Chapter 291 Strong Sander

Hearing it, Xuan Nv subconsciously will wrap Su Yu cocoon son in the back, eyes tightly staring at sander.

Hummingbird also stepped forward to hide Su Yu.

At the sight of this, Sander became more interested and smiled. "Look at your treasures, is that something important to you? Haha, Ben would like to rob other people's precious things most, so the general will decide on that thing. "

Sander's body burst open and turned into a piece of yellow sand to cover the three men.

"Be careful!" Hummingbird shouted, raising my hand is a few cold lights shot out.

But, the next moment Hummingbird's face is a change, his sting attack actually directly penetrated the yellow sand toward the distance blaster.

"Haha, your attack cannot reach this general!" Sander's face appeared on the yellow sand, he sneered and continued to press towards the three men.

Woo! Hummingbird fired another poisonous sting on the face. Before Hummingbird could rejoice, the sting slipped down from above.

Sander hissed, "I told you you couldn't hurt this general!"

Hummingbird's cold sweat keeps dropping. Even if the enemy is not strong enough to attack, it is even worse.

"Bring it to me!" Sander shouted sand formed a big hand, from behind Xuan Nv toward cocoon.

Choke solicitation ~ Xuan Nv sword drawn, a gravity cut out, cut in sand big hands.

Boom, the sand hand immediately is broken.

In the sand hand broken at the same time, Xuan Nv is with Su Yu speed recede toward the distance, there is no plan to hard war with Sander, just that sword not only burst the sand hand, also will sand blockade boom opened a gap.

Hummingbird followed suit.

Three people just left there, with a roar, Xuan Nv two people just stand position suddenly exploded, another yellow hand rushed out from the ground, this is Thornton's real attack, but was Xuan Nv dodged in advance.

Both Xuan Nv and Hummingbird had no plans to fight Sander, so after escaping from the yellow sand, they rushed to the distance with the speed raised to the extreme.

The two plan to stay as far away as possible from Sander before Sander gets serious.

"Er ~ why always run, and I have a good play? Is it really true that I will have to chase after him? " Looking at the fast-moving Xuan Nv, Sander said with a sigh.

Then Sander turned into quicksand and ran after Xuan Nv.

Soon, Thornton was able to catch up with the two.

Sander figure emerged half in the yellow sand, stretched out his hands to volley toward the direction of the Xuan Nv two people grasp, the only sand palm appeared in the sky of yellow sand, grasp to the two.

Xuan Nv and Hummingbird were flashing, avoiding Sander's grasp.

"Gravity!" With a loud rebuke from Xuan Nv, gravity was extraordinary and invisible gravity acted on every grain of yellow sand.

Om, a piece of yellow sand is falling from the air on the ground.

"Gravity? Haha, this ability has some effect on me. " Sander's body emerged from the yellow sand and smiled. then his eyes became cold and he said, "give the cocoon to me, who can consider letting you two and a horse go for a while! In the words of you human beings, it is just not to make a hard toast, and my patience is limited. "

Sander said, and once again turned into sand toward the two men.

As soon as he ran away, the distance was several thousand meters. Thornton's voice rang again: "It seems that you two are not ready to listen to me. Unfortunately, I had a hard time sending out a kind heart, but you don't know how to cherish it. Either way, I will kill you and take the cocoon!"

Boom ~ Terrible Momentum might Blossoms in Sander's Body. Sander only got serious at this moment.

Immediately, Sander's feeling to Xuan Nv Hummingbird was completely different, just like the difference between a fierce beast asleep and awake.


At this moment, Xuan Nv and Hummingbird both felt very worried and dangerous. At this moment, Sander gave them a feeling of extreme danger. Their hair stood on end.

"Go to hell, stupid human!" Sander's voice was extremely cold and he shouted, "Sea of Sand!"

Sander's hands beat hard toward the ground, and the ground with a radius of 1,000 meters surged up. The originally wet ground instantly became dry and turned into yellow sand. Green trees instantly withered into fly ash and turned into part of the yellow sand.

Xuan Nv and Hummingbird were so unstable that they almost fell to the ground. The yellow sand was surging and they were going to swallow them up.

Sander corners of the mouth set off a sneer, a wave of his hand a dozens of meters high sand wall formed in an instant, toward two people hit down.

Xuan Nv and Hummingbird launched an attack on the sand wall, but their attack on the sand wall was like a bull in the sea and had no effect at all.

With a roar ~

The sand wall is heavy cover pressure on two people, the figure of two people was submerged by sand in an instant.

"Reproach!" At the moment when the yellow sand was submerged, Xuan Nv was a cold rebuke. The extraordinary gravity broke out and turned into repulsive force. With a bang, the yellow sand that had just covered Xuan Nv and Hummingbird was instantly blown out by repulsive force.

"Poof ~" Xuan Nv pale spit out one mouthful blood, although broken sander this recruit, but the gap between the two sides is too large, broken open is let Xuan Nv received not light injury.

"Go!" After spitting out one mouthful blood, Xuan Nv drank softly to Hummingbird and pulled out the ghosting shadows to run away from the sand sea, which is Sander's home court. Whether you want to escape or fight Sander, you must leave this sand sea.

Seeing Xuan Nv break his moves again, Sander was slightly shocked, but he soon recovered and shouted, "Do you want to run? Did you run away? I have  set up a prison of sand! "

Sander's ability to launch, the body lights up khaki light, arms fiercely lifted up, with Sander's action, sand within the scope of the sand all boiling up, sand on the edge of the sand sea is foaming at the mouth, forming a huge sand shield will cover Xuan Nv three people and Sander in it.

And the sand of the sand shield is flowing at top speed.

Sander said, "You can't escape mankind this time. You want to leave the prison of sand and you need to defeat me first!"

When Xuan Nv and Hummingbird saw this, their faces changed.

A gravity chop by Xuan Nv left the station on the yellow sand shield. The gravity chop only lifted a piece of yellow sand on the yellow sand passport without causing any other changes.

Sander laughed: "It's no use, human woman. Although your ability plays a role in my ability, it is impossible to defeat me with your current strength. The way to get out of here is to defeat me!"