Chapter 282 Xuan Nv Appeared

Moreover, Su Yu also felt that his body was going to bear it, and he felt that he would burst open at any time.

Especially after hitting Machete with thousands of punches, the feeling of bursting was clearer.

Su Yu thought for a moment and understood why.

Potential stimulation is only extraordinary force and does not increase the strength of the physical body at the same time. The sudden explosion of extraordinary force exceeds the strength that the physical body can accommodate.

This is like adding water to a container, adding water into the container after saturation, and then forcibly injecting water into the container. The consequence is probably bursting the container.

However, Su Yu's body is a container for extraordinary force.

After all, Su Yu's transcendental source exists in every cell, and Su Yu's physical body is equivalent to the transcendental source.

This, Su Yu and other extraordinary life are very different.

People who know about Su Yu's situation do not know except Su Yu and some key members of the detective agency.

Hummingbird also does not know, if Hummingbird knew, it would never choose to stimulate Su Yu's potential.

In Su Yu's case, stimulating Su Yu's potential is almost equivalent to killing Su Yu.

As for Su Yu, he was completely unaware of the danger.

Up to now, Su Yu just feels a little inappropriate, and the feeling is somewhat different from what Hummingbird said.

I didn't know that he had reached the point where he could have died without Machete.

At the moment, most of Su Yu's mind is still thinking about how to kill Machete.


"Innocent? You human beings are not innocent. You human beings have never realized where you are wrong. Even if they realize it, they will make mistakes for their own benefit. " Machete was furious when he heard Su Yu say he had killed innocent people.

With a bang, Machete's fist hit like a shell, sending Su Yu out with a blow.

As luck would have it, Machete's ability is also strong, and it is pure strength. At the moment, he and Su Yu are facing each other.

Su Yu's legs plowed two deep ravines on the ground and slid out several hundred meters before removing Machete's punch.

Before his body stopped, Su Yu stepped on his feet and rushed towards Machete again.

Then, with a bang, Su Yu hit the air in front of Ma Qite with a big blow.

Om ~ the surge of shock force, click-click click sound of glass fracture, cracks with Su Yu fist as the center to spread in all directions.

Kara ~ with a crunchy sound, the air in front of Su Yu within hundreds of meters broke apart.

Immediately Machete's body was blown out, cracks appeared on Machete's body and blood was sprayed out.

Rumble, the sky shook, a few kilometers around like a big earthquake shaking violently.

The earth cracked and the terrain changed dramatically in an instant.

"Haha, human, your ability is only like this? If this is the only way, your life will end here! " Machete stopped and landed on a piece of raised earth and rock, laughing regardless of his injuries, as if the injured were not him.

Of course, this is just a surface. Although Su Yu has not used this power in front of him for the first time, he still cannot help marveling at the power of Su Yu's shock.

The powerful shock force has been destroying his body and his vitality.

Although not particularly serious, it also made Machete feel a real threat.

Su Yu, on the other hand, was sullen and did not bring enough damage to machete when watching the big Boxing. this made Su Yu feel he is at his wit end.

At this time, 30 seconds have passed, and one and a half minutes later, the time for potential stimulation will come.

Su Yu became anxious.

"Damn it, is it just to give up?" Su Yu's heart is not willing to roar.

It is difficult, or somewhat unrealistic, to kill Machete-it is really too difficult to kill an equally strong person. It cannot be done in a minute or two.

Of course, although there was a feeling of at his wit end, Su Yu did not give up immediately and then tried to attack.

However, as time went by, Su Yu resigned and it was impossible to kill Machete for innocent people such as Zhang Pengchao.

Although he was extremely unwilling in his heart, Su Yu had already thought of withdrawing and decided to flee, because only by leaving his life can he have the chance to take revenge.

But at this moment, the change was steep, a figure fell from the sky, hit with a bang fell in the middle of the two.

The sudden change surprised both of them, and they couldn't help stopping and looking at the figure falling from the sky.

The figure was impressively a frogman. Su Yu was impressed by the frogman, who was just standing at the entrance of the village.

Why are these frogmen here? Su Yu wondered.

“Niuli? How is it you, how can you ... "To see who was falling, Machete couldn't help exclaiming, body movement is to pick up Niuli, Machete also a face of doubt.

"poof ~" Niuli spit out one mouthful blood and dyed his chest red.

Looking at Machete, Niuli became extremely excited and said: "General, there is another human being in the stronghold. She and the human who used poison needles have killed many of our people. General, you must report and report for us ..."

Before the frogman named Niuli had finished speaking, his head tilted and he lost his voice and his vitality.

Om ~

At the same time that Niuli lost its vitality, an extreme force of ice broke out from Niuli's body.

"Not good!" Machete exclaimed, aware of the danger and retreated quickly.

The moment Machete dodged, Niuli turned into an ice sculpture, and then with a bang turned into ice debris.

The force of the terrible ice spread in all directions, and within 100 meters it turned into a world of ice crystals.

"It's cold!"

Su Yu couldn't help shuddering, feeling that her blood was frozen and her whole body was covered with frost.

Su Yu's body was shaken off by the frost, and her body quickly warmed up.

Looking at the direction of the village, there is a familiar smell coming towards this side quickly.

"Man, you deserve to die!" Machete was extremely angry and his eyes were red looking towards the village.

Vaguely can already see a slender figure from the fast prey like a surprised hong.

Su Yu looked at the figure of the bearer and saw surprise and consternation on his face, but the consternation was more.

The surprise is that Xuan Nv will appear at this time, consternation is also Xuan Nv will appear at this time, Su Yu think Xuan Nv appears at this time is not the best time.