Chapter 292 Arrive In Time

Hummingbird heard it. Xuan Nv was in silence and some unwilling in the heart. if she is now in her heyday, she can definitely break the prison of sand.

But at this moment, the only way to leave is to fight Sander.

Xuan Nv whispered to Hummingbird: "Hummingbird, let me pin him down. You are looking for his weakness. I don't believe he can be immune to all your attacks!"

Hummingbird took a deep breath and nodded heavily. "Well, you have to be careful not to confront him head-on!"

Xuan Nv gently nodded, said understand, extraordinary force in the body was mobilized by Xuan Nv.

At the moment, Xuan Nv did not dare to make any moves at will. Originally, her extraordinary strength was only returned to less than one and a half. After that, a battle consumed a lot of extraordinary strength. Xuan Nv's remaining extraordinary strength was running out.

Sander didn't attack immediately, but let Xuan Nv and Hummingbird discuss in a low voice. When they saw that they didn't talk anymore, Sander said, "Are we done? Then I am not at all welcome ... the tide of sand! "

Sander spread out a palm, a storm of sand was born in his palm, saw Sander palm a jilt, that sand storm is dumped by him to Xuan Nv two people.

The little yellow sand storm grew in strength in an instant when it hit the ground, became more and more violent, and rushed at two people at an extremely fast speed.

The two wanted to escape, but the next moment they found that they couldn't. The crazy whirling tide of sand produced a strong suction force that firmly sucked the two of them.

Both feet are soft sand, so can't borrow, mouth exclaim 1 is sucked into the tide of sand.

The shrieks of the two men sounded from the tide of sand.

Fortunately, Sander's outrageous remarks lasted for a short time, only for five seconds, and the tide of sand disappeared. All over the sky, sand was falling down. Xuan Nv and Hummingbird, together with Su Yu, also fell from the sky.

Falling on the sand, throwing up large tracts of yellow sand, Su Yu's white cocoon turned to khaki.

"Ahem ~" Xuan Nv and Hummingbird coughed incessantly and felt extremely bad when sand poured into their bodies.

However, Sander did not have time for the two men to adjust this time, and another wave of sand was thrown out, inhaling them again.

"Ha ha ha ha, how fun! how interesting!" Sander laughed and laughed, and the tide of sand was constantly thrown out by him. The two of them were sucked into another tide of sand as soon as they emerged from the tide of sand.

A cocoon of the two men was unilaterally ravaged by Sander. Except between the first and second sand storms, the cocoon of the two men fell to the ground once, and the rest of the time floated in the sky.

Xuan Nv and Hummingbird cannot fight back at all, but can only defend.

But the effect is very poor, sander's attack is not so good defense, two people were hit on the body of blood.

Even the silkworm cocoons formed by Su Yu were all torn apart with tiny cracks.

Just when Xuan Nv and Hummingbird thought they were going to be ground to death by Sander, Sander suddenly stopped attacking.

This made the two people not startled, fell to the ground, and looked at Sander, found Sander did not even look at them but frowned at the top of the sand prison.

Hummingbird and Xuan Nv looked at each other, and Hummingbird shot at him, stabbing midair with poison to attack Sander.

However, the poisonous stings flew to the vicinity of Sander. Sander's face was covered by a wall of yellow sand.

Aggressive ... ……Hummingbird shot all the stings on the sand wall.

Hua ~ sand wall scattered, poisonous sting scattered all over the floor, sander ice-cold eyes look at Hummingbird, this one eye contact let Hummingbird feel as he was falling icehouse, whole-body cold, a monstrous murder has enveloped him.

"Die!" Sander had only one word this time, and then with a wave of his hand clenched in a fist, the sand sea on one side of the two men in Xuan Nv rioted. A huge fist made up of yellow sand emerged from the ground and blasted off at the two men.

Too fast, this attack is much faster than the previous attack speed, Xuan Nv two people just have a reaction is composed of sand fist boom red-handed.

Wow ~ both of them were immediately blown out with blood gushing from their mouths, and the two flew to the yellow sand shield-like three shells.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three loud rumblings sounded, two people a cocoon hard impact on the sand shield, and then was hard to playback.

Xuan Nv and Hummingbird couldn't help spitting blood.

Even Su Yu's cocoons were cracked with a big crack, and the curled-up Su Yu could be seen vaguely.

"hmm?" Sander saw that Xuan Nv and his wife were still alive. His eyebrows were not lifted and he was ready to move again.

However, at this moment, Sander's face changed and he looked up angrily. "Dare to disturb the general's pleasure and die!"


Sander's voice just fell, the sky is a huge roar, a thunder blasted sand prison, toward Sander split down.


Immediately, Sander was blasted out of a huge dark pit by thunder.

Rush wow ... Sand prison burst, sand fell from the sky, but it is not much smoke, because with sand falling down and pouring rain, sand instantly all wet.

At the same time, there were two figures falling from the sky. One was wrapped in thunder and the other was flashing blue light.

Xuan Dian and Xuan Shui arrived here at a critical moment and jointly breached Sander's prison.

Dong! Dong!

Xuan Dian and Xuan Shu banged down on the east side and made a muffled sound, smashing the wet sand into two deep pits.

After that, the two figures appeared in front of Xuan Nv, Hummingbird, and Su Yu, blocking them behind. Then they looked at the blackened pit split by the thunder with a dignified look.

Xuan Dian did not look back and asked, "Xuan Nv, Hummingbird, are you all right?"

"Well, you can still fight!" Xuan Nv and Hummingbird answered, and greatly relieved that the appearance of Xuan Shui and Xuan Dian was too timely.

Xuanshui said: "It is good to be able to fight!"

Then Xuan Shui saw the cocoon formed by Su Yu and said in surprise, "Xuan Zhen has produced cocoon again?"

The word “Xuan Shui(water)” is a very good one. 

"Well, we fought against a frogman general before. Xuan Zhen was seriously injured. He lost one hand and recovered from the cocoon!" Xuan Nv's voice light way.

Xuan Shui grinned when he heard this, but Su Yu's luck was really bad with a dark sigh. how many times has he been in cocoon recovery?

But the thought of breaking through the cocoon, Su Yu's rapid progress in grade, immediately feel heart again.

Xuan Shui has a feeling that after Su Yu breaks through the cocoon this time, Su Yu's rank will surpass all of them.