Chapter 284 Teaching

Su Yu did not speak, but his anger was not hidden in his heart, and all of it was reflected in his face.

Su Yu expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Xuan Nv for supporting himself.

But being sprayed for no reason at all is still not good.

Su Yu did not know why he was wrong.

Machete attack came again as soon as Xuan Nv was about to reprimand Su Yu a few more times to let Su Yu know what was wrong.

I saw Machete jump up from a distance and fall from the sky, hitting them like a meteorite.

"This guy is really haunted!" Su Yu snorted at the sight of this and was about to start work. At this moment Su Yu took Xuan Nv as the protection target.

However, just as he was about to take a step, Xuan Nv grabbed Su Yu and ordered coldly, "now you give me an honest stay here and wait for the time to stimulate my potential to pass. I will deal with this monster!"

Su Yu thought he was listening badly and said, "Boss, can we stop this now? This big toad is Dejieding and so on. It is several grades higher than ours. To put it bluntly, you are not his opponent now. Let me do it! "

Xuan Nv snorted: "Just watch me!"

Then with a wave of her hand, Su Yu felt a force pushing him away. Although this force was not very strong, Su Yu was surprised to find that it was not easy for him to break free from this force.

Just as Su Yu was about to break free, Su Yu was shocked and looked at Xuan Nv with horror.

Seeing Xuan Nv garment unlined upper garment without wind automatically, the momentum of the coercion foaming at the mouth, with a horrible speed, is soon promoted to the order of butyl, etc.

Su Yu opened his mouth wide and was too familiar with this way of upgrading. Isn't this the potential stimulation of Hummingbird?

Choking solicitation, Xuan Nv sword drawn, volley at machete sword cut out, an invisible cut break empty, it is gravity cut, gravity cut, even midair is distorted.

Boom, invisible chop is a boom on Machete, Machetewill is blown out directly.

Machete could not even defend himself. Although this is the reason why Machete can't escape from high altitude, the most fundamental reason is Su Yu didn't understand it.

Xuan Nv did not stop after cutting Machete off with a gravity chop. She pulled out a series of ghosting images and rushed at Machete who fell from the sky.

When the sword flashed, Machete uttered a painful roar. One arm of Machete fell off his body and blood fell from the sky.

"Damn, you human woman, I am going to kill!" Machete boom fell to the ground, looking at the severed arm is so growled, and then open his mouth and spit, a flash of long tongue lightning out, toward the Xuan Nv maser.

However, Machete was greeted by another sword of light. With a snort of derision, Machete's tongue was severed by Xuan Nv.

Machete's painful whining shrieks filled Xuan Nv's eyes with resentment and fear.

Then under Su Yu's surprised eyes, Machete turned and ran.

Before the frog race, brave general unexpectedly escaped at this moment?

Su Yu was stunned when he saw this. He had no idea that Machete would run away.

Su Yu knew Machete had a wild animal instinct. He felt death and knew that this human woman would kill him if he fought any more.

Escape, this idea occupied all Machete's senses in an instant. This is an instinct of the beast to hasten good fortune and avoid evil.

However, Xuan Nv did not intend to let Machete go. At his feet, he appeared in front of Machete. A piece of icy sword light enveloped Machete.

The next Su Yu was stunned. Su Yu was really stunned. Obviously, the level of Xuan Nv is the same as that of him, but the result of the battle with Machete is completely different.

He can only fight Machete to a draw, but Xuan Nv can crush Machete.

Su Yu really doesn't understand how Xuan Nv did it.

At this moment, the cold voice of Xuan Nv sounded in Su Yu's ear: "Xuan Zhen, do you understand?

The reason why you are not an opponent of the monster is that you do not have enough control over your extraordinary power.

Your grades are rising rapidly, which has both advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage is that the strength is constantly increasing all the time.

However, the bad is also bad at the level of promotion too fast.

In a few months, you have walked the road that we have only walked for several years, even more than ten years. There is a lack of polishing for the control of extraordinary force. You can only give 80% or less of your extraordinary force.

This shortcoming of yours is not obvious without a sharp increase in extraordinary power.

But in the case of a sharp increase, your shortcoming will be magnified indefinitely.

Don't you ever think about Xuan Zhen? When training at ordinary times, why are you always not my opponent when you and I are of the same grade?

Experience is only one aspect, but you do not lack experience.

You always lose to me, the biggest reason is that you do not have enough control over extraordinary power.

You can only give 0.8 points at most if you give an extraordinary force, and I, Xuan Dian, and others can give one or more points, which is the reason.

And this monster, similar to your situation, his strength has soared in a short period of time, so there is no threat to me! "

Su Yu was shocked when he heard the news. Is this Xuan Nv teaching him?

Su Yu has been in the detective department for nearly three months. This is the first time that Xuan Nv has taught him knowledge, and it is also about fighting.

Then Su Yu thought carefully about Xuan Nv's words and then felt suddenly enlightened.

In fact, Su Yu has been aware of this aspect for a long time, but he is always so close to not realizing it.

At the moment, after what Xuan Nv said, Su Yu finally knew where he was poor. In the following practice, Su Yu had a clearer direction in an instant. In addition to still upgrading rapidly, it was necessary to strengthen the control of extraordinary power.

At the same time, Su Yu also understood that Xuan Nv said that he had not died for the great fortune.

If Machete was not as free as he was and lacked control over extraordinary powers, he might have been defeated or killed in several battles with Machete.

Su Yu felt at this moment that he understood the words of Xuan Nv, but he did not know that he had already understood them too much!

When Su Yu's understanding was biased, Machete, who was about to be hacked to death by Xuan Nv, was angry.

He was forced to fight, and even used herself as an example to teach Su Yu?

Machete said he couldn't bear it, and Machete knew he was going to die now, so Machete went crazy and seized an opportunity to blow himself up.

With a roar, a group of thorn eyes with a diameter of several thousand meters suddenly appeared on the surface of the earth, endless light will shine the whole stone forest countries a piece of light, can see this a sudden light up within thousands of miles.