Chapter 293 Outrageous

Xuan Shui shook his head gently, tossed the tumultuous thoughts out of his mind, and then looked at the blackened pit with rapt attention.

There is an extremely evil and powerful momentum and might going up into the sky, which makes people scared.

Obviously, Sander, General of Sand, was not dead but was completely angered.


The next moment there was a huge explosion in the blackened pit, tens of thousands of tons of yellow sand foaming at the mouth all day long, and a small figure emerged from the yellow sand with red eyes. The sound was like hell.

"Humans, you have successfully angered me. I will torture you to death!"

"Tut, isn't there any injury?" Xuan Shui looked at sander in shock.

Later, the extraordinary power of the water in Xuan Shui surged more rapidly and the falling rain became more fierce.

However, before the fierce rain fell to the ground, it was blocked by the yellow sand all over the sky. Only scattered raindrops fell on the ground.

And you can also see the yellow sand that was soaked by rain is drying rapidly.

At the sight of this, the Xuan Nv has cold eyes. combat experience is commanded her. she naturally knows what Sander will do.

At once, Xuan Nv shouted angrily, "Absolutely frozen!"

Shout ~ Bitter and matchless cold broke out from Xuan Nv's body, with Xuan Nv as the center, and fiercely spread to all sides. Xuan Dian and others all could not help but shiver with chills and frost.

Crack... Small and dense crackles kept ringing. The whole sand sea-soaked by rain was frozen instantly, forming a thick layer of ice ballast and turning into an iron plate.

Moist sandy soil, at this moment, let Xuan Nv's ice-cold ability be released to the greatest extent.

When the sand sea was frozen, the sand controlled by Sander was instantly reduced by half, allowing more rain to fall.

The rain condensed into ice at the moment it hit the ground, covering the sand sea with a thick layer of ice.

"Well done, monster! thunder!" At the sight of this, Xuan Dian shouted loudly. Thunder and lightning surged on his body. The palm of his hand pushed towards Sander by a long distance. A thick pillar of thunder blasted towards Sander from the palm of Xuan Dian.

At the same time, Xuan Dian also called out: "let's fight together and kill him!"

"Water knife!" Xuan Shui also shouted loudly. A huge water knife with a handle coagulated over Sander's head and split midair toward Sander.

Swish swish swish ... At this moment, the dense sting was also shot by Hummingbird and stabbed Sander.

Xuan Nv was born of extraordinary gravity, but the extraordinary gravity did not act on Xuan Dian but blessed the water knife of Xuan Shui.

Under the blessing of gravity, the water knife with the handle split off towards Sander at a faster speed.

Boom ~ The next moment the four men's attack almost fell on Sander in no order, immediately accompanied by a loud roar, there was a huge explosion, all over the sky yellow sand was blasted, blotting out the sun.

It took a long time for the sight of all people to return to normal, and then the pupils of all people shrank slightly, and they saw that a huge yellow sand ball appeared in the place where the explosion occurred.

crack ~ crack appeared and the yellow sand ball broke apart, revealing Sander's short figure, with a little blood on his forehead slipping slowly.

"Ah ~" Sander raised his hand and touched his forehead. His facial expression changed to ferocious in an instant. "Damned human beings, dare to hurt General Ben, go to the hell---the tide of the sea!"


With Sander's voice falling, there was a loud roar between heaven and earth. The sand nearby Sander was surging violently in an instant, and a huge sand storm was formed in an instant.

But this is only the beginning. People feel that the frozen sand beneath their feet is shaking at this moment. Huge cracks appear on the sand and swell up.

It's like something huge is going to get out of the ground.

Peng Peng Peng ... Frozen sand continuously exploded, thick yellow sand gushed out from the ground like a fountain.

Sander laughed and said, "ha, ha, ha, stupid people, do you think to freeze the ground will affect me? It's naive unless you can freeze the whole earth! "

Sander's voice had not yet fallen, and huge sand storms had already formed, rushing towards Su Yu and others.

The huge yellow sand storm shattered all the clouds in the sky, and the heavy rain slowly stopped.

Huge yellow sand storms surrounded Su Yu and others and tore them away.

Xuan and others are bombarded, want to smash the sand storm.

However, the attack was weaker than Sander's, and it could not break Sander's furious rage to kill the sea.

But it is not without effect, after all the attacks, a yellow sand storm is much weaker.

Xuan Dian and others saw the opportunity and rushed into the yellow sand storm that weakened their power without retreating.

Then, the crowd broke the eye of the storm in the eye of the yellow sand storm, and the yellow sand storm also broke.

At the same time, the shattering of this yellow sand storm also caused some yellow sand storms to burst around. In an instant, the pressure of Su Yu and others suddenly decreased and taking this opportunity, four people and one cocoon rushed towards the sand overseas.

However, at this moment, more yellow sand surged up, forming a sand wall in front of the crowd, and thick, sharp and firm sand cones appeared on the sand walls to stab Su Yu and others.

"Broken!" At the sight of this, Xuan Dian gave a cold drink, and the force of thunder and lightning broke out. Thunder pillars blew out one by one, leaving large blackened holes in the sand wall, abruptly blowing out an escape route.

At the same time, Xuan Shui followed. Water polo shot out one by one and fell on the sand wall, crashing and exploding, infiltrating the sand wall.

Then, the force of ice broke out in Xuan Nv, freezing the saturated sand wall, leaving Sander out of control of this part of the sand.

Hummingbird was stunned to watch. This was the first time he had cooperated with the fighters in the game and fought against the enemy together, which shocked Xuan Dian and others.

Xuan Nv did not say before Xuan Nv against Sander has fully demonstrated the strength of Xuan Nv.

At the moment, the fighting power shown by Xuan Dian and Xuan Shui shows they're also extremely strong.

However, what shocked Hummingbird most was the cooperation of the three men in Xuan Nv---------the cooperation of the three men, which directly increased the fighting power of the three men several times.

However, Hummingbird's heart is still heavy. Although Xuan Nv's three men showed strong cooperation and fighting capacity, he still felt that he was not looking enough to defeat Sander.

Hummingbird felt that Sander wouldn't let them escape so easily.

Also as Hummingbird though, when they were about to escape from the sea of sand, the sand suddenly gushed out in front of the crowd, and suddenly a statue of sand gathered into huge sand appeared in front of the crowd and stopped the way!