Chapter 283 Angry

Su Yu looked at the figure of the bearer and saw surprise and consternation on his face, but the consternation was more.

The surprise is that Xuan Nv will appear at this time, consternation is also Xuan Nv will appear at this time, Su Yu think Xuan Nv appears at this time is not the best time.

In other words, Su Yu would prefer that Xuan Nv will not appear at this time, because in Su Yu's view, Xuan Nv is not Machete's opponent at all.

Now she just came here to give Machete an extra dish.

It was Xuan Nv who brought Niuli here, and she is coming here at a very fast speed.

From a distance, Su Yu heard the sound of a sword whistling, and an invisible strike crossed thousands of meters toward Machete.


But just a roar, Xuan Nv invisible chop, was machete blow to smash.

At the same time, Machete rushed towards Xuan Nv with great anger.

"oh, no!" Su Yu saw this in a surprising heart, Machete's strength is not what Xuan Nv can resist now, also don't consider whether to retreat, Su Yu burst at the foot of the ground, burst into speed toward Machete.

Almost a second later, Su Yu was able to catch up with Machete, and the figure was again in front of Machete.

"big toad, don't forget your opponent is me!" Su Yu thundered and punched Machete.

"Get out of here! I'll kill you later! " Machete was extremely angry at the moment. Nili's words before his death made Machete's hatred transfer directly from Su Yu to Xuan Nv. Now Machete wants to kill Xuan Nv more.

Machete's body is expanded by two laps, the momentum might unexpectedly raise a layer, faint has the tendency to take that step.

With a roar of a boom, Machete's washbasin-sized fist blasted air at Su Yu.


Su Yu felt that might, who was suddenly promoted by Machete, exclaimed, "Can this big toad breakthrough because of anger?"

Su Yu smiled bitterly. He was moved by the fact that Xu 'an NV was able to support himself. At the same time, he felt speechless, because this might not be support but a death warrant.

There was a loud bang and their fists collided.

Whoo-hoo ~

Su Yu immediately spit out a big mouthful of blood, the body inverted and flew out, the mouth is not issued shrieks.

Because Su Yu's hand that collided with him could not bear the tremendous force and burst open, turning into blood and bone spurting in all directions.

At this moment, Su Yu's weakness in the fake body of D in Black Level was exposed, and he was not as strong as Machete.

Of course, Su Yu's blow was not without results.

However, the huge force also blew Machete upside down and the palm that collided with Su Yu was also punctured by Su Yu.

However, the result was nothing more than that. The moment Machete was blown away, the soles of his feet suddenly turned into the soles of the frog's feet. He was firmly caught on the ground. After sliding out for several tens of meters, he stopped steadily and then continued to rush toward Su Yu and Xuan Nv.

The monstrous murder victim Machete appeared on him. Machete wanted to kill Su Yu and Xuan Nv here, then return to the village to kill the human together, and then kill all the human beings that can be seen.

"My hand!"

Su Yu cried with pain in his mouth. The palm of his right hand was missing. All he could see was the white sharp bone fragments on his wrist and the blood pouring out continuously, just like a water gun spraying water.

If Su Yu had not suffered more serious injuries than this, Su Yu would almost have passed out when seeing this scene.

However, strange to say, Su Yu did not feel weak after the injury. besides the pain from his wrist, he felt relaxed all over his body--- the feeling that his body would burst open at any time disappeared!

Su Yu did not understand why and had no time to think about it.

Because Machete is here, the distance between the two sides is getting closer.

Terrible murder and hatred are imminent, making Su Yu have a chilling feeling.

Su Yu can understand the murder, but Su Yu cannot understand where such intense hatred came from.

Of course, these are not important. How to save one's life at this time is the most important thing.

Now Su Yu does not want to know how to kill Machete, but how to live.

At the foot of the foot, Su Yu's body continued to retreat, distancing itself from Machete as much as possible.

However, Su Yu still underestimated the speed of Machete. The distance between the two sides has not only not become further, but has further shortened.

Can't run away at this moment, Su Yu had a clear understanding of his heart.

"Fuck" Su Yu severely scolded in his heart and then made a determined effort not to run since he could not run away.

With a bang, the sole of his foot stepped on the ground severely. The ground burst open and the retreating figure did not retreat back. Instead, Su Yu rushed towards Machete. After speeding up to a certain extent, Su Yu was gliding in the air, swinging his thigh back to shoot.

See this Machete slight ash, and then is hung cruel smile on his face, strength in the arm quickly savings, and then punch out like a meteor toward Su Yu hit.

Just then, Su Yu's sole and Machete's fist collided fiercely at the next moment.

Boom ~

Like thunder exploding sound in two fist collision moments.

A terrible shock wave was born at the same time, the impact in all directions, within a few hundred meters of all moments under the shock wave became dust, even midair issued a crushing crunch at the moment of collision, like to fracture.

The next moment, the figures of the two men were flying backward. The blow was a close match, but strictly speaking, Su Yu was still weak.

When Su Yu's body was about to hit the ground with its eyes turned, Su Yu felt lighter and stood firmly on the ground. I don't know when Xuan Nv had come to his side and used gravity to transform Machete's strength.

Su Yu saw Xuan Nv and was about to speak when he was interrupted by Xuan Nv's cold face.

Xuan Nv coldly growled, "Xuan Zhen, you are really promising, even dare to try such things as the inspiring potential for revenge? Don't you know your physical condition? Are you trying to kill yourself? You are really lucky to be alive now, you know that? "


Su Yu was overwhelmed and did not understand why Xuan Nv was so angry, and then became angry.

In Su Yu's view, had it not been for the arrival of Xuan Nv, he might have run away now and would not have lost a palm.