Chapter 280 Fierce Battle

Su Yu did not know whether Hummingbird's plan would succeed.

But he can only believe that Hummingbird can save the bound human.

At the same time, we should try our best to do what we should do, entangle Machete or kill him.

Su Yu watched Machete's move as he sped along.

Machete did not seem to be in a hurry to start work, so he fell behind Su Yu not far away.

Su Yu doesn't know what Machete's idea is, but Machete is better off not doing it now.

Su Yu is not in a hurry to start work either. After all, he only has three points of highlights for men in Zhong Zhen, so he must seize the opportunity.

Soon, a man and a frog came to a small lake.

Just as Su Yu was about to pull Machete farther, Machete said, "That's enough, right here!"

Su Yu stopped and looked at Machete with slightly narrowed eyes.

Machete said: "In your words, feng shui is very good here. How about human beings and the cemetery I chose for you?"

"oh? My graveyard? Big toad, how do I feel that you are choosing a graveyard for yourself! " Su Yu retorted.

"Come on, mankind, let me see what cards you have to fight me!" Machete hooked his finger at Su Yu and laughed cruelly.

With these words, Machete walked towards the lake, with his feet rippling on the lake.

Seeing Su Yu's pupil shrinks, I know why Machete chose to stop here.

Choosing Cemetery? Machete has found himself the main battlefield. Toad is also an expert at playing with water. Fighting on water may be more effective than fighting on land.

Su Yu couldn't help laughing: "So, are you worried too? Is that why you chose to fight me here? Let it be, I will kill you here! "

Su Yu said that he was also stepping towards the lake. To be honest, Su Yu was not wise to choose to fight Machete here.

But there was no way out. Machete stated clearly that he would not leave.

Su Yu can go, Machete should not chase, but Machete can go back to the village.

Naturally, Su Yu will not let Machete go back to hinder Hummingbird in order to solve the hostage problem.

It can be said that both sides have been generals here, and this is the battlefield for both.

However, Su Yu is not worried. If Machete thinks he can take advantage of the lake, he is wrong.

Although Su Yu has no water system capability and cannot breathe in the water, he can walk on the lake. Fighting in the lake is not much different from fighting on land.

Stepping on the surface of the lake, Su Yu stepped on the sole of his foot and walked towards the lake step by step, forming ripples at Suyu's feet.

Looking at Machete's expression of consternation, Su Yu smiled and said: "Was it a surprise why I was able to walk on the water? Haha, is there a feeling of miscalculation? Big toad, your expression is very interesting now! "

Machete's face darkened and he said, "human, I do look down upon you a little bit, but today you are bound to die here. no matter what kind of card you have, I will kill you. I won't have any left hand this time!

I just hope you don't die too fast, that would be too boring! "


The words sound just fell. Terrible pressure rose from Machete's body. The otherwise calm lake surface was boiling up at this moment. Under the action of force, many lakes rose and surrounded Machete's body.

Peng ~ the next moment there was a loud noise, the lake at the foot of machete exploded, machete's huge body passed away and came to Su Yu near, huge fist head fell towards Su Yu.

Before the head was smashed, the terrorist fist pressure had come down, and Su Yu and the lake water at Su Yu's feet were sunken at this moment.

It was very strong. Machete did not reserve any moves at the moment, which made Su Yu realize Machete's strength even more.

It can even be said that Machete's power can be called terror and has reached the limit below the king.

For such a powerful Machete Suyu, there is no ability to defeat.

However, with Hummingbird's means, Su Yu is confident that it can fight the first world war.

Without hesitation, Su Yu had a poisonous needle in his hand, and his backhand just penetrated into the heart.

"ah ~"

Su Yu immediately gave a loud roar of pain. Terrible sound waves blasted the lake at this moment.

When the last needle was inserted into the body, the toxin lurking in Su Yu finally played its role and stimulated Su Yu's potential.

Just like combustion improver, Su Yu's extraordinary strength began to boil and grow at this moment, which is more than ten times and dozens of times.

Su Yu's pressure is also rising at this moment.

I in Black Level, H in Black Level, G in Black Level……Soon Su Yu is at D in Black Level.

All this seems to be very slow to say.

But it is actually a change that can be completed in a blink of an eye.

Almost to Machete did not react much.

Machete only felt that Su Yu instantly became a strong man equal to him.

This caused Machete some consternation, but Machete did not stop attacking and the blow still fell.

Machete does not know why Su Yu suddenly became so powerful, but Machete is still confident that he can kill Su Yu.

Even, Su Yu became stronger, which made him some joy!


Pain used to be a strong feeling. Looking at Machete's fist falling down, Su Yu gave a loud shout and blew it out.

Bang with a loud noise, Su Yu and Machete's fists collided in midair.

The fist of the two men was like two missiles. A huge explosion occurred at the instant of the collision. The lake water under the feet of the two men exploded immediately. Thousands of tons of lake water rose high in the sky at this moment.

At the same time, the shock wave of terror is spreading in all directions.

Circles of ripples are also in midair flush, space seems to be under the attack of two people to fracture.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The next moment, the sound of the drum beating continued to ring.

Su Yu and Machete fought fiercely together. The fists and feet of the two sides turned into ghosting shadows, and like shooting stars, they kept shooting at each other.

At this moment, both of them chose to use their fist to fight with others.

At this time, the lake water that flew high in the sky fell.

Boom ~

Thousands of tons of lake water fell and made a loud roar.

"Ha, ha, ha, interesting, human, you finally made me interested, this is enough for me!" Machete's laughter sounded. Although he was shocked by Su Yu's sudden outbreak of powerful fighting force, there were still more surprises. Finally, there were people who could let him let go of the First World War. Before that, those weak human beings did not bring him much pleasure in killing.

"enough? Haha, you will be more satisfied when you die! " Su Yu cold track, cold bone-chilling murder from Su Yu flush.

At this moment, Su Yu remembered Zhang Pengchao, who died tragically, and killed machete.