Chapter 281 A Minute

The heavens and the earth roar and thousands of tons of lake waterfall from the sky like the sky is falling.

However, the curtain of water that covered the sky could not enter Su Yu and Machete at all, and the powerful aura that they gave off was thrown away before they reached 10 meters.

Su Yu and Machete were shuttling through the water curtain like two shadows.

In a short span of more than ten seconds, the two men have already blasted hundreds of punches, and the shock wave of terror has spread everywhere. Before the lake water has completely fallen, it has been impacted by the shock wave and rushed to high altitude again.

Then the lake exploded in the sky and scattered in all directions.

Within a few kilometers, it was like pouring rain, and the depth of water immediately exceeded the ankle.

However, this had no effect on Su Yu and Machete, who kept bombarding each other with fists and meat.

Recalling the picture of Zhang Pengchao's tragic death, Su Yu's murder was monstrous and the ice was biting as if heaven and earth were frozen.

Su Yu had no reservations at all. He only had three minutes to highlight, so he had to make sure he could kill Machete in three minutes.

Otherwise, he will die.

The blue halo and the blue arc twined around Su Yu, and the double power also broke out at this moment. A blow was struck by Su Yu.

However, Suyu did not cause extensive damage to the surrounding environment.

Collapse boxing is not as powerful as big collapse boxing, but it can be better controlled.

With Su Yu's current control, it is entirely possible to bring together the power of the collapse of the fist and concentrate on the explosion, without causing great damage to the surroundings.

Shoop~Su Yu's shadow flickered and appeared on the left side of Machete's body, with a sharp blow hitting maquette's left rib.

The sound of a broken bone was heard, and at the same time the power of terror and shock broke out in Machete's body.

Machete's figure was immediately bowed, whoa, a gulp of blood gushed out, and the figure flew out at the same time, flying thousands of meters, smashing one wall after another before stopping.

Similarly, Su Yu was also upset. Machete blew her body away. When Su Yu attacked Machete, Machete also slapped Su Yu.

Su Yu is like a baseball that has been severely hit.

Dong! Dong! Dong ... knocked one wall after another into a big hole to stabilize himself, the whole body is paralyzed.

"ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, Machete laughed and blood gushed out of his mouth with laughter.

"Frog at the bottom of a well!" Su Yu made a hum, with a roar Su Yu at the foot of the earth suddenly broken apart, Su Yu into a flash of blue lightning again to Machete, don't want to waste any time.

This is already the 30th second of potential stimulation.

Su Yu turned into a blue flash of lightning, and a flying kick kicked Machete.

A hit towards, heaven and earth roar, like a clap of thunder across midair, powerful force of air vibration roar.

"Well done, mankind!" Seeing this, Machete cheered loudly. On Su Yu's foot, Machete felt a strong crisis.

However, Machete did not evade but turned into a flash of lightning to meet Su Yu, which was also a kick.

Boom boom!

There was a loud noise that made heaven and earth deaf.

Su Yu and Machete collided on the soles of their feet in midair, and immediately a horrible shock wave was generated and spread around the two people.

A huge pit suddenly formed under the impact.

Woo! Woo!

Su Yu's two figures flew backward the next moment, both unable to bear each other's strength.

Peng Peng ... leaving deep pits on the ground Su Yu was quite stable. one of Su Yu's trouser legs exploded. as you can see, the muscle on the thigh where the collision occurred was shaking violently, like a spasm.

Su Yu felt as if this thigh was not his own. After the blow, he had no perception of this thigh.

A stumble, Su Yu almost fell to the ground.

Similarly, Machete was similar. The thigh that collided with Su Yu was stained with blood. The strong force during the collision tore the skin and muscles of his leg.

But both of them did not have any pause and rushed towards each other again at the moment of stabilizing themselves.

Peng Peng, a series of collisions occurred again.

"Death!" Su Yu drank cold and suddenly lifted a wall from the ground and hit Machete.

There were a loud bang and Machete was smashed. However, Su Yu did not have any relaxed look on his face. Such an attack could hardly cause effective damage to Machete.

Indeed as expected the next moment, the wall exploded fiercely, Machete jumped out from below, grabbed a huge rock beside him and blasted it at Suyu.

Su Yu punched out, the rock exploded, but his body was flying backward. Machete hid behind the rock and came to Su Yu with the rock. At the moment Su Yu smashed the rock, one punch hit Suyu on the chest.

Su Yu's chest was immediately dented a little, and the sound of broken bones kept ringing.

Poof ~ blood mist spurted from Su Yu's mouth.

Then Su Yu tried his best to stabilize himself, raised his arms and twisted toward the front.

With a snap, Su Yu's arms were wrapped around Machete's arms.

At the same time, Su Yu kicked out, and with a bang, Su Yu kicked on Machete's other arm!

Click ~

Machete's arm was bent.

Boom ~ huge force broke out on the two men, two people inverted out, opened a distance, eyes light collision in midair.

Machete moved his arm and looked at Su Yu grinning. "Yes, human beings, you did not disappoint me. Killing people like you makes human beings more meaningful and has more pleasure of revenge!"

Su Yu wiped the blood on his mouth and hissed, "scoffs ~ revenge? This sentence should be said by me. You killed my friends and so many innocent people. It should be I who seek revenge from you! "

While speaking, Suyu did not stop attacking. As soon as the voice rang out, he had already taken shelter in front of Machete. His fists and feet turned into a series of ghosting images and bombarded Machete all over his body.

In addition, Su Yu's thoughts are also turning at top speed, thinking about how to defeat or kill Marquette.

Now it seems that both of them are seriously injured.

But in fact, neither of them was fatally injured. Such injuries were not fatal at all.

If there is no time limit, Su Yu can fight Machete all the time and slowly find a chance to kill Machete.

However, the time is only three minutes, and only two minutes are left, which cannot be wasted and dawdled by Su Yu.

Therefore, we must find a more effective way to kill Machete in the shortest possible time.