Chapter 285 Self-Destruct

Fear of death, seeking good fortune and avoiding evil is creatures' nature, even extraordinary life is no exception.

But in the final face of death, the performance is very different.

Some will become weak and weak because of their fear of death, praying for survival.

Some are on the contrary. In the case of death, it is more correct to conquer fear or become crazy.

Machete belonged to the latter. Aware of the death threat from Xu 'an NV, Machete's first reaction was to run away and did the same.

However, after finding out how they could not escape, Machete overcame his fear of death and became crazy-since they could all die, death would have to be a cushion.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha ..." Machete laughed hysterically and said: "Let's die together. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Wang, Machete can't fight for your great career. Machete walked first. Machete is very aware of your demand. Machete has no regrets!"

Machete is only one of the ten million frogs in Qian Qian. Machete does not have much memory and his memory before awakening is incomplete.

Machete only remembered that he was a plaything of a group of human children before awakening.

By human beings to change the method of playing, throwing up high, and then free fall fell on the ground.

Or as a ball to kick around.

At that time Machete only wanted to live hard.

However, all kinds of tortures he suffered made him miserable and his hatred for human beings accumulated little by little.

Machete wanted to escape from human hands, but could not escape from human clutches.

Just when Machete thought he would die in human hands, his light appeared!

The king came with an invincible attitude, killing the human beings who tortured him and freeing him from human hands.

Then, with the help of the king, he woke up, possessed strong power, and evolved into a frogman.

At that moment, Machete vowed to do everything for Wang Xian, including life and soul.

After that, the position of the powerful man and the human is completely reversed. He is no longer a human plaything, but the human has become his plaything. The human has imposed it on him and he has imposed it on the human one by one.

Human fear of him is the source of his happiness.

The scenes flashed quickly before Machete's eyes, and then the look at Xuan Nv and Su Yu became more ferocious.

The extraordinary force burned and boiled rapidly in Machete's body, and then ignited the extraordinary source.

The harsh brilliance shot out of Machete's seven orifices and the magnificent body suddenly expanded into a huge sphere.

This is slow to say, but it is only a blink of an eye.

Su Yu and Xuan Nv were aware of the danger when the harsh brilliance emerged from Machete's body.

Machete blew himself up, which neither of them expected, and Machete blew himself up too fast and too firmly.

It was too late to stop it, so the choice of the two men was to run, as far away from the explosion center as possible!

"Not good!" Su Yu let out a loud cry and ran away at top speed.

But just about to step, the strength of the body like the tide receded, the whole body a soft, like a pool of mud collapsed to the ground-potential excitation time of three minutes!

"damn!" Su Yu couldn't help lambasting in his heart at this moment. It was really good timing.

At this time, Su Yu felt that he was about to finish. The harsh brilliance behind him was getting brighter and brighter. Machete exploded and Su Yu now could not see anything. His eyes were bright.


A huge light mass with a diameter of more than several thousand meters suddenly appeared on the ground, like a round of sun bursting on the ground, shining the whole sky.

At this moment, countless people were awakened in their sleep by the stabbing purpose of Guanghua, and countless people looked at the direction of Stone Forest Country in astonishment.

At this moment, Stone Forest Country is like the center of the world, attracting the attention of countless creatures.

At this moment, there was no one to sleep in the inner part of Stone Forest, and all looked at the rising "sun" on the ground.

Then there was an earthquake in Stone Forest Country, which affected the whole country. The whole Stone Forest Country trembled, and even some neighboring countries in Stone Forest Country felt a strong earthquake.

The tremor was followed by a loud roar, and finally by a strong wind that swept through Stone Forest.

After everything subsided, all the people attracted by this scene had the same question: what happened in Stone Forest Country?

The Stone Forest Country, which had already received the attention of many forces, received even more attention after Machete blew himself up.

All the forces lurked in the border waiting for the order of the intelligence personnel, etc., at this moment are received orders from their respective forces, immediately from the border of Stone Forest Country.

The detective agency is no exception. after Su Yu and Xuan Nv broke off contact soon after entering Stone Forest Country, elder Xuan Nv sent many detective agency personnel to the border of Stone Forest Country, waiting for orders to support Xuan Nv and Su Yu.

Some people like Xuan Tu, Xuan Huo, and Xuan Mu were among the dispatched personnel.

After receiving Elder Xuan's order, Xuan Huo, Xuan Tu and others made a dash for Stone Forest's territory.

Elder Xuan even sent three powerful kings to Stone Forest Country directly after seeing the explosion images coming from the border.

Of course, the king-level strong are all with the task. It will take a lot of time to deploy and reach Shilin.


In the Stone Forest King's Palace, in the dim hall at the moment Machete blew himself up, a pair of bloodied and circled eyes suddenly opened.

These bloody eyes looked in the direction where Machete was, and the cold and heartless voice echoed in the hall: "Machete?"

Voice did not fall, poop-poop-poop gorgeous chandeliers light up one after another in the hall, will dim the hall shine a piece of white.

It also lit up the owner of those bloody eyes.

I saw a slightly black skin, but a handsome incomparable figure sitting on a golden throne.

He didn't have any momentum, but just sitting there gives a person a feeling of terror, like a dark mountain, and like a polymer of countless negative emotions.

This man is the king of the frogman, but he can't see any characteristics of the frogman. He is completely a human being.

The frog king did not have any expression on his face. Even if he felt that one of his generals had disappeared, there was no change in his expression.

With a creaking sound, the main hall door was pushed open from the outside at this moment. An old man came in, walked quickly under the throne, saluted respectfully, and said, "Do you feel it, my lord?"