Chapter 289 Water Iron Cannon

A line of three people walked far away. Hummingbird breathed a sigh of relief. Then Hummingbird looked at Xuan Nv and said, "Xuan Nv, since you are awake, I'll go out and find out the information, and then we'll think about what to do next!"

"Good! Xuan Zhen and I will wait here for you to come back. After you come back, you will hit the ground three times in a row. " Xuan Nv nodded in response to the smell speech. She was also eager to know what happened to the outside world during the period when she was in a recovery state.

When Xuan Nv said that gravity was extraordinary, the ground under her feet cracked a wide crack. Xuan Nv took Su Yu to float into the crack, and then the crack closed, completely covering up the shapes of Xuan Nv and Su Yu.

The two men's breath also gradually disappeared in the breath of Hummingbird.

After seeing the two people's breath, Hummingbird turned into ghosting and disappeared.

About an hour later, Hummingbird reappeared and came to the place where Xuan Nv and Su Yu sank to the ground. Hummingbird looked around quickly before stamping the ground three times with his sole.

With a crack, the ground cracked, Hummingbird leaped into it and the crack closed again.

"Hummingbird, what's going on outside?" Xuan Nv's voice sounded in the hole. Xuan Nv lit up the mobile phone screen. The light from the mobile phone screen made Xuan Nv and enough to see each other.

Hummingbird said: "It's a mess outside now. After Machete blew himself up, all forces couldn't help it. They sent more people to the Stone Forest and had a big fight with the Frogs.

However, the forces of all parties may have been ambushed by the frogmen because they underestimated the frogmen. The situation is very miserable, with nearly half of the casualties.

Bodies of various death methods can be seen in many places. "

Hearing this, Xuan Nv's pupil shrank slightly and said, "What about our game? We won't send someone to come over? "

"I don't know the specific situation. In a battlefield, we felt the breath of our officers remaining on the battlefield, but we didn't find the bodies of our officers!" Hummingbird shook his head.

Xuan Nv was frowning and her heart is not relieved because they did not find that is good news.

Xuan Nv then asked, "Have you found any trace of our agents? Where did they go? I think we should join them as soon as possible. "

"I didn't dare to search in a wide range, there are too many frogmen, several times were almost found by frogmen!

It's not easy to join the people in our bureau, and I don't know how many people we sent this time. "Hummingbird said.

"Shh!" Xuan Nv put her finger on her mouth and hissed, "Someone is near us."

Hummingbird immediately shut down his voice when he heard this and put his ear tightly on the sidewall of the hole, sensing it carefully.

The hole opened by Xuan Nv is not deep, but it is not shallow either. He has no extraordinary ability of the earth system or Xuan Nv's gravity, so it is not easy to sense the situation on the ground.

Only this primitive and stupid way can be used to sense the situation on the ground.

"One, two ... there are almost ten footsteps. They should be frogmen. Their footsteps are different from ours. They are lighter. They are close to us. What shall we do?" Hummingbird road.

At the same time, on the ground, a group of ten frogman team came to Xuan Nv and Hummingbird hiding nearby, one of them showed the frog's real body, the size of a huge millstone.

His eyes rolled and his tongue hung long out of his mouth like a foodie.

Suddenly, the frogman swallowed his tongue back into his mouth and gave a loud cry: "I smell the smell of human beings here. It is very strong. There are human beings here!"

At this point, the frogman stood up and became a frogman. then he said, "find them, find them, we can get more credit if we kill a human who entered. as long as we have enough credit, we can get the chance to meet the king."

Wang will let us wake up again, maybe we will also have the chance to become one of the ten generals! "

The remaining frogmen's eyes lit up when they heard this, and they are also extremely eager to become stronger because their awakening ability is not strong and their level is not high.

But this is not unchangeable. As long as there is enough credit, we can get the chance of secondary evolution from Frogman King.

The reason why General X is so strong is that he has followed Frogman King for a long time, and his credit is big enough to get Frogman King's reward. He has been awakened for the second time and has become so strong.

This is not a secret for frogman, almost all frogman is eager to get the chance of secondary evolution from Frogman King.

Before the voice of the frogmen dropped, the group of frogmen scattered in search of traces of Xuan Nv and Hummingbird.

However, after searching for half a day, none of the ten frogmen found any trace of Xuan Nv.

However, they evolved into frogmen, their intelligence is also extremely high, no trace of human beings can be found on the ground, and they soon locked their eyes in the ground.

"I'll push them out!" A frogman with a huge gourd on his back said, grabbing the gourd was a few gulps, and his abdomen swelled visibly.

Then the frogman stamped at his feet, his body leaping nearly 10 meters high, his abdomen and cheeks bulging at the same time.

"Water and ion cannon!" The frogmen shouted, poof is mouth spit out a fist-sized water polo, water polo at breakneck speed toward the ground bombardment.

This is the frogman's ability, called water-iron cannon, to compress the water swallowed into the abdomen and spit it out at high speed, thus obtaining powerful lethality.

But this ability must have water, without which there is nothing, so he has to carry a large gourd of water everywhere.


Fist-sized water polo after high-pressure high-speed jet, power is also extremely huge, a bombardment on the ground, immediately let out a loud roar.

A deep crater with a diameter of two meters was blown out of the ground.

And this is just a beginning. In the process of the frogmen falling down, he kept spraying water from his belly and bombarding the ground.

The roar resounded continuously, and large pits appeared one after another on the ground.

Underground, feel the vibration from the top of the head, Xuan Nv uses gravity extraordinary, trying to maintain the hole does not collapse, but this is only temporary, using extraordinary force, is exposed.

Therefore, Xuan Nv did not intend to hide after using extraordinary force. Xuan Nv said coldly, "Hummingbird, do it, kill the frogmen on it as quickly as possible. None of them are among the frogs!"

Voice did not fall, three head is cracked a huge crack, Xuan Nv with Su Yu straight up.

Hummingbird is only slight ash will understand the meaning of Xuan Nv, body flashing followed.

Seeing a huge crack in the ground, the frog people were shocked at first and then rejoiced.

"Haha, there it is!" Frogs laughed, and extraordinary force surged in their bodies, ready to attack.