Chapter 290 Sand General: Sander

Frogs are surging up with extraordinary strength. All kinds of attacks are gaining momentum and locking the cracks. As long as someone comes out, they will give a head-on bash.

However, they miscalculated the power of Xuan Nv and Hummingbird. Xuan Nv and Hummingbird were too fast to react when they rushed to the ground.

When they reacted, Xuan Nv and Hummingbird were already firmly on the ground.

Moreover, it was all too late, and Xuan Nv and Hummingbird attacked ahead of theirs.

"Gravity Chop!"


Two light cheers came from the mouths of Xuan Nv and Hummingbird respectively. Accompanied by a sound of swords and whistles, Xuan Nv and Hummingbird attacked 10 frogmen respectively. None of them was missed, just five of them.

Gravity cut across, five frogmen didn't even scream is by strong gravity cut oppression into pools of meat mud.

On Hummingbird's side, the five frogmen let out a scream and turned into pools of black juice, corroded by Hummingbird's poison.

The two killed ten frogmen in less than two breaths, completing a perfect second kill.

However, both of them did not have any smiles on their faces, and they did not stay. They turned into two ghosting shadows and shot away towards a mountain forest.

Both of them are sensing a strong momentum. might is coming towards here quickly.


Not long after the two men left, a piece of yellow sand came quickly from a distance in a whirl, gathered on a tree, and a frogman only about 1.5 meters appeared.

"Ah? Have they run? " Sander looked at the empty space and was disappointed. From a distance, he felt the smell of human beings, so he came at an extremely fast speed, but it was still too late.

Sander could sense that there were two ... no, three human beings stayed here and fought a group of frogmen.

As for the results Thornton knew at a glance----the frogmen team was seconds killed by the three men.

However, Sander was not angry, but excited on the face, which shows that the three human beings are very strong.

Sander is now looking for a strong human being. Looking in the direction of Xuan Nv and Hummingbird's departure, Sander said: "Human bugs, General Ben will find you. Mitu and they are having such a good time. General Ben is also having a good time. Hehe hehe ..."

Brush ~ Thornton's laughter is still floating, people have turned into a piece of yellow sand stick to the treetops towards Xuan Nv and Hummingbird direction rapidly.

Soon after Sander left, two more figures came here, carefully hiding their figures.

"Xuan Dian, you didn't induction wrong? Do you really feel the extraordinary fluctuation of Xuan Nv here? " Xuan Shui whispered, "how can I only sense that there is still a strong evil breath here?"

"I don't know, I just sensed a little bit, now it is broken, was dispersed by the powerful evil breath, sensed before the breath of Xuan Nv I'm not sure!

However, this strong and evil smell should be left by a general of the frog race and the strong. That's right! "Xuan Dian said.

"Xuan Dian, you are not mistaken!" Suddenly Xuan Shui said.

"hmm?" Xuan Dian was slightly shocked when he heard this.

"Xuan Dian, come and see if this is caused by Xuan Nv's attack?" Xuan Shui came to a pool of glittering and translucent meat mud and asked.

"Discard some possibilities, the big probability is Xuan Nv!" Xuan Dian pushed the glasses channel.

Then the two looked at each other, and Xuan Shui said: "No, the strong evil smell should be a demon who is chasing Xuan Nv!"

"Go, Xuan Nv they are in danger, they must be with Xuan Nv as soon as possible, they will gather the strength of several of us, should be able to fight a frogman general!" Xuan Dian said.

When the voice rang, Xuan Dian had already turned into a lightning blaster.

Without further ado, Xuan Shui also burst into the fastest speed to catch up with Xuan Dian.


Xuan Nv and Hummingbird face heavy coagulation at the moment, is about to drip water, dare not have the slightest pause shuttle in the forest.

After the two entered the forest and went deep, they were going to have a rest.

But before they could stop, they just felt a strong and evil breath approaching them at an extremely fast speed.

Both of them are very unfamiliar with this evil and powerful smell. However, this strong and evil smell was only felt by Machete, which undoubtedly shows that the frogman who caught up with him is another frogman general.

Originally, the two were not rivals to the Frog General, let alone Xuan Nv had not fully recovered.

Therefore, after the two men felt Sander's breath, they ran without even thinking. It was impossible to fight.

However, Sander's pursuit was too fast, and the distance between the two sides was getting closer.

Xuan Nv felt the evil smell coming closer and closer behind him and suddenly sank into a voice: "Hummingbird, you take Su Yu away. I will distract the enemy behind you and give you time to escape."


Hearing this, Hummingbird gave a slight shock, then shook his head suddenly and said, "No, this is absolutely not possible. I will go as well. Given your current physical condition, how long can you hold on?"

Hummingbird said, "Eyes glistened, then suddenly turned around and rushed toward Sander. His voice sounded in Xuan Nv's ear:" Xuan Nv, go quickly, I'll hold the enemy. "

"Hey hey!" Before Xuan Nv could say anything, a hey-hey sneer at the two men's side said: "Human beings, you two don't have to fight, this general will send you on the road at the same time when he has played enough!"

Hearing Thornton's voice suddenly sounded, Su Yu and Hummingbird were both horrified. They did not even know when Thornton came to them.

They clearly sensed that Thornton was still some distance away from them.


The yellow sand flowed fast and made a noise of friction. they were surrounded by the yellow sand.

Xuan Nv and Hummingbird stopped fiercely and looked at the yellow sand around them with great dignity.

Yellow sand gathered and Sander's small figure appeared in front of Xuan Nv and Hummingbird. Sander smiled wickedly: "Human beings, you two can't run away!"

"When did you catch up with us?" Xuan Nv cold track, holding a sword in the hand, although her surface is calm, the heart is very nervous. Xuan Nv felt he is stronger than Machete.

Sander was not in a hurry to attack, so he smiled at Xuan Nv's words and said, "General Ben has just caught up with you. Gee, one of you is almost ready to leave."

"Hey? What is the cocoon? Bring it to General Ben. " Suddenly Thornton gave a startled look and looked at the cocoon beside Xuan Nv with some curiosity.