Chapter 286 Frogmen King

"Mmm!" Frogman King gently nodded, "Machete's breath has just disappeared from Ben Wang's induction!"

"Yes, my lord, General Li died with the strength in the battle just now!" The old man said, look between a trace of grief.

The old man paused and continued: "My lord, after this incident, we may have attracted more attention from the human race. the human race is bound to send more strong men over there. should we change our strategy? So as to ensure that our grand plan can be successfully completed? "

"There is no need to do this. Human beings send more strong men into our territory. This is exactly what the king wants. Our soldiers need strong enemies to hone. Only after they have experienced the tests of blood and fire can they be called qualified soldiers.

Our soldiers need the strength of mankind to train, so do I. It is not necessarily a bad thing for mankind to send the strong over! "Frogman King said lightly.

The old man was silent when he heard this, but he did not approve of Frogman King's plan. In the old man's view, Frogman King's ability to awaken and evolve ordinary frogs should not have more contact with human beings at this time but should develop and grow silently.

However, the old man also knew that his words had no effect on this matter. Frogman King would discuss other matters with him, but Frogman King was especially arbitrary on this matter alone.

The old man thought a lot during the mental and electrical transition. He could only hope that things would develop as Frogman King had imagined. He hoped that Frogman King would lead their frog race to grow and occupy a place in the world.

The old man thought, "What you said makes me confused!"

"Teacher, you can call my name. You don't need to be so polite. Teacher, you have been awake for many years and have been studying in human society for many years. You are a wise man worthy of our family. The development of our family also needs your guidance!" Frog king.

The frogman elder immediately bowed and said, "Your majesty, you are mistaken. The wisdom of the old minister is less than 1/10000 of that of the king. However, the old minister will do everything he can to make our family grow."

At this moment, the old man's ear gently moved toward the outside of the hall and shouted, "come in!"

The frogman elder dropped his voice, and a figure rushed in from the door in a panic. the figure immediately fell to his knees under the throne and gave a big five-body salute: "Your majesty, sinners have something important to tell!"

If there were human beings present, we would surely recognize the man who kneeled down and threw all kinds of gifts to the earth. It was none other than the current king of Stone Forest.

Frogman King's bloodless eyes glanced at the king of the stone forest country. the king of the stone forest country immediately said: "Your majesty, there is news from the border that many powerful people have crossed the blockade and entered the border. please decide what to do with it! Is it necessary to send troops to encircle and suppress the enemy? "

"There is no need to do this. The king orders that all troops be stationed at the border to guard against the forces of other forces. As for the intelligence personnel of those forces, please come in as soon as you come in. The king will send special personnel to deal with it!" Frogman King said lightly.

"I understand" The king of Stone Forest bowed down again, then got up and walked out a long way before he dared to turn away.

After the king of Stone Forest kingdom left, Frogman King looked at the frogman elders and said, "teacher, pass on the king's orders and let our soldiers start hunting and killing the feast of human beings who have infiltrated our territory. the more you kill, the more credit you get, the more power you will give him.

To use human blood and life to cast our glory! "

"Yes, I understand!" The frogman elder leaned down and said, then his body shook and disappeared.

Soon, the frogs in the Fergus maze were all boiling up and became bloodthirsty, waiting for the arrival of human infiltrators. The frogs did not confine themselves to one place and began to run around the Fergus, searching for and hunting the human beings who had infiltrated the Fergus.

Of course, there are not many people sneaking into Fergus now. They all sneaked into Fergus before Machete blew himself up.

Xuan Huo and others, as well as personnel from other forces, are still on their way to Fergus.


More than two hours later, personnel sent by various forces from all directions entered Fergus.

Then, the battle between humans and frogmen broke out.

On the human side, the frogmen took a head-on beating, causing heavy casualties in a short period of time.

The frogman side is powerful compared to the human side that infiltrated Fergus.

First of all, the numbers are unequal. The number of frogmen is many times more than that of human beings.

Secondly, the frogman is much stronger than the human being in terms of single combat power.

If the human side were not carrying powerful weapons, the gap in individual capabilities would be even greater.

Frogman is an extraordinary life, even small frogman, the lowest level is Huang Jie decyl, etc., is much stronger than ordinary people, even more, powerful than the special forces.

Most of the human beings who sneaked into Fergus were ordinary people. Although these people were powerful fighters among ordinary people, they were not enough to see in front of a frogman.

Therefore, after the contact between the two sides, over half of the human casualties occurred in a short period of time, while the rest fled after being killed by frogmen.

Frogs, on the other hand, started all kinds of hunting for fleeing human beings.

The detective agency did not suffer any damage, because Elder Xuan sent people who were extraordinary and none of them were ordinary people.

In addition, Xuan Huo and others are also relatively lucky. Although they were attacked by frogmen after entering Fergus, they did not encounter too powerful frogmen, such as the general-level frogmen, and Xuan Huo and others did not.

After that, they fought their way through the frogmen's encirclement with great strength.

However, Xuan Huo and others were able to do so, which is worthy of self-protection. They simply cannot help others.

After breaking out of the tight encirclement, Xuan Huo and others broke up into small groups to avoid and annihilate the frogmen while looking for traces of Su Yu.


At this time, Su Yu, Xuan Nv, and Hummingbird did not know what was happening outside, nor did they know that Xuan Huo and others had arrived and were fighting with the frogman and looking for them.

Su Yu is now in a coma and is cocooned again.

While Xuan Nv is in a weak state, slowly recovering its strength. Although potential stimulation can burst into incomparable strength, when the time comes, it will fall into extreme weakness, requiring at least one day to recover.

Yes, neither Su Yu nor Xuan Nv fell in Machete's explosion. At the moment of being engulfed by the explosion, Xuan Nv rushed out with Su Yu and hid with Hummingbird.

Hummingbird is not leaving the two men to guard the two at this moment, so all three do not know the great changes taking place outside.