Chapter 287 General King Kong

Some people are lucky, then others are unfortunate. For example, when Shinto first entered Fergus, he met the Ten Generals of the Frog People.

Yes, muscular men also came to the Stone Forest. However, Shentu does not belong to any party. It is a coincidence that he came to the Stone Forest.

Originally, Shentu was just wandering in a neighboring country of the Stone Forest, preparing to find some powerful extraordinary lives to fight in order to improve his strength.

The news of the great changes in the Stone Forest was also seen by Shentu, but Shentu did not care.

Shentu only cares about whether there is a strong man who can fight with him.

Just when Shentu felt bored and was ready to look for an opponent in another direction, Machete's self-explosion attracted Shentu's attention.

Ordinary people will only see that huge explosion as a bomb explosion or something.

However, Shentu recognized it as a powerful extraordinary explosion caused by the explosion of life itself for the first time.

In the light of the explosion, Shentu felt strong extraordinary fluctuations.

Immediately, Shentu's eyes were as bright as a light bulb, and the fighting spirit was activated.

Can let a powerful extraordinary life blow itself up, then there must be a stronger extraordinary life-this is Shentu's cognition.

So Shentu broke through the blockade of the Stone Forest border without thinking, and then rushed into the Fergus maze.

At the moment of entering the maze, Shentu felt the malice in the air.

And also felt a strong evil breath that made him shiver in the deepest part of Fergus.

"hello ~ hello, are you kidding me? how can there be such a thing in this world?" Looking at the direction of Ferguson's palace, Shentu could not help thinking to himself, cold sweat on his forehead.

But then Shentu smiled. He felt that the stronger the other side, the better. As long as he fought with him, whether winning or losing, it would be of great benefit to him.

Of course, Shentu did not challenge Frogman King in the first place, because he did not want to die. He knew that to challenge Frogman King with his current strength was no different from dying.

"It seems that we need to upgrade our strength quickly!" Shentu licked his lips and said, Shentu is more eager to fight.

Shentu can feel a strong breath rising in this maze. This is the best hunting ground for Shentu who is eager to fight.

As she spoke, she looked at a nearby mountain forest, in which a strong breath was slowly coming towards him.

Shentu knew that the other party sensed him when he sensed the other party.

Bang! Bang!

The sound of heavy footsteps startled a bird. A huge figure emerged from the dark forest. It was a golden human monster about three meters high.

Every time the monster steps down, it will make a loud noise and the earth will tremble.

"hmm?" The first time she saw the monster, she couldn't help but froze and said, "what is this, toad?"

"Hum, I am a great frog human race. General Mitu, King Kong of the Ten Generals, is not the toad in your mouth. You are rude to human beings. This generally gives you death!" Mitu makes a hum and turns away.

Shentu laughed heartily when he heard this: "who cares what you are? Want to kill me? Hey hey, your idea is similar to that of Uncle Ben. Either you killed me today, or I killed you, and Toad watched the boxing! "

Boom, Shentu's voice did not fall, the ground under his feet is blasted, body flash is appeared in front of Mitu, sandbag size fist toward Mitu hit.

"overreached!" Mitu cold track, one eye beverage cooled rotation, intensely pegged to the fast-moving Shentu, lift its washbasin size slap is toward Shentu beat down.

There was a loud thud of gold and iron, and the fists of Shentu and Mitu collided with each other. Mars was everywhere, and the shock wave of terror spread in all directions. The earth at the feet of the two men broke apart instantly.

With a whoosh, Shentu's body flew backward at a faster speed and fell to the ground like a shell.

Boom ~ a loud roar, smoke rolling, Shentu's body was blown into the ground, a deep humanoid pit appeared on the ground.

"Poor and Weak!" Mitu cold hum 1, stepped toward the hole.

However, before Mitu was close to the big pit, strong momentum and pressure broke out from the big pit.

Bang! The ground burst, a figure rushed out of the ground and landed on the edge of the big pit, grinning and looking at Mitu. "big toad, I like you. you are very strong. I will have a good time with you today!"

Said, and Shentu twisted his body, a series of like firecrackers, just that one punch is just a test of his fist, now Shentu already knows Mitu's level.

Mitu saw Shentu's appearance and his pupil shrank slightly. He felt a little surprised. His palm did not do any harm to the human being in front of him?

Mitu knew that this human man was stronger than he thought.

Although he didn't try his best just now, no one can resist it casually.

"Human, you are very good, can withstand the general a palm, but you can withstand this will be the second palm? Impact! " Mitu said that the huge palm of his hand once again fell toward Shentu.

Humming ~ The air hummed. The air within a radius of 100 meters vibrated and gathered rapidly under Mitu's palm. In a blink of an eye, a transparent sphere was formed under Mitu's palm.

Shentu saw this slight ash, what is this ability?

Shentu didn't dare to take it hard. He felt a great threat and stepped back with a little strength.

Shentu had just receded, and Mitu's palm landed in the position where Mitu had just stood.

Boom ~ immediately is to let out a loud roar, a huge very round pit in a flash.

Shentu's pupil shrank sharply, but he did not find out how the pit was formed.

Mitu's attack speed is not particularly fast, so Shentu can see Mitu's every move clearly. He clearly saw that Mitu's palm did not touch the earth, and was almost 10 centimeters away from the ground.

In principle, Mitu's palm, though strong, will not cause particularly strong damage even though it can cause damage on the ground without touching the ground.

However, the fact that this palm is to bombard the ground out of a round hole, just like Mitu's palm has a huge sphere, will hit the ground out of a big hole.

This guy is not a simple oppnent!

Shentu looked at Mitu's huge body and slightly narrowed eyes. In front of him, the big toad was not only of high grade but also extremely powerful in fighting force. Shentu was on guard and became more and more serious.