Chapter 288 Xuan Nv Recovers

One palm failed, Mitu dropped another palm, and the roar came back again. Another round big pit appeared.

Shentu's body twinkled, dodging Mitu's slapping, and its roar continued. For a moment, dozens of huge round holes were left within a radius of several hundred meters.

"Damn, do you dare not hide from human beings?" Mitu was a little annoyed when he failed to attack many times.

With a sneer, Shentu dodged Mitu's slap again and said, "I dare not hide, do you dare not attack?"

Of course, Shentu only said so. The reason why he evaded was that apart from the threat of Mitu's slapping, his main purpose was to observe the principle of Mitu's slapping.

At this point, after dozens of palm observations, Mitu has almost found out the principle of Mitu palm strike.

To put it bluntly, Mitu's palm stroke is to compress some air into a ball and then burst open to form a powerful impact.

However, what Shentu does not understand is how Mitu compresses air. He does not feel any extraordinary force on-air in Mitu.

But Shentu did not want to delve into the matter, and it was enough for him to understand the principle of Mitu's attack.

So, the next moment Shentu was not hiding, and with a low drink, the muscles of the whole body suddenly bulged and deformed, forming a 30% shape of muscle unlocking.

Mitu's grade is at least two levels higher than his. Shentu can't underestimate Mitu. Only when she unlocks 30% can she have the confidence to confront Mitu.

The muscle unlocking was completed in a flash, and the terrible momentum was exerted on Shentu in an instant.

Shentu burst out laughing and said, "Come on, Toad, let Uncle Ben have a good time!"

Shentu's foot cracked and his body appeared in front of Mitu.

"How fast! Can he be stronger? " Mitu felt a slight twinge in his heart when he saw this. At this moment, he felt a little threat from Shentu.

However, Mitu cold hum 1, impact palm again.

Peng a loud noise, two people's fists collided again, this time she didn't fly, one big and one small two figure stalemate there, invisible strong fluctuations in the intersection of two fists spread away.

Rumble ... The earth at the foot of the two men broke apart and huge pieces of earth and rock flew high into the sky under the action of powerful forces.

Stalemate for a moment two people moved, the fist of the two people at this moment into a series of ghosting, the fierce collisions happened.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The muffled thunder-like noise resounded continuously, and the shock waves of terror spread along with it. The earth became more and more broken.

Earth and rock flying high up in the sky exploded under the shock wave, turning into smoke and dust falling from the sky.

A huge roar resounded through a few kilometers!

Su Yu's hiding place is not far from the place where Shentu and Mitu fought. Hummingbird can clearly hear the loud noise generated by the two men's fighting.

I can also feel the shock caused by the two men's fighting, and I can even feel the terror and ferocity of Shentu and Mitu.

This made Hummingbird a little frightened. Neither of the two men in the war is weaker than Machete, who is already dead, or even stronger than Machete.

Hummingbird has some doubts. How can such a strong player meet at this time?

In addition, Hummingbird also vaguely felt that there were many fluctuations in the collision of extraordinary forces around him, which made him feel that something big had happened outside.

Hummingbird glanced at Su Yu and Xuan Nv and sighed. if the two were still awake, he would go out and find out what was going on.

However, at this time, he can only contain his restless heart and stay here to guard Xuanv and Su Yu.

At the same time, Hummingbird also prayed that Shentu and Mitu should not come here. Although the hiding place was hidden, it could not withstand the destructive power of the two strong fighters.

However, the better and the worse, the more you don't want anything to happen, the more it will happen.

Soon, Hummingbird felt that the two powerful battlefields at war were moving rapidly towards this side.

The huge roar became clearer and the vibration became more obvious.

There was a rustle of earth and rock falling from the top of the head.

At the sight of this, Hummingbird dark scolded 1, just as Hummingbird hesitated whether to transfer with Xuan Nv and Su Yu, XUANv Shu opened his eyes.

Xuan Nv said, "Hummingbird, what's going on outside?"

Hummingbird saw that Xuan Nv woke up and said happily, "Xuan Nv, are you awake? how is your strength recovering? There are two powerful beings fighting not far from us, each not weaker than Machete. "

"I only regained less than half of my strength and woke up when I felt the danger!" Xuan Nv said, looking at the shaking hole, he said: "We should leave now, this place is going to collapse!"

Hearing Xuan Nv's words, Hummingbird was relieved. Although Xuan Nv did not restore all its strength, it only restored a small part, but it was enough to protect itself. Otherwise, he really did not have any confidence and escaped the pursuit of frogs safely.

Hummingbird said, "I think so, too. It would be better if you woke up. Let's go now?"

Xuan Nv's body slowly floated up and stood on the ground with a dignified look. "Well, it's not too late. Let's go now. Those two smells are getting closer and closer to us!

Hummingbird, you lead the way in front and avoid the enemy's tracking. I followed you with Xuan Zhen. "

As soon as Xuan Nv waved, the cocoon wrapping Su Yu floated beside Xuan Nv.

"Good!" Hummingbird nodded when he heard this, and the extraordinary force broke out slightly and opened a big hole in the top of his head. The sunlight fell from the hole.

Hummingbird appeared on the ground in a flash and watched the surrounding situation warily.

Seeing that there was nothing unusual around, Hummingbird signaled that Xuan Nv could come out.

Xuan Nv and Su Yu floated out of the hole and landed on the ground, looking in one direction, where they could see the continuous explosion of soot in the distance and hear the deafening roar of the explosion.

Smoke from explosions is coming from far and near.

Hummingbird swallowed at the sight and said, "let's go, those two guys are coming here!"

Without saying a word, Hummingbird chose a relatively safe direction.

"Mmm!" Xuan Nv gave a gentle well, followed by Su Yu, but before leaving, he took one look at the place where the fighting took place with a frown.

Xuan Nv felt a familiar momentum of coercion among the two warring parties.

However, Xuan Nv did not delve into the matter. Now she knows what the situation is for several of her own people. What matters now is not what to explore, but they need to find a safe place to restore strength.

Even before Su Yu breaks through the cocoon, she must be able to ensure that she will restore her strength to the best condition.