodged the blow, then quickly joined forces and continued to head for Saudi Arabia.

Sander's failure was a snort of cold and thumped at the crowd with his fists.

When Xuan Dian's face changed, he shouted, "Xuan Shui, one by one, break it!"

"Good!" Xuan Shui responded loudly. The extraordinary force exploded to the strongest. A water-blue trident was held in his hand by Xuan Shui. He shook the trident and stamped his foot severely. His body was soaring up into the sky.

Water vapor between heaven and earth boiled and capered at this moment, rapidly converging towards Xuan Shui's side and conjuring up a waterspout-like phantom on the trident.

Xuan Dian also had the strongest eruption over there. His hair stood upright, and the whole people seemed to have turned into a lightning bolt in human form. His hands were held in virtual emptiness, and then his hands were pulled towards him. A huge square-sky painting halberd appeared in Xu's hands.

Countless thunderstorms gathered at the tip in sky painting halberd, forming an unusually harsh lightning ball.

"A waterspout!"


Xuan Shui and Xuan Dian thundered out loud at the same time, rising up into the sky for two days and rushing at Sander's two fists.


The next moment the earth-shattering explosion occurred, the shock wave of terror swept out, forming ripples in midair, there is crunching sound in midair.

Crack... Then intensive fragmentation sounded, cracks formed on the sand giant's arms, and then Sander's arms exploded, turning yellow and falling down.

At the same time, Sander's huge body was blown back by the attack of the two men, and he almost fell down on the soft ground.

"Let's go!" After the success of the strike, Xuan Dian and Xuan Shui did not pursue the victory, but shouted, because both knew that their attack did not bring Sander any substantial damage.

"Damn!" Sander was furious. Although he was not injured, his arms were destroyed and almost knocked down. Sander was still furious.

Roared to stabilize the body, blasted arms sand flow, soon is to recover, sander with open hands toward all grasp.

But when the two big hands fell on the heads of the crowd, Sander stopped violently and his huge head turned in one direction.

"Damn!" Sander roared, then Sander's huge body of sand exploded, turned into a piece of sand, and flew away in an instant!

As for the people who had just completed their defense and counterattack, they were stunned and did not know how Sander suddenly left.

However, they all breathed a sigh of relief. If they continue to fight, they will surely lose. Everyone thought so.

Xuan Nv, in particular, felt that Sander was much better than Machete.

" Why did he suddenly leave? " Xuan Shui gasped slightly, a face of meng force.

"I don't know, but it's good for us. let's go. we'll be in trouble if he comes back!" Xuan Dian opened his mouth and breathed out a long breath of turbid air.

After that, the four did not say anything. They went quickly in one direction and found a safe place to say anything else.


In the yellow sand all over the sky, Sander's face was angry, anxious, and unbelievable. The reason why he suddenly chose to let Su Yu and others go was not that he wanted to let go.

But because Thornton felt that Mitu's breath was weakening rapidly.

Although there is competition among the ten generals of the frog race, they are more cooperative, so their feelings are good.

Before, Machete's death made them feel a little sad, but Machete died too suddenly and too simply. They had no time to rescue him, and Machete blew himself up.

At the moment Thornton felt the breath of Mitu dissipating rapidly, which made him anxious.

Therefore, Su Yu and others were put aside without even thinking. Saving lives is more important than killing people-Mitu must be saved before Machete can be saved.

Sander's heart was shocked, however, Mitu's strength is not the strongest among the ten generals, but it can also be ranked in the forefront, even stronger than him in defense.

Sander did not understand why Mitu lost and was also fatally threatened.


In the chaos of the battlefield, huge and incomparably deep pits lay one by one, and deep and invisible cracks crisscrossed the earth.

A tall frogman kept vomiting blood. His body became golden for a while and dusty for a while. His arm was broken and his thigh was twisted eerily. His breath was strong and weak, like a flickering candle, which seemed likely to go out at any time.

Mitu looked at the human being in front of him with vigilance and disbelief. The human being shocked him too much, even a little bit of fear.

Human beings call their frogmen monsters, but at this moment Mitu found that the word monster is more suitable for the human being in front of him. This human being is the real monster.

Not only is it powerful like a monster, but it is also like a monster in appearance.

At the moment, she has completely lost the appearance of human beings except her appearance has not changed. She is like a horrible monster. Her height has soared to five meters high. Her skin is a petrified dark gray, with spikes sticking out from all parts of her body.

The sharp points of these spikes open and continuously emit white steam, like boiling water.

This image is the appearance of Shentu's muscle unlocking to 80% at this time. It is ferocious and horrible, completely like a monster that only knows destruction and killing.


Shentu stepped forward, his heavy body thundering on the ground.

Shentu grinned, "Big Toad, you made Uncle Ben have a good time, so Uncle Ben will give you a good time next!"

Shoop~Shentu's voice has not yet fallen, his huge body is flashing, appeared beside Mitu, flashing cold light iron fist is hit to Mitu's chest.

With a thud!

The next moment, there was the sound of a huge metal strike. Mitu burst into a sharp golden light and defended Mitu's blow. However, Mitu was blown away by Shentu's blow and fell to the ground through a graceful arc.

"Wow ~" a gulp of blood gushed out with splanchnic fragments, and there was a clear and matchless punch mark on Mitu's chest.

Under this blow, although Mitu did not die, he had already lost half his life. The golden light of his body was completely dissipated, and the body of King Kong was completely scattered by Shentu.

Shentu was slightly surprised to see this, but he didn't expect Mitu to be able to withstand his own blow, but soon he looked indifferent, and his body appeared beside Mitu again, with another blow.