Chapter 29 Corpse Dragon

"Dad, do we really want to go?" Lu Fangcheng looked helplessly at the father Lu Eryuan walking in front of him and asked.

"Of course I have to go. Maybe what treasures are falling from the sky. I haven't heard of anyone getting rich by meteorites. This time may be the one that fell in the reed pond is a meteorite.

Hurry, maybe someone else will pick it up. Lu Eryuan said without looking back.

Lu Fangcheng couldn't help rolling his eyes and said, "Dad, do you think it's possible, how can a meteorite drop here, it's a flash of huge lightning.

Having said that, you just have to pick up a meteorite. What are you doing with so many fishing nets? "

Lu Eryuan: "Well, aren't you getting stupid for studied too much? It is a great chance of fishing after rain. Even if there is no meteorite, we can go fishing. We can't go home empty-handed this time, right? My son!"

“……”Lu Fangcheng: "Dad, you really think thoroughly!"


So the two walked towards the depths of the reed pond, leaving deep and shallow footprints. Just after the rainstorm, the water in the reed pond was already deep, and the road to the depths was really difficult to walk.

Fortunately, Lu Eryuan has rich experience. He can always find a good path. After a long muddy road, they finally reached the depth of the reed pond.

"Dad, did you smell anything? Stop here and we turn back?" Lu Fangcheng sniffed, wrinkling his nose.

"Well, there seems to be a smell, but it's okay, this should be caused by the ozone formed after the lightning!" Lu Eryuan also smelled, said.

Lu Fangcheng was stunned. My dad still knew this knowledge?

"His ~" Suddenly Lu Fangcheng heard the sound of his father Lu Eryuan breathing inhale, standing motionless in front of him.

Lu Fangcheng, just about to ask, when he saw the scene in front of him, he was shocked and said, "What is this ...?"

An open field in front, but in the center of the entire reed pond, which was the lushest reed, at this moment there was no reed.

In its place was a scorched land with an area of at least a few kilometers.

In the center of the scorched earth was a large pit, and in the large pit was a huge object emitting a dark green light.

Standing on the scorched earth, the smell was more intense, and there was a feeling of dizziness when you smell it.

"What's that?" Lu Eryuan said, "How do you feel? It's not a good thing."

"Well, Dad, I feel the same way, I think I'd better go home!" Lu Fangcheng said, looking at the dark green behemoth, he had a creepy feeling.

Speaking, the two wanted to leave quietly, but at this moment, the dark green behemoth moved, sat up from the big pit, and only half of its body remained in the big pit.

Their pupils dilated at this moment. After seeing the appearance of the giant, the two stunned, "Dragon? Dragon, dragon ... Is it a dragon?"

I saw the behemoth like a dragon which seemed only live in mythology, with a body like a snake, abdomen with claws, horns on the head, green body, red eyes.

The body had a disgusting slime dripping, and at the moment it moved, the stench diffused and the green mist spread around!

A huge roar came from the mouth of the huge creature. The terrifying sound wave spread, spreading at a speed of 340 meters per second. Within a few seconds, Lu Fangcheng and Lu Eryuan were directly blown away by the sound. When they were blown out in the air, the two were vomiting blood.

"Son, run away, go back and call the police!" Lu Eryuan got up from the ground, not caring about his eyes, nose, ears all dripping blood. He pulled up the unreacted Lu equation and turned away.

Lu Eryuan thought that the two of them were dead this time. Not only would he die, but also his son! But he didn't expect that after they had run out for hundreds of meters, the horrible monster like a dragon was not chased after them, but a roar was sounded.

Lu Eryuan didn't know what the reason was. He led Lu Fang, who was already unconscious, ran to his home. After running home, he ignored the frightened wife, hurriedly called the police, and then passed out.

Half an hour later, a large number of staff from related departments came here to block the entire reed pond, and the people in Lu Eryuan's family and even the entire village were isolated.

When Su Yu and Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian and Xuan Huo came here, they saw this scene. Everyone on the scene was wearing an isolation suit and a gas mask.

The four were fully armed and equipped when they came. After the four showed their relevant documents, they entered the blockade.

"Is this poisonous gas?" Su Yu asked with a frown.

After entering the reed pond, their face was a change. A faint green mist was floating in the entire reed pond, and it was the only green that could be seen in the entire reed pond.

The lush green verdant reeds had long disappeared and turned into the mud of the place, with a foul smell.

Xuan Huo ignited a cluster of flames and burned a ray of green mist. A large amount of black smoke was immediately emitted. He said: "This is not a simple poison, but a violent corpse poison. This task It really dangerous.

Everyone pay attention, don't breath in corpse poison breath! If infected with corpse poison, it will be troublesome, maybe you will become a walking dead! "

Xuan Nv, Xuan Dian, and Su Yu heard all the important points. They didn't need Xuan Huo to say that they were also guarded. This time the equipment also has the ability to defend in this area. As long as you were careful, you can easily defend the corpse's poison gas.

"Ang ~"

Speaking, a loud roar came from a distance. Although it was far away, it still felt like something was yelling in the ear.

When Su Yu heard this roar, he asked, "Dragon? Is there really a dragon in this world?"

"Well, there are not only a lot of them but also many types of dragons. According to the brief description of the reporter, the dragon that fell this time should be a dragon in Eastern mythology, but some kind of bad change has taken place, it became a corpse dragon, it is no longer living! "Xuan Huo nodded and walked in the direction of the corpse dragon.

Xuan Huo continued: "According to the reporter, this corpse dragon should have just been transformed and cannot move, so it did not kill the reporter. It is now a good time to kill or seal you. If the transformation is over, it would be difficult to deal with! "